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Prince Harry and Prince William will discuss their heartbreak at their mother's death in a new BBC documentary to air on Sunday ahead of the 20th anniversary of Diana's death. It is the third time one or both of the brothers have appeared on a documentary over Diana in recent months and sees them candidly discuss how they learned of the death and how they tried to conceal their grief from the public. They also reveal how disorientating the scale of mourning from the country was and how difficult they found her funeral. The Queen and Prince Charles were both criticised for keeping the then children at Balmoral in Scotland for a week after Diana's death, but the princes say they support that decision and know their family 'just wanted to protect them'.

British father locked in Turkish jail after plucking coins

Toby Robyns, 52, (top) was arrested at Milas-Bodrum Airport in Turkey after he discovered 13 coins - which are 'historical treasures' - while he was swimming underwater (bottom). The father-of-five could now face a three-year jail sentence after he was arrested on suspicion of 'finding Turkish artefacts without notifying authorities'. The ambulance driver from Southwick, West Sussex, is understood to have picked up the coins while snorkelling near the Turkish coast (inset, bottom). It is understood that Toby is being held at Milas Prison (inse), a compound which holds about 70 inmates and has guards stationed at the front gate and on the roof of the building itself. 

The truth is that some banknotes are collectors’ items - and you could be in line for a windfall if you have a valuable one stashed in a drawer.

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A Spanish judge has ordered one of the four men detained over the terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils to be freed after they made their first court appearances in Madrid on Tuesday.

Afua Hirsch said the monument in London's Trafalgar Square was a prime example of one which should be felled because Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson‎ defended slavery.‎ ‎

National Savings & Investments has not confirmed the date these bonds will disappear and it is not clear what your options will be when your current deal ends.

Snake found in Queensland garden but can you spot it?

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, from Queensland, were summoned to deal with the reptile this week, and posted this photo on Facebook so users could guess where it was. This led to a stream of different guesses from followers of the page, who were also asked to identify the species of the snake, but many people got it wrong. So can you do any better?

The Brexit Secretary will declare that Britain ‘will take back control of its laws’ as the judges in Luxembourg will no longer have supremacy over the country’s courts.

MigrationWatch said net migration from outside the Brussels bloc - those people arriving minus those leaving – was likely to run at 155,000 a year until 2021.

Venus Williams will turn over her cellphone records to attorneys representing the family of 78-year-old Jerome Barson who died after a June 9 car crash with the tennis star in Florida.

Indianna Northcott, of Torquay, Devon, was 19 when she started the relationship with the 14-year-old. Photos were found of the pair kissing on the girl's phone.

Labour MP shares post telling abuse victims to 'shut up'

Bradford West MP Naz Shah (right) shared and liked a post (left) by a parody account of newspaper columnist Owen Jones saying victims of sex abuse in Rotherham should 'shut their mouths'. It came just days after Ms Shah, 43, penned an open letter attacking fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion (inset) for writing an article stating ‘Britain had a problem with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls’. Ms Shah later deleted the post and her spokesman said it was a 'genuine mistake'.

Angelo Quirino, from Manchester, was spending time with his family near Rome, Italy, when the freak accident happened while he was playing football with his older brother.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to make a peace overture to North Korea on Tuesday, welcoming what he called the restraint it had shown recently in its weapons programs.

The Queen 'deeply hurt' by criticism over Diana's death

The Queen was 'deeply hurt' by public criticism over her decision to keep the Royal Family at Balmoral in Scotland (bottom right) for a week after Princess Diana's death, a documentary will reveal. Former aide Sir Malcolm Ross told BBC special Diana, 7 Days, the sovereign made the decision to give the Princess a Royal funeral (left) and added she made a public address (top right) because of her 'sense of duty' to the nation. The television special is the third in recent months that Princes William and Harry have appeared on to talk about their mother's death.

Prince William told a BBC documentary he 'understands' why his mother went on Panorama to discuss her marriage problems, calling it an 'act of desperation'.

NEW Lady Sarah McCorquodale, centre, said her sister was ‘religious’ about wearing seatbelts and questioned why she would have failed to do so on her fateful last car journey through Paris.

Twenty years after their mother's death, Prince William and Prince Harry reveal how they wish they could have 'protected' Diana better and 'let her down', writes LIBBY PURVES.

The Duke of Cambridge has revealed in a new BBC documentary how he felt he could 'hide behind his fringe' from the thousands of mourners at his mother Diana's funeral in 1997.

Saudi king blows $100million on month long Morocco holiday

He reigns over a kingdom where the average salary is around $33,000 (£25,000), but that didn't stop Saudi Arabia 's king splashing out $100million on holiday. King Salman travelled in style to his favourite holiday spot, Tangier, in the north west of Morocco, along with an entourage of more than 1,000, who were booked into luxury hotels. The king himself stayed in his 74-acre summer palace, one of his many properties around the world, which boasts lavish restaurants, and impressive views of the sea. Expenses during the month-long break included more than 200 cars, Israel's Haaretz newspaper reports. The 81-year-old's summer palace has been renovated extensively over the past 12 months, with helipads among the features added. Satellite images from October 2016 showed a number of upgrades the King made to his retreat in Morocco. It now has three helipads, several extra buildings and a tent the size of a circus big top. It comes after King Salman made the shock decision to appoint his son, Mohammed bin Salman, as crown prince and heir to the throne in June this year. The King made a surprise reshuffle and removed his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as crown prince in favour of his 31-year-old son.

A group of housing benefit assessors at London councils, including Jessica Bartley (pictured), allegedly claimed more than £1million in claims using false names and passports.

British low-cost carrier Monarch recruited food psychologist Professor Charles Spence, who is known for his work with Heston Blumenthal, to rustle up treats to 'reduce the stress of travel'.

It was reported the dog was 'possibly a Border Collie or similar size' but when police arrived at the house in Kingston they discovered Alfie (pictured) was in fact a Yorkshire Terrier.

Coldplay singer Chris Martin surprised a fan, Heidi Hernandez - who is in desperate need of a liver transplant - on Saturday. Hernandez said Coldplay's music kept her from being depressed.

Reckless visitors hoisted the youngster over a protective barrier and put them inside the open casket (pictured) at the Prittlewell Priory Museum in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Stormzy slams Met police for Notting Hill carnival raids

The rapper lashed out at the Metropolitan Police after the force tweeted about a seizure of heroin in the run up to Notting Hill Carnival. The Met said it had made more than 300 arrests, confiscated 190 knives and 18 firearms in a swoop to ensure the event remains 'safe and vibrant'. However, Stormzy tweet suggests that officers were only acting in such a precautionary manner because the carnival, which begins on Sunday August 27, is an Afro-Carribbean celebration.

Health Education England announced draft plans to give doctors six chances to pass the GP qualification exam, up from the current four. They will also get an extra six months to sit the exams.

Younger Britons are drinking far less than previous generations but alcohol is still a key part in the lives of their parents, they say.

Jemma Haig and Murray McKirdy, from East Lothian, were told that not all their babies could survive. The conjoined twins were joined at the chest and shared a heart and respiratory system.

Detectives searching for Madeleine, who vanished from her family's Portuguese holiday home in 2007, will have used all of their current funding by September, but will ask the Government for more.

Amal and George Clooney have romantic dinner date in Italy

They welcomed twins two months ago.  So it was no surprise George and Amal Clooney were making the most of their alone time together as they enjoyed a dinner date in Lagio, Italy during their romantic holiday.  Unable to keep their hands off each other, the pair were seen cosying up to each other as they explored the sights of the city on their stroll to the restaurant. 

All Out Politics presenter Boulton, 58, posted on Twitter that the British TV legend's death was 'inconsequential' and 'not lead news' just hours after Sir Bruce's death was announced on Friday.

Temperatures could peak at 81F (27C) in South East England today, with some places remaining as warm tomorrow - with the glimpse of summer thanks to the remains of Hurricane Gert.

Guildford mother shouted at for changing son's nappy

A mother of twins who was shouted at by a restaurant manager when she changed her son's nappy in front of other diners has sparked a furious online debate. Dion Skull, 31, says she was 'humiliated' when she was told off for putting a new nappy on her one-year-old on the grass outside the Farmhouse Cafe (bottom right) in Guildford, Surrey. Ms Skull, who is mother to twin boys Luca and Zack (together left), was reprimanded when a fellow diner complained. She left a one-star review on the Farmhouse cafe's Facebook page, claiming she went to the posh family-owned restaurant (top right) 'at least once a week' and its changing facilities were not big enough for both of her boys. Her post sparked a fierce debate when the customer who originally complained waded into the argument.

The new plasma has been developed by researchers from MIT. Unlike most plasmas, which are made up of two ion species, the new plasma is made up of three ion species.

Chemistry teacher Christopher Wood, 33, is alleged to have sent a female pupil at a school in Solihull a naked picture of himself with just a smiley face emoji covering his genitals.

Ruth Langsford looks exhausted after first SCD rehearsal

 The This Morning presenter, 57, was spotted looking exhausted and dishevelled as she left day one of rehearsals for the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing on Tuesday (centre). Ruth revealed she was 'embarrassed' to hear her odds of winning are just 66/1, and didn't do much to change expectations with her frazzled appearance upon leaving the north London dance studios. Earlier in the day, the TV personality was spotted arriving alongside her fellow contestants including Gemma Atkinson (top inset) and Mollie King (bottom inset), as well as host Tess Daly (right).

New figures show that the average first-time buyer today is taking out a mortgage equal to 3.59 times their salary.

The researchers in Washington, D.C., said parents should forget garbling at their newborns in baby speak. Instead, walk them around the supermarket describing the colors of the food.

Maddy Austin, now 22, has joined her father in a new Channel 4 documentary to lift the lid on how her anorexia battle damaged their family life and how they struggled to treat her.

Police looking for Fiona McMaster, who was reported missing from a shop in Edinburgh on August 8, are trying to trace a man seen with her at a shop in Glasgow days later.

Wife is shocked as she uses secret camera to watch her husband come on to a 'schoolgirl' but things turn nasty when he spots teenager’s hidden mic 

The encounter was secretly filmed by the US YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater after the man's wife Ellen enlisted their help. Ellen said she first became suspicious when her neighbours told her they had discovered someone on the sex offender's list was registered at the couple's address. In the clip, the husband is filmed asking the young woman for her number.

Hard cheeses, such as Parmesan or cheddar, can last for up to four months unopened or six weeks opened. Soft cheeses must be eaten within two weeks due to a higher risk of food poisoning.

Wahlberg, 46, earned an estimated $68 million in 2017 thanks to his pay days for movies Daddy's Home 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight, according to Forbes.

An intense wave of attacks between August 9 and August 21 have seen RAF aircrew destroy targets including a terrorist headquarters in Raqqa, machine gun teams and roving trucks.

Amateur boxer and rock climber Rhys Roser, 24, denied raping a 19-year-old in a north London flat in September 2015 but was caught when the victim submitted a recording as evidence.

Barack and Michelle Obama move Malia to Harvard

The oldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama moved into her Harvard University dormitory on Monday afternoon, one day before her fellow students began arriving with their parents. The family was joined by members of the Secret Service as they pulled up to Malia's new residence in a two-SUV envoy, managing to avoid detection despite the thousands of people around the campus and in Cambridge. That was due in large part to their timing, with the Obamas electing to get everything moved and Malia settled into her new digs during the solar eclipse. Then it was time to say goodbye, which did not look easy for the parents of the 19-year-old freshman.

Dominic Chappell is accused by the Pensions Regulator of failing to provide information and documents requested during its investigation into the sale of the collapsed retailer.

Eric Daniels was in charge of the lender from 2003 to 2011, presiding over the £12 billion acquisition of its tainted competitor during the financial crisis.

'Stashing' is a term used to describe how someone you're dating won't let you meet anyone in their lives. Alarm bells should ring, as it probably means they don't consider you as a long-term partner.

Footage of the odd animal that appears to have the facial structure of a human has swept the web after the creature was discovered in an Indian village.

'F****** immigrant': Shocking moment road rage driver hurls racist abuse at Deliveroo courier during furious clash in Birmingham city centre

The incident was caught on the delivery driver's helmet camera after he confronted the man about stopping in the middle of the road at New Street Station, Birmingham. The man, who asked not to be named, said that the motorist had stopped his car in the road after thinking there was a pedestrian crossing ahead. The 29-year-old also claimed that the man was not wearing a seat belt and was using his phone at the steering wheel.

US researchers analyzed data from an Australian study of more than 3,400 children whose mothers answered surveys when the children were nine months old and again when they were two.

A US study found men who take high doses of vitamins B6 or B12 over a long period were much more likely to develop the disease.

NEW Francois Fillon, 63, is accused of stealing the equivalent of more than £750,000 from taxpayers by falsely claiming his British-born wife Penelope, 62, was his parliamentary assistant.

The dramatic moment 200 ISIS militants were annihilated by Russian air strikes

This is the moment 200 ISIS militants were annihilated by Russian air strikes as coalition forces look to flush the terror group out of Syria by battering them from the air. Russia said it has intensified its air campaign in Syria to help President Bashar Assad's forces drive Islamic State militants from Deir el-Zour, a major stronghold for the group, killing an estimated 800 militants across the country this month alone. Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi said Russian jets are now making 60 to 70 flights a day to target militants heading from other areas to join the fight in the eastern city. He says Syrian troops are meanwhile advancing from three directions to encircle Deir el-Zour. In the most recent raids, 200 terrorists were killed when an ISIS convoy was targeted as they headed towards the eastern city.

US President Donald Trump not only backtracked on his promise to end the nation's 16-year-long campaign in Afghanistan, he criticized ally Pakistan for giving a safe haven to extremists.

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster helped persuade President Donald Trump to recommit to the Afghanistan war effort by showing him an old photo of Afghan women in miniskirts.

England cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott allegedly told a group of fans in Birmingham knighthoods were handed out to West Indian cricketers 'like confetti' and he needed to 'black up' to get one.

City lawyer who became Britain's most inspiring head

When Mouhssin Ismail(pictured) decided to throw in his highly paid job with a leading City law firm to become a teacher, his father didn’t speak to him for a week. ‘You could say that there was a pretty cold atmosphere for a while,’ says Mouhssin. He is pictured, left, with pupils who got into top universities including Cambridge, 1, and Oxford, 4.

The teenager was travelling on a Great Western Railway service between Newquay and Plymouth when she was approached by a man in a novelty shark hat who asked to kiss her.

Rare cinema posters found being used as carpet underlay will be going up for auction for the first time in Cardiff next month. Pictured: Stagecoach starring John Wayne.

Stuart Campbell, who runs the Wings Over Scotland website, was arrested on Friday at an address in the Avon and Somerset area and bailed pending further inquiries.

Dramatic moment heavily-armed Spanish police find gas canisters during raid on Barcelona terror suspect's home

Armed officers from the Mossos d'Esquadra police force can be seen breaking into apartments in the town of Ripoll on Thursday, where most of the alleged Barcelona terror plotters lived. In the video they can be seen searching the houses before discovering a collection of gas canisters similar to the ones found in a suspected bomb making factory in the town of Alcanar. Driss Oukabir and Mohammed Houli Chemlal have been charged over the attacks while Sahal El Karib has been detained for questioning. Mohammed Aallaa has been freed on bail.

A statement addressed 'from the Islamic Republic of Spain to the Government of Spain' warned of further attacks by terror cells still embedded around the country after Barcelona.

The 22-year-old was said to be dressed in filthy clothes, suggesting that he had been living rough and had walked for around 30 miles from Barcelona across scrubland.

Abdelbaki Es Satty was the mastermind behind the Barcelona terror attack and was planning to blow himself up in a much larger atrocity a court has heard, as four suspects testified for the first time.

Thomas Cook is restarting its flight and holiday programme in the North African country after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) eased its travel advice.

Battle of Stalingrad in colour 75 years later

The photographs from the Battle of Stalingrad have been brought to life in colour to mark the milestone anniversary of the critical defeat of Hitler's Nazi's (right) during World War Two. The colourised pictures show a soviet soldier victoriously hoisting a flag over the city of Stalingrad and the soldiers who helped make the victory possible. They include Yavorska Yulia (left) - a nurse who brought 56 wounded from the battlefield in battles for Stalingrad. The battle is often considered as one of the largest and bloodiest in warfare history with nearly 2.2million personnel involved in the fighting and with somewhere between 1.7million and 2million wounded, killed or captured. Also among the pictures is Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak (inset, bottom right) - a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force during World War Two and the first female pilot to shoot down an enemy plane, the first of two female fighters to earn the title 'fighter ace' and the holder of the record for the greatest number of kills for a female fighter.

NEW It is the scourge of England’s once green and pleasant land. The problem of fly-tipping has got so bad that it is now at ‘epidemic’ levels, according to Countryfile presenter John Craven.

NEW Shares in Provident Financial crashed 66 per cent yesterday as £1.7billion was wiped off its value in the biggest one-day fall in a blue-chip FTSE 100 blue-chip firm ever.

Former Lt Col Michael Russell was found dead at his home in Topsham, Devon. Lt Col Russell, 63, was 'haunted' by his experience of war and had lost his wife of 32 years to a terminal illness.

A review of nearly 50 studies led by researchers from Keio University in Fujisawa found eating more greens could be a good preventive care for cardiovascular disease (stock image).

The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca in the South China Sea, in the early hours of Monday morning.

Emily Timms, 23, is believed to have communicated with her victims on FaceTime while sitting in a darkened room. Maidstone crown court heard she also made the girls send explicit images.

Designer super-sized bags claim you can fit everything in

After a few seasons of micro-bags (most measured just inches across), the big bag is back. It began with Balenciaga’s huge, striped, leather shopper (a sell-out last season), and now designers from Celine and Chloe to Louis Vuitton are boasting super-size styles for autumn/winter. Known as ‘kitchen sink’ bags (because you can fit in everything but the kitchen sink), it’s claimed these styles have space for all your everyday essentials, thanks to clever pockets, handy fastenings and comfortable straps.

Barely a week goes by without its guilt-ridden liberals blaming Britain for all the world’s woes. Self-loathing is their hobby — it makes them feel better.

Men and women have been taking to social media to share their most creative hacks - including using peppers as makeshift cups and hair brushes as wing mirrors.

HSBC offers students heading to university next month an interest-free overdraft that rises to £3,000 in their final year - the biggest perk of any High Street bank.

Nottinghamshire woman caught with vodka inside sandwich

The crafty guest was left red-faced after she was rumbled by security for trying to smuggle a sandwich onto the grounds of Southwell Racecourse in Nottinghamshire. The hilarious picture of the smuggling sandwich was posted to Twitter by the racecourse, only for mischievous users to suggest better ideas for concealing booze. The racecourse tweeted: 'This was spotted by security yesterday, you hide it, we find it! Let us know your witty strapline suggestions and you could win a prize!' Instead of a strapline, one user posted a picture of a metal hip-flask secured to a lady's leg using packaging tape.

Glenn Simpson, whose firm commissioned the infamous 'dirty dossier' on Donald Trump, has handed over a trove of information to Senate investigators.

Latest figures show 11,596 crimes took place in London, more than twice the 5,047 offences recorded in the previous 12 months.



Mariah Carey is accused of 'photoshopping' again

Mariah Carey has been hit by another photoshop scandal after she posed for a scantily-clad PAPER magazine shoot (left and inset). The 47-year-old singer was dressed in a showgirl inspired outfit in a nod to her recent Las Vegas residency. But it was pictures from her shows at Caesars Palace (centre and right) that led fans to accuse her of photoshopping to extremes. Mariah completed her #1 to Infinity residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas last month and the star appeared to look more fuller-figured in images from the performance. This is far from the first time the singer, who shares six-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with estranged husband Nick Cannon, has been accused of heavily photo shopping her pictures. 

The 47-year-old supermodel posted a team photo of British Vogue's employees from the June edition of the fashion bible, highlighting the lack of diversity in the magazine's staff.

Paul Masterton said Moira Shemilt should be 'ashamed' of herself trying to use his young children to score cheap political points after he posted a picture of his daughter in the pink jacket she chose.

Crazed Melvin James, 36, stabbed sister Anne-Marie, 33, and mother Lynette, 59, repeatedly, before turning the knife on himself on March 8, a Black Country inquest heard.

Good Housekeeping Institute experts listed the surprising foods you can cook in a microwave. They include making your own dried herbs to avoid wasting wilting fresh ones and rehydrating spaghetti.

Peter McGowan bought the two-bedroom apartment in Glasgow for 10 million Scotcoins, the equivalent of £60,000. It is the first time a property has been bought with digital currency in the UK.

A sensor device currently on trial in seven locations in Atlanta, Georgia, has already led to the conviction of one would be bike thief and could deter crime in residential neighbourhoods.

Sale driver stunned after black fox tried to jump into van

Sam Houghton, from Sale, Greater Manchester, was shocked when one of the country's rarest animals, a black fox, jumped into his van. It has been revealed the fox is a pet called Wilf (pictured left and right) who lives nearby. Mr Houghton admitted he was scared at first, and tried to jump out of the van when the fox jumped in, which sent the fox running to hide behind some containers. As the pair regained their composure, they filmed the beautiful animal (inset), and were stunned to find out just how rare it was when they looked it up. Wilf lives with Ellie Monaghan, 17, and her sister Jade, 25, and has frequently run off from their home in Sale.

The Orion spacecraft destined for EM-1, an unmanned mission planned for next year, was successfully powered up for the first time this week at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

In the wake of the deadly Charlottesville rally, where white supremacist marchers clashed with anti-fascist protesters, a new poll has shown a high number of Americans support neo-Nazi beliefs.

Michael Osbourne, 21, from, Tonbridge, Kent, and Marina Smythe, 20, are both accused of causing or allowing a child to suffer serious physical harm and bailed to appear at West Kent Magistrates.

Saudi police ARREST 14-year-old boy who danced the Macarena in the street while listening to his headphones for 'violating public morals'

A 14-year-old boy who stopped traffic as he danced the Macarena in the middle of the street (pictured) has been arrested by Saudi police for 'violating public morals'. The teenager has been hauled in by officers and taken for questioning, despite the incident happening more than a year ago. In the 45-second clip, the teenager can be seen disrupting drivers while dancing to the popular 1990s hit in the area of Jeddah.

A pastor in Memphis, Tennessee allegedly posted a sexually explicit remark on a bodacious Instagram photo of popstar Nicki Minaj.

This is the moment a quick-thinking hero rescued a dog from a canal using his legs while dangling from a safety barrier with one hand in footage uploaded to Facebook in Malaysia.

CCTV captured a mystery woman filling a bag with at least 12 packets of ham at the Best One Store in Bristol. Shopkeeper Sunny Patel has not reported it because the police 'don't do anything'

The overall deficit for this financial year is still expected to be higher than last year after Mr Hammond eased his targets to account for Brexit turbulence.

Billionaire Sir Philip Green, 65, was seen alongside reality TV star Kris Jenner and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger at the luxurious Caprice restaurant on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Sabrina Mahmood was watching TV on Sunday when she spotted the sinister 'feline shape' prowling across a field which stretches behind her home in Fife, Scotland.

NYC fallout shelters reminiscent of past nuclear threats

In the 1960s, thousands of 'fallout shelters' were constructed in New York City to protect more than 11.7 million residents from a potential nuclear bomb. After World War II illustrated the damage atomic bombs could inflict, and tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union were at an all-time high, New York Governor Norman Rockefeller spearheaded the controversial shelter initiative. After the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, President John F. Kennedy made the program nationwide. Though many of the shelters have since been converted for more practical uses, the signs around the city advertising shelter still serve as a reminder of the city's history. Most were built in government buildings or private residences, and many could be found in public schools, such as the one at PS 179 in Brooklyn (top right). In 2006, a lost shelter beneath the Brooklyn Bridge was discovered still fitted with tins of 'survival crackers' and medical supplies (inset left).

CCTV footage shows serial robber Roy Davis, 58, of Weetman Gardens, Nottingham, bursting into The Booze Shop in lIkeston Road wearing a tea towel over his face, a hooded coat and sandals.

A research team at Clemson University in South Carolina has developed strains of yeast that use urine and carbon dioxide from astronauts' exhaled breath to produce polyester polymers.

The walk to the summit of Snowdon is Britain's most trodden path, according to Ordnance Survey (OS). But the most popular area overall for ramblers is the Peak District, the mapping agency revealed.

Computer engineering student Rafael Ochoa, 23, was also concerned about an upcoming tournament with the university golf team, Oxford Coroner's Court was told today.

Three women were 'left traumatised' after being attacked in separate incidents in Clapham, South London. Police have released CCTV of the man who is thought to have targeted the victims.

The piece of legislation was introduced in June and would make it illegal to bring any meat into Switzerland which was slaughtered in a manner deemed to be inhumane if agreed.

Admiral John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, said on Monday that there were 'no indications' that the two ships were hacked, but said Navy 'will consider all possibilities'.

Afghan murderer who was let into Britain unchecked then attacked two police officers with a claw hammer has his life sentence slashed in HALF

Jamshid Piruz, 35, was handed a life sentence earlier this year after he launched a frenzied attack on the two officers in East Sussex. He cornered PC Jessica Chick (left inset) and lashed out wildly at her with the claw hammer before repeatedly hitting her colleague PC Stuart Young (right inset). Both officers suffered injuries in the terrifying attack and thought they were going to be killed. It later emerged Piruz had served time in jail for murder after brutally killing a woman in his flat.

WhatsApp has now finished beta testing the features and is rolling them out to all Android and iOS users worldwide by this weekend.

In footage recorded by an onlooker in Indonesia, the slithering python can be seen causing a major traffic jam by blocking the centre of the lane - with fearful spectators keeping a safe distance.

Yasmin Louiza Katir, 27, was still under supervision for the high-speed chase when when she stole cigarettes and alcohol from Sainsbury's. Katir, of Stockton, pleaded guilty to theft from a shop.

Justice Secretary David Lidington (pictured) insisted today ministers were simply trying to maximise the opportunities of Brexit while minimising the risks.

David Davis has demanded British goods are not forced off the shelves of Europe following Brexit and warned disruption to trade would be 'disastrous' for the EU.

Grand Designs house in Pathhead on the market for £1m

Richard and Pru Irvine created their custom-built house ten years ago after a mammoth construction project. The unique property(bottom left and right) in Pathhead, Midlothian, is set against 18th century lime kilns and its floor to ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.(top left, from the dining room) It also boasts two kitchens, an indoor garden, a TV room, a large drawing room,(top right) cloakroom and a boot room. Known as Hope House, the home has received awards from the Saltire Society and Edinburgh Architectural Association. It has now gone on the market for offers over £925,000. Earlier this year, when asked to pick his personal highlights from Grand Designs,(middle) McCloud singled it out.

Jacob Laukaitis, a 22-year-old entrepreneur and travel blogger from Lithuania, visited North and South Korea to investigate how life differs in the two neighbouring nations.

The report, by EMarketer, a marketing research firm based in New York, predicts that 14.5 million people aged 12 to 17 will use Facebook in 2017 - a drop of 3.4 per cent (stock image).

Incredible drone footage shows a 45 second brawl between two rival biker gangs in Ottowa, Illinois. Police arrested four men and charged three with felonies.

Researchers from London-based recruitment firm Robert Half examined the influences behind employee happiness and found 16 per cent of people aged 35 to 54 are unfulfilled in their job.

Police have seized 190 knives and 18 firearms in the last 12 days and arrested a total of 316 people. On Tuesday at least 26 arrests were made in pre-planned raids across London.

Pets abandoned after Chernobyl now roaming exclusion zone

When 120,000 people were told evacuate Chernobyl, Ukraine after the 1986 explosion at its nuclear power plant, many were forced to abandon their beloved dogs. Now, their descendants roam the exclusion zone: some 900 strays are living in and around the Chernobyl nuclear plant, piquing the interest of scientists and radiation experts  from around the world. Helped by a U.S. charity, they capture the dogs and fit them with special collars equipped with radiation sensors and GPS receivers in order to map radiation levels across the zone.

Vitabiotics boss Tej Lalvani will be showing off his new style when he joins the other Dragons, but the tycoon was not always so happy with his hair after going bald during his twenties.

India's Supreme Court said Tuesday the tradition was unconstitutional and requested the government officially put an end to it. Men could leave their wife by saying the Arabic word for 'divorce' three times.

In a plan described as 'beautiful in its simplicity', a suitcase of drugs would be taken off a British Airways flight from Rio de Janeiro at 1pm each Monday.

Mumsnet users shared their worst wedding experiences, with one describing how the grandmother was rushed to hospital after falling down a flight of stairs and 'cracking her head open'.

Jumping to the defence of the Prince of Wales amid a reported slump in the royal's popularity among the public, Dickie Arbiter (pictured right) said the nation must learn to cherish the future king.

The once in a lifetime opportunity of a total solar eclipse in America did not impress everyone, and comics flocked to Twitter to share their own version of the total eclipse, with beer and pugs.

Mother shed staggering four stone in less than six months

Business owner and mother of two boys, Malin Bjork, 29, from Vaxjo, Sweden, has enjoyed being skinny her whole life, until she became pregnant with her first son. Before her first pregnancy she barely exercised. She would eat whatever she wanted, including unhealthy junk food and home-baked cookies. This lifestyle caused her weight to hit 12st 8Ibs before she gave birth to her first son; she was a UK dress size 12-14, centre. After putting on weight, she returned to the gym and took up weightlifting and overhauled her diet. The mother, who is a vegetarian, now eats more vegetables, beans, lentils and clean food while focusing on incorporating more protein into her diet from other sources. This lifestyle change completely transformed her body and she now weighs 8st 11Ibs and wears a UK dress size 8-10, left and right, consuming 2,200 to 2,500 calories a day.

Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust rejected £2,500 from the group who have run several miles through a town in the traditional blue dresses annually for the last twenty years.

Serin, 23, Somerset, is followed in the run up to her wedding for a Channel 5 documentary called My Extreme OCD Life, which details her difficult struggle with the anxiety disorder.

Eagle-eyed customers in Newport, Isle of Wight, noticed something was wrong in the small print of Asda limited edition carrier bags, at the new store opening, and mocked the chain.

Facebook has created a dedicated tab for the Safety Check feature, activated most recently In the wake of the terrorist attack on Barcelona, to make it simpler to check on unfolding crises.

Akol Garang and George Rodriguez allegedly ambushed Omer Raza (pictured) for his iPhone and Armani watch as he sat waiting to meet a customer named ‘Stacey’ in Wood Green, London.

Video footage has caught the moment a tornado rips through a Chinese county causing havoc. The powerful storm hit Nenjiang County on August 21.

Brace yourself: a new celebrity trend is taking over social media. From Madonna to Emma Watson, stars are posting pictures of themselves from behind. But can you guess who is who?

Courtney Cartledge, 18, claims her two-year-old Labrador Sage was brutally attacked as she played in her family's front garden in Musselburgh, Scotland.

Plymouth father survived septis thanks to his muscles

Former bodybuilding champion and father-of-four Paul Scarborough, 47, from Plymouth was close to death after losing 30 years worth of muscle in just eight weeks as life-threatening sepsis attacked his body. But his incredible physique (right), honed from his competition days, saved his life as it took the disease so long to work through his muscles that he got the medical help he needed just in time (top right). Doctors even told Paul they had never before seen someone survive such a severe sepsis infection before. Paul is now recovering at home after nearly two months in hospital (inset) with children Kiana, 17, Aiden, 10, Joseph, five, and Sam, who is six-months-old (left).

The budget airline’s chief executive Michael O’Leary said he was interested in buying Air Berlin but needed more information on its finances.

Experts warn the study by the University of Bristol underlines how rising obesity rates among teenagers could have devastating implications for the digestive health of future generations.

A group of thieves robbed thousands worth of goods from department stores like Nike and Jack Rabbit in Upper East Side Manhattan, police say.

Six Moroccan teenagers aged between 15 and 17 have been arrested after they were filmed sexually assaulting a woman with learning difficulties on a bus as other passengers failed to intervene.

Clifford, 74, spent three hours in hospital after experiencing chest pains over the weekend at Littlehey prison in Cambridgeshire, where he is serving an eight year sentence for sex attacks.

The trio of alleged cannibal killers were arrested in Estcourt, South Africa after one of them handed himself over to police and they were led to a house (pictured) where a body was found.

Avon's Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray is not only used to hydrate the skin, but also apparently manages to effectively keep the mosquitoes away. Five bottles of the product are sold every minute.

Earlobe strobing is so last week. FEMAIL rounds up the latest beauty trends taking social media by storm including Shay Mitchell's purple inner-eye highlight (pictured) and nail art made with dead bugs.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Kentucky politicians visited the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox for the first time since 1974. It was known for the James Bond film Goldfinger.

The granddaughter and son of RFK - Caroline and Max Kennedy - have both been arrested after allegedly refusing to turn down their party at 1am on Sunday, following complaints by neighbors.

'I thought I was dead': Terrifying moment surfers narrowly escape shark attack on Cape Cod as suspected Great White savages seal just feet from the shoreline

Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts closed on Monday after the attack, which terrified beachgoers who thought the trail of blood in the water was from a human. A pair of surfers were just feet away when the shark, believed to be a Great White, ripped into a seal. Screams pealed from the beach as the frantic surfers paddled for shore, a video shot at the beach shows,

Insurers are considering plans to refuse vital protection policy payouts to customers with stage one cancer.

Experts from Iowa State University started musical therapy classes for people with Parkinson's disease. Singing helped improve ability to swallow, which is a leading cause of death for people with the disease.

This slow loris was filmed performing a pole dance for its owner in Perm Russia, where its favourite hobby is slinking around the beam as well as swinging from taps while wearing a nappy.

A cyclone which devastated the tropical island of Madagascar has led to a surge in the price of vanilla pods, putting many ice cream makers in a sticky spot.

Alphabet Inc´s Google this week will disclose technical details of its new Titan computer chip, an elaborate security feature for its cloud computing network that the company hopes will enable it to steal a march on Amazon.com Inc and Microsoft Corp.

Google will unveil a new Pixel Chromebook and a mini version of Google Home at its upcoming hardware event, sources say. It's also reportedly getting ready to launch AI headphones.

Ischia earthquake: Buildings collapse off Italian coast

After more than 14 hours buried in the rubble of their collapsed home, two young boys, Ciro, 11, and Mattias, seven, were saved by firefighters who dug with their bare hands. Earlier their seven-month-old brother Pasquale had been lifted to safety after their pregnant mother reported they were trapped. Two women have been confirmed dead in the earthquake, which caused buildings on the island of Ischia, close to Naples, to topple.

A video posted online shows an incredible nine month time-lapse of a man building the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle, 'Wildlife' by Erudca, has 33,600 pieces.

Researchers at the University of Toronto found that kids aged 4-6 learn don't learn social lessons from stories with animals as effectively because they don't see these characters as similar to themselves.

Charlie Alliston, 20, (pictured today) crashed into HR executive Kim Briggs, 44, at up to 14mph as the mother-of-two tried to cross the road on her lunch break in Old Street in east London.

From astronauts aboard the International Space Station to satellites orbiting the Earth, NASA has revealed a collection of incredible eclipse images.

The Government has ordered a daft 'crackdown' on vehicle rentals in the wake of the Barcelona terror attack even though it already takes an eternity, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN.

Paris is on course to break records for the number of visitors to the city this year after seeing a 10 per cent jump in numbers in the first six months of this year, despite recent terror attacks in Europe.

Lara Clarke-Wardle believed she had found the entrails of a dead sea creature when she first encountered a goose barnacle on a beach near Hartland Abbey in North Devon.

Police say it's too early to confirm the identity of the headless torso found in Køge Bay in Copenhagen, the same place where Peter Madsen say he 'buried' Kim Wall's dead body.


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Ohio woman moves into $10,000 van she converted into home

With an interior measuring just 13ft 2in long, 5ft 8in wide and 6ft 2in high, Eileah Ohning, 31, has made a home of her Freightliner Sprinter High Top van, left. The photographic producer from Columbus, Ohio, has lived in her compact four-wheel home since May 2017. The van comes complete with a memory foam mattress, bottom right, storage compartments, a desk and a camping stove in her living area, top right, and she even has plans to add in a shower, toilet and fridge. Eileah said: 'I don't need a house. I don't need something that big, I don't need something that eats up most of my monthly income. I'm not saying that living in a house is bad - a family of six needs more than a van - but that's the motivation for me.'

NASA image of volcanic eruption happening since 1999

Shiveluch, one of the world's most active volcanoes, and a new NASA image show it poking through above a solid cloud deck, with an ash plume streaming to the west. Located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in far eastern Russia, it is one of many active volcanoes on the Peninsula. Nearby, to the south, the smaller Bezymianny volcano can be seem with a small steam plume coming from its summit.


Showbiz extra

The robot army is coming! Amazing video shows more than 1,000 droids dancing in unison in record-breaking performance

Engineers in Guangzhou gathered 1,069 droids on August 17 and programmed them to dance at the same time. The adorable little robots, known as Dobi, shook their bodies, stretched their arms and tapped their feet simultaneously during the spectacular performance in front of the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. Their dance party broke the Guinness World Records previously held by 1,007 robots.

Aldi is launching a gourmet food range with copycat versions of San Pellegrino and Buffalo Mozzarella in a bid to woo customers from Waitrose. Goods will be half the price of competitors, according to the chain.

Cold calls about pensions are to be banned by the Government after fraudsters swindled £5 million from pensioners in the first five months of this year.

Video footage from Beacon Hill Park in British Columbia shows the stunning creature fanning its feathers in spectacular fashion for all the world to see.

Brad Podray, from Los Angeles, convinced his girlfriend Hannah Sung that she was going to an interview for a film company - then turned up disguised as a 'conservative Muslim'.

Brussels museum visitor walks all over artwork

The man caused a headache for cleaners at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels when he wandered into a sandbox. He stepped onto a deep blue art installation by French artist Yves Klein after becoming mesmerised.



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