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Boris Johnson today vented fury at a Remainer plot that looks set to snatch away his moment of triumph on the 'Super Saturday' vote on his Brexit deal. Kicking off the showdown in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister complained that there might not be a 'meaningful' decision for days longer thanks to the 'sabotage' plot. Sir Oliver Letwin's (bottom right) wrecking amendment is set to prevent the deal being put to a formal vote this afternoon. If passed it will withhold approval of the plan until after the deal becomes law, and Mr Johnson will be forced to ask the EU for an extension tonight before bringing his deal back for another vote next week. Mr Johnson said it was 'urgent' for the country to get past the standoff and 'unite', saying his deal can 'heal the rift in British politics'. Sources have revealed that Mr Johnson held crisis talks with Sir Oliver in Downing Street last night as he tried to head off the crisis, but without success. The premier has been frantically trying to win over the last few wavering MPs with the numbers on a knife edge. The fact that Letwin's amendment does not outright defeat Boris Johnson's deal - and the government's lack of a majority - means that many MPs are choosing to back the wrecking amendment instead of giving the Prime Minister his moment of truth on the deal. Jeremy Corbyn (top right) Is whipping his Labour MPs to back the amendment.

Sir Oliver Letwin has been a repeated thorn in the side of the government over Brexit. He has been one of the leading rebels among Remain-backing MPs as they have tried to rule out a No Deal Brexit.

Ahead of a vote on the withdrawal agreement Labour also appeared to back a rebel amendment by ex-Tory minister Sir Oliver Letwin which would kill off the vote before it even happens.

'Christmas at Chequers is cancelled': Boris's Remain-backing sister Rachel Johnson squirms about her 'embarrassing' arguments in TV appearance hours before crucial vote

The avid Remainer, who has been a constant critic of the decision to leave the EU, quickly objected to being introduced as the sibling to Boris Johnson when she appeared on Have I Got News For You last night. Ms Johnson said on the BBC show: 'I like the way you introduce me as Boris Johnson's sister as if that is actually my day job.' She joked with panelists that being the PM's sister meant a 'world of pain'. Host Victoria Coren later asked Ms Johnson: 'Does Boris ever phone you up and say 'oh don't say that it's really embarrassing.' The broadcaster and journalist - who appeared on the popular programme with Paul Merton, Ross Noble, and Ian Hislop - quickly retorted: 'Yup'.

Boris Johnson tried to rally support before what is expected to be a knife-edge vote in Westminster. In a letter to Sun readers he called for an end to a 'difficult' and 'divisive' chapter in our history.

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The ex-top minister said the PM needed to 'reassure' sceptics like him that the withdrawal agreement would not lead to the UK crashing out of the EU next year.

Boris Johnson is locked in a frantic race against time as he tries to persuade a majority of MPs to back his Brexit deal at a crunch vote in the Commons tomorrow.

Boris Johnson and his ministers spent yesterday calling MPs on all sides in a last-minute bid to woo them. It is understood Downing Street offered Labour MPs a sweetener on workers' rights.

Nigel Farage claims Boris Johnson's deal is 'not great, not new and not Brexit'

Nigel Farage (main) took to the stage at Brexit party event to savage the deal the PM agreed with Brussels on Thurdsay. The ardent anti-EU campaigner told party faithful 'this is not what we voted for.' Mr Farage also took out a newspaper advertisment in today's Daily Telegraph, labelling the new deal 'not great, not new and not Brexit'. At the event last night he was joined at the Westminster by other prominent Leave figures, including former Tory grandee and now Brexit Party MEP Anne Widdecombe (bottom right) and JD Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin (top right). Mr Johnson faces a battle on what has been dubbed 'Super Saturday', to get his Brexit deal across the line in the House of Commons, and is spending tonight attempting to woo politicians to back him. Mr Farage, who favours a No Deal Brexit, said: 'If we sign up to this and head down this new negotiation and if the prime minister wants to succeed, then we would never ever able to become more competitive than our European neighbours.

Over the past few years, airlines around the world have come up with a choice pitched between the champagne and flat beds of business class and the pasta and plastic cups of coffee in coach.

NEW Bristol University has paid Avon and Somerset police £25,000 to run Operation Beech, which makes patrols of residential neighbourhoods around the central campus until 2am.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that Jamie Chadwick, 21, of Radcliffe has been charged with the infant's murder. Chelsea Crilly, 19, has been also charged in connection with the child's death.

Victorious England players celebrate with family and jubilant fans in Japan after TROUNCING old rivals Australia in 40-16 drubbing to reach semi-final of Rugby World Cup

As England reached their first semi-final in 12 years, chants of Swing Low Sweet Chariot echoed throughout the stadium which was flooded by around 20,000 travelling England fans. Captain Owen Farrell's men avenged their humiliating 2015 defeat when they crashed out of their own World Cup in a shock defeat to the Wallabies, stoking tension ahead of today's game (top, from left: Jonathan Joseph, Anthony Watson, Maro Itojem Jamie George, George Kruis). But the atmosphere in Oita was one of excitement, with many overseas fans draped in the flag of St George swigging beer and mixing with locals inside the ground (bottom left and right). Early risers back in Britain trooped into pubs around the country to cheer on the 23-man squad representing England on the biggest stage in world rugby (bottom middle).

All Blacks take on Ireland in their Rugby World Cup quarter-final clash in Japan as they look to progress to the semi-final to take on either England or Australia. Follow LIVE ACTION RIGHT HERE.

The most evil love of all: Serial killers Rose West and Myra Hindley were lovers in prison

Rose West and Myra Hindley had an affair in prison, a former solicitor of one of the serial killers has sensationally claimed. The House of Horrors killer, left and inset with husband Fred West, was 'quite taken' with the Moors Murderer Myra Hindley, right, and was 'impressed by her knowledge and ability', according to her defence lawyer. But the relationship apparently ended after a few months when West concluded that Hindley was 'very manipulative' and 'dangerous'.

'Bambi' killer Jeremy Bamber claims he has found phone call evidence to set him free

Jeremy Bamber, 58, is serving a full life tariff for killing adoptive parents Nevill and June, model sister Sheila 'Bambi' Caffell and her twin sons Daniel and Nicholas, aged six, at White House Farm in Essex. He says he has unearthed a phone log that proves he did not carry out the August 1985 shootings. Bamber, who is in Wakefield jail, West Yorkshire, says evidence shows he made a call to police from his home at 3.36am on the night of the murder. This would have been just 10 minutes after he is thought to have to have called officers from the scene 3.5 miles away. Lawyers for Bamber now say he could not have called at 3.26am from the farm and travelled to his home in Goldhanger to make the second call. Pictured left: Bamber handcuffed to a police escort in 1988. Right: Model Sheila 'Bambi' Caffell. Inset: The police record detailing a call at 'approx 3.37am'.

Anthony Holmes, 62, from Grimsby, this week admitted sending annoying messages to the police between July 29 and 30 this year. He was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £21 victims' surcharge.

JANE FRYER: In Suzi Quatro's 16th-century Essex manor house is a collection of zippered, leather jumpsuits in an array of colours, styles and sizes dating back nearly half a century.

The most incredible shots of earth from the air ever feature in The Story of Aerial

Coffee table books often become decorative dust magnets. But anyone who buys this one - From Above: The Story of Aerial Photography by Eamonn McCabe and Gemma Padley - will find thumbing through it over and over again irresistible. Because it contains some of the most incredible aerial images in existence, many taken by photography pioneers. Here we present 20 of the compelling images found within the tome. Pictured clockwise from top left: New York in 1947; the Mer de Glace glacier on Mont Blanc, France, taken in 1909; Boston in 1860, as seen from a hot-air balloon; the 9/11 attack and (inset) daredevil skydivers above California in 1980.

'I worked HARD for this!': Moment fearless shopkeeper, 63, fends off knife robbers who threaten to 'cut off his FACE' after bursting into store he's owned for 30 years

Peter Waller, 63, fended off two robbers (pictured) who entered his One Stop convenience shop in Pallister Park, Middlesbrough, around 5.20am on Tuesday. In the horrifying clip, the shop's door swings open and the two figures bolt inside. One of them heads around the store while the other tries to force his way inside the separated area where the shop-keeper and till is. The grandfather-of-five then leans out of the door way and lands the yob a punch and shoves them with his leg to keep them out of the separated area. They fled empty handed.

Durham Police have referred themselves to the Conduct Authority after a 19-year-old man died in a crash following a high speed chase through a housing estate in Spennymoor, Co. Durham.

This week Bel advises a woman who has fallen out with her brother over her mother's inheritance.

Package holiday prices for early next month are now up to 50 per cent cheaper than the same time last year - with bargains available in Vienna and Florence, according to TravelSupermarket.

Workers were asleep in on-site accommodation at 6am local time when the dam burst at a gold mining facility in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, Another 14 were injured and 130 evacuated in the incident.

Kurds 'break Syrian ceasefire'

The ministry said 12 of the attacks came from Ras al-Ain (pictured bottom right on Friday) in northeastern Syria, one from Tal Abyad and another from Tal Tamr region, adding that various light and heavy weaponry including rockets were used. Turkey had agreed to suspend its Syria offensive for five days on Thursday but President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned on Friday he would resume a full-scale operation against Kurdish forces if they do not withdraw from a border 'safe zone.' (Left: A Turkish-backed Syrian fighter drives an armoured personnel carrier in Ayn al-Arus).

Former Army private who longed to be a woman was fast-tracked to surgery before regretting

On first meeting Peter Benjamin, he appears every inch the former Army man with his tailored suit, pressed shirt and shaved head. Married three times, with two children from his first marriage, aged 31 and 28, Mr Benjamin certainly gives the impression of someone who has never been troubled by confusion over his gender identity. 'I was born male, I'm a man and always have been,' he says firmly, adding: 'A heterosexual man.'

Chick-fil-A opened its first branch of the fast-food chain in Reading just days ago on October 10, but it was revealed that the outlet is set to close in just six months after a backlash by LGBT groups.

Greater Manchester Police said officers arrested a suspect after reports of a man with a knife at the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester. Footage on social media appeared to show police presence.

Cherie Blair's stepmother Steph Booth, 64, admitted she claimed Universal Credit after her late husband's dementia care costs wiped out her savings and she was left penniless after his death.

Jack Waple's mother found him unresponsive in his bedroom on June 13, 2019 and found an aerosol can on his bed. Despite the efforts of paramedics he died at his home in, Hockwold, Norfolk.

The Duchess of Sussex said she has found the focus on her after her marriage and giving birth a struggle, adding: 'Not many people have asked if I'm ok.'

Daily Mail poll reveals Britain wants MPs to stop the delay and back Boris Johnson

The Survation poll for the Daily Mail showed 50 per cent said MPs should back Boris Johnson's Brexit deal; 38 per cent were against the deal with 12 per cent undecided. The survey found a surge in support for the Tories following the Prime Minister's breakthrough at this week's EU summit. They are now on 32 per cent, five points up on their tally three weeks ago. Optimism was mounting in No 10 last night that MPs will back the agreement. A source said: 'It is incredibly close, but it is doable.' Voters were also in no doubt as to who blinked first in the EU talks - with 52 per cent saying the UK gave most ground. Only 20 per cent think Brussels backed down. A total of 47 per cent believe Mr Johnson's plan should go to a referendum, compared with 44 against the idea.

PETER OBORNE: Boris Johnson has displayed an awesome ability to solve political problems that lesser men and women found intractable. Only he could have pulled off the deal.

Members of the European Research Group of Conservative MPs will meet at Westminster this morning to decide whether to support the agreement before today's crunch vote in the Commons.

Mr Corbyn was slapped down by EU socialist leaders for refusing to back Mr Johnson's Brexit deal. Portuguese PM Antonio Costa accused Corbyn of 'sacrificing' people's interests.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: As they look in the mirror today, MPs must ask themselves this question. Will I fight to free Britain from the constitutional quagmire it has been stuck in for three long years?

Prue Leith, 79, reveals daughter Li-Da has adopted her own child

Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith has revealed that her adopted daughter Li-Da Kruger has herself adopted a baby boy.  The Great British Bake Off judge, 79, who adopted Li-Da from a Cambodian orphanage when she was just 16-months-old, said her daughter adopted the child seven months ago.  Prue said Li-Da made the move because she felt her own adoption had been 'so successful', prompting the famous cook to feel 'proud'. 

John McDonnell himself has compared his GLC role in the early Eighties to that of UK chancellor - and the Mail's dossier provides disturbing evidence of his approach to taxpayer funds.

Joan Newell-Brown, 59, lost her husband, Harry, in a car accident in 2005, just 10 months after they married. However her son Joe, 25, thoughtfully penned an anniversary card as if he had written it.

The parents of crash victim Harry Dunn have accused the US and UK of covering up 'key details' of their son's death in a smash involving a US diplomat's wife who has since fled to America.

The horror crash took place on the Paseo Maritimo in Palma, Spain at around 4pm today and was witnessed by shocked holidaymakers. The victims were a German woman and a British man.

Kate Middleton speaks fondly of her and Prince William's 'really special' trip to 'fantastic' Pakistan in her first ever TV news interview 

The duchess spoke to CNN during an engagement in the city of Lahore yesterday where the royal couple were visiting the charitable organization SOS Children's Village. With Prince William stood beside her, she said that the five-day official trip had allowed the couple to see a lot of the country. During the interview the duchess speaks passionately of the SOS Children's Village project saying: 'There's so many vulnerable women here but they've really used their positivity and the support that the village here provides them.'

The Competition and Markets Authority revealed the building society had neglected to remind borrowers between 2012 and 2016 that they were paying for payment protection insurance.

Mother-of-three, 37, claims she saved about £1,000 after re-decorating staircase for less

Mother-of-three Sarah Lindsey, 37, from Perthsire in Scotland, has revealed how she transformed the staircase at the family cottage for less than £80 after shopping in regular homeware stores and doing the handiwork herself. The heart physiologist bought £4 white paint in a B&Q sale, purchased four £14.99 rugs in The Range and four £2.50 lanterns from Ikea to convert the cottage steps into a stairway to heaven. She shares her home with children Niamh, 11, Skye, 6, and Toren, 15 months (who she is pictured with) and partner Conor.

John Heath, 72, says he made the threat to shoot building works after becoming annoyed by noise, vehicles and disruption caused by 'Bebo' billionaire Michael Birch in Wooslery, Devon.

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton declared rather dramatically on social media this week that he 'feels like giving up on everything'.

Former Heathrow baggage handler Arti Dhir, 55, is accused of arranging the killing of 11-year-old Gopal Sejani to claim up to £150,000 through a life insurance policy.

Why Elton can't let go of the 'son' he had to leave behind

KATHYRN KNIGHT: The garage of the modest two-bedroom flat little Lev Ageyev (left and top right, left) shares with his grandmother Yulia (top right) holds two shiny new bikes. They are the pride and joy of their owners, 11-year-old Lev (left, top right) and his elder brother Artyom, 13, (right, top right) and the envy of the other boys in the run-down neighbourhood of Mariupol, the industrial Ukrainian city they both call home. Elton John kissing baby Lev at a hospital for HIV-positive children in the town of Makeyevka outside Donetsk, 2009 (left). Elton John with David Furnish and their sons Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John on holiday at Le Club 55 at Pampelonne Beach in St Tropez (bottom right).

NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch made history today for the first all-female spacewalk, however, President Trump congratulated the pair for being the 'first ever female spacewalkers'.

AMANDA PLATELL: England football hero Paul Gascoigne was cleared by a jury of sexually assaulting a woman on a train after 'innocently' kissing her to make her feel better.

From November 18, all GP practices in England will switch to electronic prescribing - meaning patients will no longer have to hand in a physical copy of their prescription to chemists.

BBC drama tries to reinterpret 1960s scandal about Christine Keeler through 'female gaze'

NEW The Trial of Christine Keeler, a six-part drama, is set to be released later this year. It follows the 19-year-old former model after she is caught up in the Profumo affair scandal. She famously had concurrent sexual relationships with secretary state of war John Profumo and soviet naval attache Eugene Ivanov before being branded as a showgirl who made wild claims about the scandal. Pictured: Sophie Cookson (left) playing Christine Keeler and Ellie Bamber (right) assuming the role of her friend Mandy Rice-Davies as they recreate an iconic photograph that was taken outside as the pair left the Old Bailey in London (inset).

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Strictly Come Dancing's Aljaz Skorjanec gets injured Lady Weymouth back

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Emma - who is married to Longleat heir Ceawlin Thynn, the Marquess of Bath's son - has been practising her dance moves with Strictly partner Aljaz Skorjanec, 29, even during breaks from rehearsals near her stately home in Wiltshire. As my exclusive pictures show, Lady Weymouth, 33, took handsome Aljaz's hand as they twirled outside a village hall before studying his mobile phone. Emma suffered a foot injury during her performance last weekend.

A photo of a sign near at pond in Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, Derbyshire has fuelled a debate over whether or not it is okay to feed bread to ducks. The sign said the warnings about bread were wrong.

Teesside University saw £56,650 paid out to 23 students, some of whom complained about their MSc courses. The University of Leicester paid £27,928 in compensation to 18 students.

Henrietta Barnett girls' school in London achieved the top 'Attainment 8' score of 85.1. The yardstick for GCSE performance is based on grades across eight subjects.



Rowan Atkinson's lookalike son Ben, 26, joins the Gurkhas after spending three months in

Rowan Atkinson's (left) lookalike son Ben Atkinson (right) has joined the Gurkhas after spending three months in Nepal. The 26-year-old son of Atkinson, 64, and make-up artist Sunetra Sastry, 62, (inset) will have to learn Nepalese in his new role as a Gurkha officer. The Gurjha Brigade Association newsletter hinted he is intent on charming local women, saying: 'Lt Atkinson grasped the language remarkably quickly. This may be attributed either to his language experience, having studied both Arabic and Spanish previously, or to his urgent requirement to learn the local Nepalese 'chat-up' lines.'

Stores selling books, china and glassware, garden equipment, electrical appliances and antiques are being replaced by tattoo and piercing parlours, hairdressers, nail bars and gambling outlets.

Shoppers today waited patiently for the newest store to open its doors at 10am in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It has been dubbed the UK's biggest pound shop due to the range of products it stocks.

Robert De Niro, 76, has been 'de-aged' in his new film The Irishman and manages to turn back the clock 50 years. Using tech trickery on Mail stars we challenged them to face their future and past.

A group of researchers from University of Colorado Boulder tested the four biggest commercially available facial recognition software providers for potential race and gender biases.

Amazing moment 'underground rockstar' serenades Tube passengers with sensational rendition of Bon Jovi classic Livin' On A Prayer 

Other passengers can be seen smiling and laughing as the man shows off his impressive voice on the Hammersmith and City line near King's Cross in north London. At one point the man stops at a crucial point of the chorus in an effort to get others to join in. On his first attempt nobody sings along but when he tries again a woman on the train is heard finishing off one of the famous lines. People on Twitter commented that the man has done it before.

Tadhg Fleming inadvertently locked Otis the dog inside his car in Kerry, Ireland, but after much pleading, the dog found a way to unlock himself.

The 72-year-old Apprentice star took to Twitter to warn followers about an American family who had been scammed into paying $600 to rent one of his London homes through Airbnb.

Masked demonstrators clash with riot police as HALF A MILLION take to the streets of

Barcelona was on Friday flooded with an estimated half a million angry demonstrators (left) waving pro-independence flags, as the fifth day of protests over the jailing of Catalan separatist leaders drew to a close. While the vast majority of the rallies were peaceful, a few hundred masked youths clashed with Spanish police in the heart of the city late in the afternoon on Friday, blocking a broad boulevard with burning garbage bins and hurling rocks at the security forces. Blazing barricades littered the city's streets (top right) as riot police battled to bring the situation under control. One elderly man (bottom right) appeared to have had enough of the unrest and boldly confronted masked demonstrators while waving what appears to be a baton, as the demonstrators set up street barricades around him.

Rafa [Rafael] Nadal, 33, is set to marry his long-term partner, Mery Perelló, 31, on Saturday at at the British-owned fortress La Fortaleza in Majorca.

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Erstwhile used car salesman Sam Palmer has not taken long to become accustomed to life with £230m Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone.

Marlon Brando felt no shame having sex with men and women, new bio reveals 

Marlon 'Bud' Brando was not a guilt-ridden homosexual but utterly at ease with sleeping with men or women, writes author William J. Mann in The Contender, his new biography of the actor. Girls and boys, straight and gay were besotted with Bud who exuded raw sexuality from an early age. Actress Rita Moreno met Brando on the 20th Century Fox lot and found him 'swaggeringly irresistible.' She was his type - dark, vibrant, earthy, sensual and they quickly became lovers. 'To say that he was a great lover', said Moreno,  'sensual, generous, delightfully inventive' would be gravely understating what he did.' Brando and Marilyn Monroe had a romance in 1955 following the divorce from Joe DiMaggio and before her marriage to Arthur Miller. 'Monroe was hardly Marlon's type but she had an earthy sense of humor that he would have liked', writes Mann.

A staggering 72 per cent of Generation Z and  58 per cent of Millennials experience mental health issues, with a stark drop to only 39 per cent of over 35s experiencing the same.

Sara Swallow, 31, from Brighton, ballooned to 17st, after consuming family-size chocolate bars every day, binge-eating sweets, biscuits and entire tubs of ice-cream on her own.

Kate Middleton, 38, opted for a mix of designer and traditional outfits for her royal tour of Pakistan - and spent £12, 500 of new clothing for the five-day visit.

Hollywood's elite arrive for Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney's island wedding

Kris Jenner, Adele (center left), Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden (right) are just some of the notable Hollywood elite making their way to Rhode Island for Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney's (bottom left) wedding. Guests for the couple's nuptials began arriving to Rose Island in Newport on boats Friday evening, with the savvy matriarch (center middle) among the first to arrive.

Strictly's Shirley Ballas had breast implants but is now taking them out to save her

Shirley confesses she's been feeling off-colour for quite a while, so much so that this week she needed intravenous vitamin therapy - used to administer vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream via a drip - to boost her for tonight's live Strictly show. She's still in her pyjamas when we meet. Shirley's enhanced figure is pictured centre, while she is pictured in 1988 left, and right with her second husband Corky Ballas. 'I've been constantly sick,' she explains. 'I had flu a lot and was catching cold after cold. But you still go to work, don't you? Then, recently, I had a mammogram, and a youngish assistant said: 'You do realise we can't always see behind the back of the breast implant.' So I've decided to have them out. 'I'm having the capsule of scar tissue that forms around the implants taken out, too, so the operation will be about four hours. That's the part that holds any . . .' She doesn't finish the sentence. 'The capsule will go to the lab where they'll do whatever they do to check. 'I just want to take the safest precautions for myself, for my peace of mind.' She falls silent for a moment. Taps manicured nails on the kitchen island worktop. 'If I could go back to my younger self, I would never have had them done. As my niece Mary [who works in the NHS] says: 'Why would you voluntarily put something foreign into your body when you're healthy?' 'I did it because I felt somebody else was not completely comfortable with the way I looked.'

In the 'crime has no gender' campaign, Europol hides the faces of fugitives wanted by 21 European countries behind neon masks on their website, before slowly revealing their identities to visitors.

U.S. Navy E-6B Mercury, known as the 'doomsday' plane in the event of a nuclear war, suffers $2 million in damages from a bird strike. The engine was replaced and the aircraft was back in service.

Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian who ran at them with knife

Thousands of Palestinians, including one in a Stormtrooper mask (bottom right), threw rocks and explosive devices at troops stationed on the border yesterday, who responded with tear gas and live fire. Israel's defence ministry said a Palestinian man ran towards a checkpoint between Israel and the central West Bank city of Tulkarem 'with a knife in hand, with the apparent intention of attacking security personnel'.

A new brainteaser is from across the web scratching their head as they desperate search for the pair of red skis camouflaged in a sea of red and white striped deckchairs and parasols.

Fiona Viotti, 30, who quit Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town as an 18-year-old pupil accused her of sleeping with him, has been revealed as the 'sister-in-law' of Lady Amelia Spencer.

Jane Fonda clashed with cops in Washington D.C. once again as she was arrested for the second time during a climate change rally with her Grace and Frankie costar Sam Waterston.

Veteran broadcaster Jeremy Paxman had not been to Berlin since 1990 while working for BBC's Newsnight. But 29 years on, he revisited the German capital and said he 'loved it'.

It's 30 years since Lexus was launched by the Japanese car giant Toyota. So to help celebrate its three decades on the road I've been for a spin in the new 5th generation Lexus RX SUV.

Two million or so Britons visit Portugal each year - with a significant number heading to the Algarve. Vincent Graff took his family to spend time in the quiet town of Carvoeiro and the livelier Vilamoura.

Ajman is a tiny city-state with a population of 540,000 and just half an hour's drive from Dubai Airport. Ed Cummings visited and found it was a gleaming city with a relaxed attitude.

Greta Thunberg rally is crashed by counter-protest led by truck convoy of oil and gas

Greta Thunberg (left) joined thousands of protesters marching in Canada's energy heartland Alberta yesterday as a counter-rally led by a truck convoy of oil and gas workers converged on Edmonton (top right). The truck convoy organised by pro-oil group United We Roll drove from the city of Red Deer to protest against what the group called foreign activists campaigning against Canada's oil and gas industry.

The internet giant was handed hospital records of tens of thousands of patients up and down England in a deal signed last month. It includes patients at Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset

Florida woman, 28, is sentenced to 20 years in prison for giving birth to an 11-year-old's baby while she was working as his live-in nanny

A Florida woman who gave birth to an 11-year-old boy's baby has  sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual battery.  Marissa Mowry, 28, plead guilty to the crime and her fate was handed down in Hillsborough County Courthouse on Wednesday.  Mowry was working as the boy's live-in nanny when she had sex with him in January 2014.

The discovery, described as a 'complete bizarre coincidence', comes 10 days after Hessy, the 27-foot mammal, was hit by a ship in open sea before dying in the Thames as a result of her injuries.

Authorities in Doha, Qatar's capital city, are also trialling painting their roads blue in a bid to try and keep temperatures down on the tarmac because the blue absorbs less heat than black.

Founder of 'The Spanish Ascot' reveals how she created own version of the iconic horse

Ariadna Vilata, 40, from the Pyrenees, has revealed how her fascination with English horse racing inspired her to launch her own version Hats and Horses, which has been dubbed 'the Spanish Ascot.' The event sees a blend of English and Spanish cultures, with jockeys racing in traditional 'trotting' form, which sees them ride in a carriage behind the horse (pictured, clockwise from top left, guests enjoy the sunshine at Hats and Horses; attendees are encouraged to look the part at the event; Ariadna with a friend at the first event; guests enjoy a drink at the races; attendees take in the atmosphere at the race; a jockey 'trotting' at the race).

Joi Rouncefield, from Manchester, revealed the hilarious mix-up on Twitter. explaining that she had written an 'essay' breaking up with her boyfriend, only for him to reveal her mistake.

Ian Hemmens, from Chichester, was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court after he was found guilty of assisting an offender, alleged to be Mahamud Sami, who has fled the country to Bahrain.

Bonmarche employs 2,887 staff, including 200 at its head office, and operates 318 stores across the UK. The brand has recently struggled with rising costs as well as dwindling footfall on UK high streets.

The makers of the much-loved tinned pies are joining in on the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, with a vegan steak and kidney snack made with soy mince and butter-free pastry.

Stunning image from Sir David Attenborough's new series Seven Worlds

Sir David Attenborough has released some stunning images his latest series Seven Worlds which has taken seven years to make and spends time in each continent. In the photographs for the the series which begins next Sunday, show a cameraman filming elephant seals in Antarctica, and a group of golden snub-nosed monkeys huddling together in eastern China. The hotly-anticipated show has been four years in the making. According to Sir David, 93, he has some simple measures to help save the world. 'The best motto is not to waste things. Don't waste electricity, don't waste paper, don't waste food - live the way you want to live but just don't waste.'

The US Army is developing a powerful cannon capable of shooting a projectile more than 1,150 miles - the same distance between Nashville, Tennessee and New York City.

Frode Hult from the Water and Sewer Agency in Oslo said Norway uses nearly double the amount of water of nearby Denmark and urinating in the shower will help save the resource.

The man who turned down Marilyn Monroe: How photographer Doug Kirkland said no to the

TOM LEONARD: Photographer Doug Kirkland knew what he wanted - a photo of Marilyn Monroe naked in bed - but felt embarrassed to ask her, especially as she had insisted he sat next to her on her bed. Fortunately, Monroe, with her 'sweet intuitiveness', quickly articulated what he wanted, adding only: 'But the sheets must be silk.' She also wanted the photoshoot to be well-supplied with Dom Perignon champagne, her favourite tipple, and Frank Sinatra records. Dough Kirkland is pictured hanging off the balcony, right, and next to Marilyn inset left. Before they left, Monroe's press agent quietly told him the actress had recently lost weight, which had pleased her. However, she was 'fixated' on her breasts, which she thought were now too small. On the evening of the shoot, Monroe was two hours late at the rented studio on Santa Monica Boulevard, her agent failing to calm Kirkland's fraying nerves by reassuring him she always turned up eventually. Finally, she arrived at 9.30pm, a 'burst of ethereal beauty', he said, that bowled him over with her 'dazzling, misty whiteness'. He was smitten within seconds.

Arron Whysall, 27, from Nottingham, came in from his garden to find his 'grinning' little girl Olivia smothered in Petits Filous after she raided the fridge when her parents thought she was watching TV.

Jenny and David Williams heard a mysterious scratching noise behind the wall of their business in Ilfracombe, Devon. They went to investigate and heard a cat meow.

WARNING DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: To cure the woman allegedly possessed by the devil, a priest in Karnataka state, southern India thrashed her while performing an exorcism.

Photographer Keith Morris, 61, was tragically found dead on a beach near his home in Aberystwyth earlier this month after being reported missing. His wife Gilly drove their VW camper van to funeral.

Mother, 30, who was diagnosed with PTSD after suffering panic attacks says gardening

Kirsty Ward (pictured left pregnant with Mila and right, with daughters Callie and Mila), 30, from Lincoln, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after a traumatic pregnancy where she went into labour at 27 weeks. After giving birth to second daughter Mila, now three, at hospital via a C-section, she lost a large amount of blood and suffered two infections in the womb. The mother-of-two held herself together for six months, but when her husband Jason, 32, was about to leave for work, she collapsed. Kirsty was bedridden, would wake up screaming and sweating in the night and couldn't eat or drink. After seeing a behavioural therapist, she invested in an allotment and has since praised gardening for helping to restore her mental health.

Four-bedroom cottage built by the Rothschild family goes on sale for £1.85million

Four-bedroom Thrift cottage in Hertfordshire (top left and inset), built by the Rothschild banking dynasty in the 19th century, has gone on the market for £1.85 million. The property boats a 56-foot swimming pool and hot tub (top right) alongside a large conservatory, double-garage, living room (bottom left) 1.84 acre garden and interlinked ponds filled with Koi Carp. The Rothschild family first came to the area when they rented out nearby Tring Park Mansion as a summer home, and later bought the house at auction for an equivalent £15 million today. The house became the bank's headquarters during the Second World War before it was taken over and became an Arts School.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, warned that the world was drifting into a dangerous era of militarised politics and urged Moscow and Washington to have urgent nuclear arms control talks.

Alan Titchmarsh on Friday awarded Dame Judi Dench with an honorary doctorate for her services to the dramatic arts outside Winchester Cathedral.

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Texas longhorn named Bucklehead unofficially breaks Guinness World Record for longest horn

My, what big horns you have! A West Texas longhorn has unofficially broken the Guinness world record for largest horn span on a steer. The six-year-old longhorn, called Bucklehead, showed off his prodigious, tip to tip, 11-feet, 1.8-inch horn span at Lawton, Oklahoma's Horn Showcase, which ran from October 4 to 5. Guinness is currently reviewing the paperwork before deeming Bucklehead's record official, so that it can be included in the 2020 record book, according to the San Angelo Standard-Times. The previous record holder for largest horn span was a seven-year-old longhorn from Goodwater, Alabama, called Poncho Via. In May, his horns measured at 10 feet, 7.4 inches.

War time anti tank traps have been exposed at Blyth beach in Northumberland for the first time in a decade following high tides and heavy rains which stripped away much of the sand.

The devastating war machine is an upgrade of the T-72 Soviet tanks that first entered production in 1971 and were first used in the Iraq-Iran conflict and the Chechen wars in the mid 90s.

Princess Leonor of Spain, 13,  joins by Queen Letizia and King Felipe at awards evening

Queen Letizia of Spain, 46, and King Felipe, 51, watched on as Princess Leonor of Spain, 13, handed out awards at an event in Oviedo this evening (left, greeting their daughter). The princess, who will one day be Queen of Spain, handed out awards to winners of the Princess of Asturias Awards tonight (bottom-right, handing out awards), while her parents watched on. Her mother, Queen Letizia, walked into the event hand-in-hand with husband King Felipe, 51, (pictured inset giving his first speech as heir to the crown at the Prince of Asturias Award ceremony on October 31, 1981) who looked overjoyed to be attending the occasion (top-right). The Princess of Asturias Awards was established in 1980 by Felipe, who was then heir to the throne, before he ascended the throne in 2014.



Giant elephant dead on top of a squashed crocodile after collapsing from illness at a park

A large elephant carcass was found on top of a squashed Nile crocodile after the mammal is likely to have collapsed on the reptile at the Island Bush Camp next to the Luangwa River in Zambia. Horrific images show the elephant's head eaten away by hyenas and vultures (top right). The elephant is believed to have been sick or injured and squashed the reptile to death as it collapsed from exhaustion (left). Park authorities (bottom right) investigated the deaths and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Conservation South Luangwa officials ruled out poaching after no bullets were found and said both animals appeared to be young based on their size.

The footage was recorded by Darren Clee, who was driving behind the vehicle, on the A590 near Greenodd, Cumbria. The roll of carpet appears to be flimsily attached to the black Nissan Juke.

How an Australian sheep farmer's daughter became 'Queen of Albania' by marrying her

Susan Cullen-Ward is largely forgotten in Australia now but for the second half of her life she sought to be recognised as Albanian royalty through her 1975 marriage to that country's exiled King Leka I. The sheep farmer's daughter from the tiny town of Cumnock in central western New South Wales met her prince at a Sydney dinner party in the late 1960s and lived with him in exile in Spain and South Africa. Cullen-Ward (left) claimed to be descended from England's King Edward I and her husband was was a ninth cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II. But her marriage to the giant, gun-toting Leka I (right) was never quite the fairytale romance shared between Tasmania's Mary Donaldson and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (inset).