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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to lose HRH titles and repay cash

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the bombshell announcement last night that they will completely give up Royal life after a Megxit deal was sealed – but sparked confusion just moments after when they still referred to themselves as 'Their Royal Highnesses'. The statement made on behalf of the couple (pictured left in London on January 7) read: 'In line with the statement by Her Majesty The Queen, information on the roles and work of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be updated on this website in due course.’ Yet the post continued to refer to the couple as 'Their Royal Highnesses' despite the Queen (inset left in driving in Sandringham on Saturday) announcing they would no longer be using their HRH titles. This marks the conclusion of talks about their future after days of wrangling with senior members of the family and royal aides to thrash out a deal. The shock news effectively means Harry and Meghan have got their wish to pursue an independent life in North America where they can set their own agenda and make money how they choose. However, despite the official statements saying they would no longer be funded by the taxpayer, it is understood Harry will still be reliant on the Bank of Dad - with Prince Charles bankrolling him from the Duchy of Cornwall. 

'They're turning the Royal Family into a Walmart with a crown on': Meghan Markle's father Thomas launches an extraordinary TV attack on Megxit as he tells Channel 5 documentary that the Sussexes are 'cheapening' the royals by quitting 

Thomas Markle (left and top right, with Meghan) has spoken exclusively to Channel 5 in a new television documentary. He describes Meghan and Harry's behaviour as embarrassing, says they are 'turning into lost souls' and, in a reference to a discount American supermarket giant, adds: 'They are turning it [the Royal Family] into a Walmart with a crown on.' He tells the Channel 5 documentary: 'When they got married they took on an obligation, and the obligation is to be part of the Royals and to represent the Royals. And it would be foolish for them not to. This is one of the greatest long-living institutions ever. They are destroying it, they are cheapening it, making it shabby… they shouldn't be doing this.'

Prince Harry's new 'non-HRH' title is styled like Princess Diana's

Last night's announcement means the couple will now be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Harry's mother (above in 1997 and inset with Harry in 1987) 'forfeited' her HRH title after her 1996 divorce from Prince Charles, becoming Diana, Princess of Wales.

'She'll tackle any voiceover - just not Scar': Moment Prince Harry tells Lion King director Jon Favreau his wife is available for work - as Meghan jokes 'That's really why we're here - it's the pitch!' 

New footage (left) has been found which shows the couple talking to the film's director Jon Favreau, star Beyoncé and her rap star husband Jay-Z, and Harry, 35, again praising his wife's acting abilities at the premier in July. The Mail on Sunday last week also unearthed video of Prince Harry touting his wife's voiceover skills to Disney boss Bob Iger. Mr Iger then fills his wife in on the conversation who seems surprised at the comments (top and bottom right). It came just months before Meghan was hired by the entertainment giant to work on a Disney project in exchange for a donation to the charity Elephants Without Borders.

The Good Morning Britain presenter vented his anger on Twitter after Buckingham Palace released their statement about the Sussexes no longer being Royal Highnesses.

The Queen has emphasised the importance of her 'family' and expressed how she is 'particularly proud' of how Meghan has become part of the Royal Family.

PATRICK JEPHSON: Three little letters. H. R. H. Their absence as a prefix to Duke and Duchess will pass unnoticed in most of the world, but be in no doubt: To Harry personally, they will sting.

Ministers secretly restart No Deal plans amid fears trade talks with Brussels will

Whitehall's EU Exit Operations committee - dubbed XO and chaired by Michael Gove (bottom) - met on Thursday to begin preparations for a 'disorderly December', should Brussels 'fail to grasp we really are going at the end of the year', said a Cabinet Minister who was present. Our revelation comes after Dominic Cummings warned that Brussels has not yet 'woken up' to Britain's negotiating position - and would not for several weeks yet. Fears are mounting that Brussels's intransigence and insistence on a settlement of fishing access rights before proper trade talks begin will push the negotiations to collapse. In that scenario, the transition phase would end without new border rules in place - hence the Government's reactivation of emergency planning. Mr Cummings's warnings were echoed yesterday by Sajid Javid (inset), who offered business a stark reality check on what Brexit means. 

The move is part of plans to re-energise his Government following criticism of his failure to set out a blueprint for power and accusations that he is dithering over big decisions.

UK Daily Mail News Tips

According to a report from The Sun on Saturday, the former policeman, 24, is part of an 'ongoing' inquiry, an allegation his family has slammed as they accused the force of racism and discrimination.

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: The relationship between food and mood is a current obsession of mine - something that many GPs may not think of when advising on ways to beat the blues.

Meabh Quoirin and her husband Sebastien insisted that Nora would not have wandered off alone into the Malaysian jungle and had to have been abducted when she went missing in August.

Video 'proves' grandfather dangled toddler out of Royal Caribbean ship window for THIRTY SECONDS before fatally dropping her, cruise line says

Royal Caribbean Cruises' filing in U.S. District Court in Miami comes in response to a lawsuit Chloe's parents filed in December, accusing the operator of negligence in her death by allowing an 11th floor window in the ship´s children's play area to be open. The filing says that surveillance video shows that grandfather Salvatore Anello leaned out of the open window holding the toddler and dangling her for 34 seconds before losing his grip and dropping her. Royal Caribbean says grandfather Salvatore Anello would only have had to use his 'basic senses' to appreciate the danger this posed to 18-month-old Chloe, who died instantly when she landed on a concrete dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico on July 7.

Statistics from NHS Digital show that there were 268 admissions of over-50s using the drug last year, compared with just 27 cases in 2009-2010.

Emma Turay, pictured with her daughter Allysha, right, holding a photograph of Shante Turay-Thomas, 18, who died after an NHS 111 call centre failed to recognise the seriousness of her anaphylaxis.

LUCY MANGAN: Sex Education may be crude (the actors, for the avoidance of doubt, are all in their 20s, not teens) but its storylines show young viewers that sex should be enjoyed - by everyone.

The new male birth control gel you rub on your shoulder AND can boost your sex life

John Vandesquille, 30, from Manchester, has been using the gel since May last year. He signed up for the trial after his partner, 28-year-old Alex Smith (pictured left together), was told she would be unable to continue taking the Pill due to it reacting with another medication she was prescribed. Just a month in, tests showed that his sperm count had dropped. Doctors running the study reassured him that should he stop using the medication, it would recover completely. Dan Glastonbury, 32, from Stretford, Greater Manchester, has been using the gel since May (inset, other forms of contraception). He says the only symptom he suffered was a strange, unexpected new allergic reaction to a silver ring gifted to him by his wife of two years, Emily, 29 (pictured right together).

In an amusing gallery compiled by Whisper, singletons from across the globe have shared the reasons they're more than happy to be without a partner.

A 10-year-old boy has been stabbed in front of his mother in a street in Leicester (PA)

The attack happened in Leicester on Saturday evening at around 5.20pm when 'a chubby Asian man' stabbed him and fled. The 10-year-old boy was rushed to hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Gambling is estimated to cause of 500 suicides in the UK a year. Aaron Sluman, 23, killed himself after losing £750 in one night of gambling. Some 430,000 people in Britain are problem gamblers.

Is Greggs' new fake steak bake really any better for you than the meat one?

High-street baker Greggs brought us a vegan steak bake last month, following the success of their vegan sausage roll, launched this time last year. And, despite the unappealing recipe, we seem to love it. Roughly 350,000 Britons are taking up the veganuary challenge this year, more than ever before. And food manufacturers are keen to keep up with demand. Figures released last week by analysts Mintel revealed that one in four new food products unveiled in 2019 was vegan. Can they really be healthier than the natural, meat equivalent? We decided to investigate, selecting a variety of vegan offerings and scoring each for health and taste to decide whether the vegan version won, or whether you'd be better off sticking to the original (pictured, a variety of vegan alternatives).

Two medical researchers, including a 'pro-choice' British pain expert who used to think there was no chance foetuses could feel pain that early, say recent studies suggest the assumption is incorrect.

Joseph McMullan, 31, has a type of lymphoma - cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. He was eligible for the treatment and felt optimistic.

Aadil Umair Rahim, six, was found safe nine hours after going missing around 7.15pm from Newport Pagnell Services last night. The boy sparked a major search, involving officers and a helicopter.

In the video, an officer can be seen pursuing a group of three motorcyclists before singling out Owen Guest, 20, who was riding a Kawasaki 250cc in the Tipton area, in the West Midlands.

A tale of two abdications: The uncanny parallels between Harry and Edward VIII

Harry is known as a bearded warrior who wears his heart on his sleeve and campaigns for wounded servicemen. Edward is mostly remembered as the petulant Windsor who threw away the Crown. The two men were born almost a century apart and into very different worlds. Harry and Meghan are pictured above on their tour of Australia in 2018, while Edward and Wallis Simpson are seen above on holiday on the Dalmation coast in 1936. Yet it is not just their decision to marry American divorcees that the two men share. For as history - and these pictures - show, the Dukes of Sussex and Windsor have a good deal more in common than you might think. The two princes are seen with their mothers, bottom left, and as soldiers bottom right.

Buckingham Palace didn't directly address the security issue. There has been a growing row over who will pick up the bill while the couple split their time between the UK and Canada.

An announcement from Buckingham Palace last night marked the conclusion of talks about the couple's future, with royal commentators saying the terms of the split were 'good news' for the pair.

The loss of his military titles and appointments is likely to be particularly painful for Prince Harry, who appeared to be at his happiest either serving in uniform or spending time with fellow veterans.

Megxit piles pressure on friends of Prince Harry and William, the Van Straubenzee boys

TALK OF THE TOWN: The Van Straubenzee boys, Thomas and Charles (right), have been close friends and confidants of the Royal brothers (left) for years. But in the aftermath of Harry's controversial decision to move to Canada (inset, Harry and Meghan) they are being pulled in opposing directions - with William turning to Tom for support during the current crisis and Harry leaning on Charlie. Not surprisingly, the situation has left the Van Straubenzees feeling very torn. Their friendship with the Princes goes all the way back to their prep school days at Ludgrove and they played prominent roles in the Princes' weddings.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit royals: social media reacts

After days of crisis talks following Harry and Meghan's (pictured) announcement that they would be stepping back as senior royals, Buckingham Palace said the pair will stop carrying out royal duties from the spring. Some Twitter users said they were pleased the couple will stop using the HRH title and will repay the taxpayers' millions spent on their Berkshire home.

Map Ives (left), director and founder of Rhino Conservation Botswana, said he has already been told by an official in Harry's (right) office that the duke 'wants to continue' his work with his organisation.

The couple announced last week that they would be stepping down from their duties as senior royals and moving to North America. Buckingham Palace have tonight finalised the details.

Unflustered by Megxit, the Queen had a look of dogged determination as she drove through her Sandringham estate yesterday.

Meghan poses for pictures with Jessica Mulroney and Canadian Prime Minister's wife Sophie

Playing up to the camera on a girls' night out, Meghan Markle posed cheek-to-cheek on a Toronto rooftop bar with her two most influential friends. One of them, Jessica Mulroney, (together left) is married to the son of a former Canadian prime minister. The other, Sophie Trudeau, (top and bottom right) is married to the current one. The pictures, possibly from a photo booth, were taken in 2016 at the Canadian branch of fashionable private members' club Soho House.

The Duke of Sussex (pictured earlier this month), 35, ate for around three hours at Brook House Pub in Fulham last night ahead of this evening's bombshell announcement.

Meghan Markle visited Justice For Girls in Vancouver on Tuesday. The visit was publicised on the group's Twitter account but only after Meghan's team approved, The Daily Telegraph reports.

How will Megxit affect the Meghan Markle lookalike business?

It is the question gripping the nation: will it be a hard or a soft Megxit? And for one group, it has more resonance than most. For when Meghan Markle joined the Royal Family, she brought a small army of lookalikes in her wake - the 'Meg-Ringers', as they have been described, with the most popular commanding up to £800 a day for simply showing up. But for how much longer? Can the Meg-alikes survive the shock of Megxit? Or will it be a case of out of sight, out of work…

The 700g bags of British-grown raw peeled potato cost £2 and are proving popular with younger customers, even though they could pick up a whole kilo of regular potatoes for just £1.20.

According to a new poll, the accent of Bristol inhabitants is considered the least attractive in Britain. Notable Bristolians include funnymen Russell Howard and Stephen Merchant.

The average Briton wastes £640 a year on unwanted subscriptions. Nearly 12million of us have less than £100 in savings. Here is our wealth workout to help you reach peak financial fitness.

Shared on US based site Playbuzz by Terry Stein , the general knowledge test poses difficult questions covering geography, history and biology.

Irish gangster linked to teen dismemberment threatened other man

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has insisted Ireland is still a safe country despite the brutal murder of 17-year-old Keane Mulready-Woods, who was murdered in Drogheda on Sunday. Mr Varadkar, pictured top right in Drogheda, met with senior gardai who are currently trying to determine what happened during Mulready-Woods' final hours. Already they have identified several crime scenes linked to the brutal murder, bottom right. They are looking for evidence to link the chief suspect, who is well known to law enforcement, to the brutal crime.

As public pressure started to mount for the historic clock to break its silence on the evening of January 31, the senior Minister begged: 'We have to find a way of stopping this'.

PETER HITCHENS: A key part of the resurrection of 'power-sharing' in Northern Ireland is a pledge to revive a rather nasty deal called the Stormont House Agreement.

'Flossie', the little girl with Oscars glory in her sights

Her rise to the top may seem dizzyingly fast, as it was only in 2018 that she came to the public's attention in the BBC version of John le Carré's Little Drummer Girl. But as family photographs uploaded to her public Facebook page reveal, Florence has always been a consummate performer. The actress was brought up in a 'wonderfully noisy and creative' home with restaurant-owner father Clinton and mother Deborah, a dance teacher, and she attended the £10,000-a-term St Edward's School - its alumni include Laurence Olivier. Her three siblings, Toby, Arabella and Rafaela, have all gone into acting too, prompting her to joke: 'We're like the Von Trapps, but not quite as pretty or perfect.' The children used to perform in their father's restaurants, while as a teenager Florence released cover versions of hit songs on YouTube under the alias Flossie Rose. She attributes her success partly to her headstrong attitude. 'I enjoy women who have something to say,' she says about her Little Women role of Amy Marsh.

The RAF had told civilian controllers they needed an 'unplanned' use of airspace at around 9am yesterday, forcing several aircraft to divert and others to circle until Heathrow reopened.

US Ambassador Woody Johnson, pictured, was involved with a heated discussion with Whitehall officials at Downing Street over British government plans to outsource the 5G network to Huawei.

Dominic Cummings' elegant 'gazelle' friend Cleo Watson  

They may be poles apart sartorially but Ms Watson, 31, has developed a strong working relationship with Boris Johnson's all-powerful, idiosyncratic adviser (together left) since they worked together on Vote Leave before the 2016 EU referendum. Significantly, she is also close to the Prime Minister's girlfriend, Carrie Symonds (together right), also 31. As the rather grandly titled head of the Prime Minister's priorities and campaigns, Ms Watson runs the special taskforce that will fast-track new Northern female Tory MPs from the 2019 intake into key government roles.

The number of people on waiting lists for planned treatment in England will jump by 30 per cent from the current 4.6 million, according to a new forecast from a collection of private health firms.

In a strongly-worded letter, more than 40 rail and construction bosses warned the Prime Minister that dumping the £88 billion project would have a 'devastating impact' on their industries.

Lisa Nandy poses NAKED in bed for racy photostrip story offering sex advice to students 

Ms Nandy, 40, (left) appeared in a comic book-style photostrip (right) recording her quest to find a boyfriend in Newcastle University's Courier student newspaper. The Wigan MP's racy past came to light as fellow leadership candidate Jess Phillips, 38, was revealed as a co-author of a 'hot or not' column in her Leeds student newspaper in which she praised pop star Kylie Minogue's bottom and complained that energy drinks ruined the taste of vodka.

ANDREW ROBERTS: It is futile to keep alive an institution that had already fulfilled its historic function by the start of the last decade, a party that will not form a majority government again.

Emily Thornberry's aide Helen Goodman is accused of being 'beyond rude' to Commons staff advising her on how to wind up her constituency office after she lost her Bishop Auckland seat.

HARRY COLE: Millionaire lawyer and Labour leadership front-runner Sir Keir Starmer spent the 1980s campaigning AGAINST the minimum wage, I can reveal.

Backbencher Jess Phillips and shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry appeared to spar during the event as part of the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

Rebecca Long-Bailey's clashes with aide over her 'regressive' abortion views 

In a defiant riposte, she hinted that her concerns had been 'misrepresented' in a bid to damage her bid to succeed Jeremy Corbyn. Responding to a questionnaire from local Catholic churches during the General Election campaign, she said that she did 'not agree' with current rules allowing women to terminate their child on disability grounds after 24 weeks. The Salford MP has now defended her remarks and hinted at the 'Machiavellian' way the story emerged. But last night, it emerged that her own recently hired campaign communications chief - ex-Corbyn aide Matt Zarb-Cousin (inset) - had voiced doubt about people with similar views on abortion holding high office.

Pampas grass is back in favour, with florists reporting new demand for the exotic plant. A new generation, who are either unconcerned or unaware of the plant's history, have taken to pampas.

Home cooks are going wild, after a woman shared her DIY recipe for three-ingredient banana bread using a slow cooker online. This isn't the first time a low-ingredient recipe has gone viral.

A total of 77 cheap deals are set to finish at the end of January or February meaning consumers will be shunted on to their provider's more expensive standard energy tariff.

With inflation now running at a new low of 1.3 per cent there are plenty of saving accounts available that enable savers to earn an inflation-busting return.

Parents of teenage abuse victim speak out after inviting abuser into their home

Mike and Geri Latham invited Jake Waton, 17, into their Hampshire home after he began talking to their daughter Grace, 14, online. They were unaware that the boy was Gemma Watts, 19, who groomed vulnerable teenage girls by posing as a boy. Earlier this month, Watts, now 21, was jailed for eight years at Winchester Crown Court as police said they fear she had tricked as many as 50 young victims. Today, Grace's family speak for the first time about the impact of inviting a sex offender into their home.

Rory Dewar, from Glasgow, was only 22 when he lost his vision after developing a rare condition, but 18 months after signing up for a trial in the US, he has fully recovered his sight.

The robo-legs are being tested by 20 people with MS as part of a study at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. One MS patient to benefit from the trial is Richard Aske-Haley.

Guests at Dasha Zhukova's £6m wedding in the Alps flaunt pricey labels in biting

Dasha Zhukova is pictured wearing a custom-made Valentino gown left, which have cost similar clients up to £100,000. Stella McCartney is pictured second left wearing a a £1,590 faux fur coat, £170 sunglasses, and a £775 bag, all from her own collection, plus £85 Moon Boots. In comparison to other guests, model Stella Maxwell (second from right) was positively frugal in her £160 jacket and £180 ski trousers from activewear brand Volcom. The bride is pictured before the ceremony top right, while Wendi Deng, the ex-wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, with a mystery friend, wears a £3,800 shearling and leather jacket by Italian brand Tod's. The temperatures might be bitingly cold, but if you're invited to a £6 million society wedding in the Swiss Alps, that's no excuse to let your fashion standards slip.

DAN HODGES: Questioning Meghan Markle situation isn't racism

DAN HODGES: Last week - just like Laurence Fox on Question Time (pictured) - I was branded a racist. The catalyst, of course, was a tweet I'd sent about Meghan Markle. Actually, a question. Politics is my obsession and I'm not the greatest Royal watcher. The ongoing psychodrama of Meghan and Harry and Kate and William had largely passed me by. So I went on to Twitter and wrote: 'On the Meghan racism debate - I've got to be honest, I haven't followed the coverage about her until this week. Genuine question, are there any glaring examples of specifically racist articles (as opposed to a simple aggregation of broadly negative coverage).' And that was it. I'd exposed my own racism.

DOUGLAS MURRAY: One mother recently described how her daughters had asked what the point was in taking their GCSEs if they weren't even going to be here a few years later.

US military officials counted down to the moment the Iranian general was killed, saying he had 'one minute to live', the president recalled at a dinner at his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate on Friday.

The secret effort is done, in part, to spare the wealthy Persian Gulf kingdom embarrassment, the FBI said, and
intelligence officials believe the escapes from justice will continue.

How Prince Andrew's tycoon friend hatched a plot to become Kim Jong Un's private banker

EXCLUSIVE: Millionaire financier David Rowland (right with Andrew in 2006) held talks with North Korean leaders in the capital Pyongyang about managing the personal fortunes of the rogue state's ruling family and helping the Communist regime set up companies abroad, according to documents seen by The Mail on Sunday. It has long been believed the Kim family has stashed billions of pounds abroad in a network of secret accounts (Kim Jong-Un is pictured left). Experts say such accounts are used to fund their luxury lifestyle and as a way of dodging sanctions, although there is no evidence Rowland was ever aware of this. Rowland's close links to Prince Andrew were revealed by the MoS last month. We exposed how the pair co-owned a company in a tax haven and how, in the years before the North Korean trip, the Duke of York had been using his position as Britain's trade envoy to plug a private Luxembourg-based bank for the super-rich owned by Rowland and his family. The MoS can also reveal that wealthy Hong Kong socialite Dr Johnny Hon, who paid Sarah Ferguson and Zara Tindall (top and bottom inset) hundreds of thousands of pounds for introducing contacts and giving advice, was the key fixer behind the controversial discussions.

The sites under consideration include Moorside in Cumbria and Wylfa in North Wales, where plans for future large-scale reactor projects have recently been shelved.



Middle-class father pens a vivid prison diary giving an insight into the system

CHRIS ATKINS: My cell is about 6ft by 12ft. The mattresses on the bunk beds are made from heavy-duty blue plastic, designed for the easy cleaning of bodily fluids. At the back is a hideous toilet that doesn't have a seat. There's no privacy curtain. The floor is cold concrete, and it all smells pretty bad. Sitting on the bottom bunk is a tanned bald man in his 60s. He has a thin face with wire-rimmed glasses and is eating his dinner off a chair while watching TV. Pictured: left, Christ Atkins with his child. Right: HMP Wandsworth.

The Canadian musicians, who are currently on an European tour, were due to perform at Le Etoiles theatre in Paris, France, on Saturday night but had to cancel the gig

Armed police have secured a Tesco Extra supermarket in Shrewsbury after receiving reports of a gunman who was spotted on the roof of the store's petrol station.

Scientists, led by a team from the University of Brighton, found that abortions plummeted by up to a fifth for as long as 14 months after a papal visit.

After 30 years, Hank Azaria will no longer voice Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu on The Simpsons. The 55-year-old actor told Slashfilms the news on Friday, though he will continue to voice others.

Video shows ANOTHER driver on wrong side of road outside US airbase near spot where teenager Harry Dunn was killed by US spy's wife

Northamptonshire Chief Constable Nick Adderley has demanded an urgent meeting with the commander of the US base where Anne Sacoolas (bottom right), the woman wanted over the death of Harry Dunn (top right), was stationed after a video (left) emerged of another incident involving a car being driven nearby on the wrong side of the road. Footage of the near miss near RAF Croughton emerged as police revealed details of a separate incident in which a police vehicle was struck by a car being driven on the wrong side of the road in October. The concerning video, reported to Northamptonshire Police today, shows a blue BMW having to brake sharply on a country road near RAF Croughton.

The Duke and Duchess are said to be in the 'early stages' of planning a two-day trip to Dublin and Cork. Queen made history in 2011 when she became the first British royal to visit the country in 100 years.

The sale of alcohol between 9.30pm and 8am, and 2x1 drink offers have also been outlawed by Spanish authorities. Ban will cover Magaluf, on Majorca, part of Ibiza and part of Palma.

At least he won't mind the F-words! Gordon Ramsay's son Jack, 20, joins the Royal Marines 

Without fanfare or publicity, Jack, 20, pictured left with his father Gordon Ramsey, began the corps' gruelling 32-week basic training course late last year and, if he shows the hunger to succeed, will earn a coveted green beret this autumn. Remarkably, given his public school education and impressive A-level results, Jack has enlisted as a marine (with its badge and units seen inset and top right) rather than a young officer. It means he will learn military skills alongside recruits from tough working-class backgrounds, some of whom are aged 16 and have no academic qualifications. Last night, a source at the Royal Marines' Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, Devon, said Jack had made a great start and was popular. He added: 'First and foremost, he is just another marine recruit to us, a ''bod''. There's no nepotism here and no favouritism. 'He's getting his head down and delivering the goods so far. He seems fit and is well liked. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of good-natured banter when Jack and his mates sit down to eat and when they're on a field exercise about who should prepare the rations.' Proud Gordon gave his son a rare Rolex watch worth £10,000 for his 18th birthday and Jack's Instagram account, which has 282,000 followers, includes pictures of him lying on a gondola in Venice with Brooklyn Beckham and other envy-inducing images taken at idyllic locations around the world. Yet the former Dulwich College schoolboy who went on to study at Exeter University has swapped his designer clothes for military fatigues and even shaved off his blond locks to carve a career in one of Britain's toughest military units.

The body was found by police outside Clarendon House in Hove, Brighton, at 5.53am. A 52-year-old man known to the woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

James Petford, 39, of Kings Norton, Birmingham, urinated and vomited in his seat after downing vodka and rum on a flight from Birmingham to Egypt. He has been jailed for eight months.

Frank Skinner has revealed that he did not help an attractive woman struggling with her suitcase at an airport because he feared it might be seen as harassment and wreck his career.

Beyoncé mocked by Sainsbury's after her Adidas x IVY PARK collaboration looks like uniform

Beyoncé (left and right) was mocked by supermarket giant Sainsbury's on Twitter on Friday, after fans said her new Adidas X IVY PARK collaboration looked exactly the same as the supermarket's uniform. Sharing a picture of one of their workers in the iconic maroon and orange outfit, Sainsbury's wrote: 'Repping since 1869' (inset) and added the caption: 'The Original'. One fan went as far as superimposing the superstar on to a picture of the aisles of the shop (right). Bottom inset, the real uniform.

Could ANYONE be a celebrity lookalike, earning £300 a gig?

Celebrity lookalikes is a lucrative business, with successful impersonators like Camilla Shadbolt (aka Victoria Beckham) reportedly making up to £10,000 for a single job. Sarah Mhlanga, 36, from Manchester, who is the UK's leading Meghan Markle lookalike, reportedly earns around £400 for just a few hours impersonating the Duchess. Others who have turned their A-list likeness into cash include Suzie Kennedy, 40, from London, who is noted for looking like Marilyn Monroe, and Iffy Onwuachu who has been compared to Anthony Joshua. So, can anyone become a celebrity lookalike, with the help of make-up and a savvy wardrobe? Or do you have to be blessed with a natural resemblance? Here, four willing FEMAIL volunteers (pictured) undergo an A-list transformation courtesy of Blow LTD's make-up artist Rowhan Guest to see if they have the potential to become a famous doppelgänger. Here the four lookalikes have gone through a transformation to become actor Dave Franco (left), reality star Lauren Conrad (second left), actress Chloe Grace Moretz (second right) and singer Nicole Scherzinger (right).

Some 682,000 children in England are living in private rental properties that are classified as 'non-decent', according to analysis by Labour.

The Boeing 737 was shot down just two minutes after take off from Tehran on January 8. Officials said it was not possible to read the black boxes in Iran and that they would instead be sent to Kyiv in Ukraine.

The incident took place about 7pm Friday at a home in Grantsville, Utah, and resulted in the death of four family members - including some children - and a fifth relative being wounded.

Former leader of the Social Democrat Party Lord Robert Maclennan of Rogart has died aged 83. The peer led the SDP in the late 1980s as it carried out negotiations to merge with the Liberal Party.

Australians hit the bars as they start enjoying 24-hour drinking again

Partygoers, who donned their best dresses and heels for a night out in Sydney, New South Wales, are now allowed to enter venues after 1.30am and order drinks late into the night. The city was once famous for its bustling and vibrant nightlife until the strict lockout laws were enforced in 2014 requiring bars and clubs to deny entry to punters after 1.30am and stop serving alcohol at 3am. The changes this weekend have also seen the scrapping of the 10pm curfew on bottle shops (off licenses).

Strippers allegedly kept a punter 'captive' and held his fingers to type his pin into a card machine where they transferred £33k at For Your Eyes Only in Southampton. The club had its license revoked.

A sea eagle released on to the Isle of Wight with five other tracked birds for a rewilding programme is 'learning from red kites'. He is flying around 'picking up dead rabbits and game birds' in Oxfordshire.

Putin meets his people after changing rules to keep power in the Kremlin

Mr Putin's comment at a meeting with Second World War veterans in St Petersburg came days after he called for constitutional changes that could help him remain in power once his presidential term ends in 2024. When a veteran at the meeting proposed not having term limits for Russia's president, Mr Putin responded that 'it would be very disturbing to return to the situation of the mid-1980s, with the leaders of the state, one by one, staying in power until the end of their days'. Putin today shook hands with his supporters who came to watch him lay a wreath as part of commemorations for the 76th anniversary of the day the Siege of Leningrad was lifted (he is pictured shaking hands).

William Haines, 18, and a 17-year-old gave each other a fist bump after stabbing Yusuf Mohamed to death outside a food shop in Shepherd's Bush, west London. They will be sentenced next month.

The move is being proposed by the Brussels-based organisation to allow time for beefing up privacy protection and data rights, leaked documents have revealed.

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'Where's our Rufund?' DragCon UK is branded a 'shambles'

Furious fans have branded drag icon Ru Paul's DragCon UK convention a 'shambles' after being forced to queue for hours outside the venue (left) amid reports the event has been overbooked on Saturday. Those attending the event being held today at Olympia London have taken to social media (inset) to share their anger after waiting to enter convention for up to four hours while the star, 59, was meeting fans inside (right). Some attendees claimed that they had requested refunds due to the length of the queue but revealed that they have been told that none would be given.

Members of the Hook Eagle Morris Men group covered their faces with the controversial make-up as they gathered outside a pub in Hampshire last night.

Arts Council England has asked experts to bid for a £42,000 contract to come up with guidelines - which all UK museums will be expected to adopt - to replace the 'very out of date' ones it uses now.

Outrage as tourists drive Merecdes SUV into Beijing's Forbidden City

These two Chinese tourists have caused outrage by posing inside the Forbidden City in Beijing with their £100,000 Mercedes G-Wagen because cars are banned from the historic palace. More than 19 million tourists a year visit the 600-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site on foot. Officials responsible for the palace has launched an investigation and has vowed to stop cars entering the area in future.



Ambulance worker's brilliant dog pictures become sell-out calendar that raises £2,000 for

Scotswoman Kaylee Farrick, 29, photographed her seven exceedingly obedient Shetland Sheepdogs and one Alaskan Klee Kai leaping over each other, wearing wellies and prancing down a beach near their home in Scalloway, Shetland Islands, for a charity calendar. Money raised by the sell-out success has gone to an ambulance staff charity, which helps struggling employees, and a charity for training therapy dogs to help war veterans. 'The response has been overwhelming, I could easily have sold double,' said the ambulance technician and avid photographer speaking about the calendar.

A police dog in New York was seen drinking from the water fountain. Arko is a three-year-old K9 for the for the Rome Police Department and without a dog bowl in sight had to resort to other measures.

Russian-American Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, who goes by username Kingvitaly, spent five days in jail after being arrested for climbing one of the pyramids in Giza.

'I'm doing okay and we're all okay': Celine Dion, 51, fights back tears as she halts concert to speak about her mother Thérèse's death aged 92 just hours earlier 

Celine Dion was by her mother's bedside, surrounded by immediate family members, when she passed away at the age of 92 late Thursday night in Montreal. Not wanting to miss a performance because the family matriarch would have wanted that way, the 51-year-old superstar dedicated Friday night's concert in Miami to her mother, Thérèse Tanguay Dion. And the Canadian native didn't disappoint when she delivered an emotionally charged performance in front of a packed crowd at American Airlines Arena, that included a pause in the show to address her passing.