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ROBERT HARDMAN writes about the billionaire crown prince of partying

ROBERT HARDMAN: This week, it was announced that the Prince had passed away, unmarried, at the age of 38 after what was reported as a long illness. But while Azim might often try to be the fun-loving Prince Charming figure on the celebrity circuits of London and Hollywood, this particular fairytale was not destined for a happy ending.He died in his homeland, mourned at the sprawling, fountain-filled royal complex outside the Bruneian capital of Bandar Seri Begawan and buried on the same day, according to custom.(funeral inset). His funeral was attended by his immediate family but not by the bewildering constellation of associates he had come to regard as friends.(pictured left with Naomi Campbell and right with Joan Collins)

FIFTY Northern Tory MPs demand a 'roadmap out of lockdown': Boris Johnson faces a 'red

A letter to Boris Johnson from the Northern Research Group - a newly-launched alliance of Tory MPs led by ex-Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry - outlines the group's demands, which include a tailored economic recovery plan for the north. Mr Berry says that the virus could widen the North-South divide and 'send the North into reverse'. His group is now calling for Mr Johnson to 'level-up the North' - something the PM claimed he would do following sweeping Conservative gains in the region in the General Election. It comes as around 8million people in England face living under the toughest Covid-19 restrictions by the end of the week after officials confirmed four separate parts of Nottinghamshire will be thrust into a Tier Three lockdown from midnight on Wednesday, following three days of crunch talks with the Government.

Orders to remain at home and rafts of new laws to restrict what people can do amount to a 'breathtaking' infringement of democratic rights, Lord Sumption will say in a speech tonight.

The REACT-2 project found 4.4 per cent of people in England had Covid-19 antibodies, proteins in the blood trained to fight off the disease, in September.

Victoria Derbyshire, 52, has revealed she would break the rule of six for Christmas to have 'seven' for dinner and told how she will 'do it knowing what the risks are'.

Researchers have warned that survivors of the worst cases of the virus could be at risk of lasting mental damage, equivalent to an 8.5-point drop in IQ or the brain ageing a decade.

A new study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine found that patients in the aspirin group were 43% less likely to be admitted to the ICU and 44% less likely to need ventilators.

George and Amal Clooney 'claimed they didn't know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the

Writing in AirMail, Rachel Johnson reveals there's a 'story going around' that George and Amal Clooney confessed they didn't know the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moments before the royal wedding. Hollywood actor George, 39, and human rights barrister Amal, 42, reportedly made the revelation to Carolyn Bartholomew, Princess Diana's former flatmate and Prince Harry's godmother.

Prince Harry spoke to Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson who famously rescued protester Bryn Male during London race violence in June went viral around the world.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, has found criticism that she is wading into politics 'difficult' because she feels her comments are 'relatively uncontroversial', a source told Elle.com's Carolyn Durand.

Harry and Meghan recorded podcast at luxury $400 an hour beachfront rental property 

Harry and Meghan recorded a podcast about teenage mental health at a luxury $400 an hour beach front rental property, DailyMail.com can reveal. They were photographed chatting to high school kids from Teenager Therapy in support of World Mental Health Day earlier this month. Harry and Meghan couple, speaking into microphones, were seen sitting on a sofa in front of a stone fireplace across from the teens. There was widespread speculation it gave another glimpse inside the couple's sprawling $14 million Montecito mansion. But the podcast episode was recorded at a rental property overlooking Miramar Beach in Montecito, a short drive from the royals' new home. The craftsman style house can be hired out for filming and photo shoots at $400 an hour for a minimum of three hours. Past shoots include Ralph Lauren, Serena and Lily, Free People, and an interview with Prince Harry and Meghan'.

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who is jail in New York awaiting trial on child sex trafficking and perjury charges, was questioned in July 2016, three months after being grilled for seven hours.

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward appears in court

Wag and businesswoman Dawn Ward, 47, (right) who lives in a £15million mansion with her husband, ex-premiership footballer Ashley Ward (together left), is accused of the racially-aggravated harassment of Jewish brothers Jake and Sam Jacobs at Euston Railway Station in London on October 29 last year. She has also been charged with possession of cocaine - a Class A drug. 

The Chancellor deployed the arrangement, meaning that he does not know how his assets are being invested, when he was made Chief Secretary to the Treasury in July last year.

You may want a quiet life, but your body has different ideas, gurgling, clicking and buzzing all day long. Here, Angela Epstein looks at the reasons behind your noisy body...

Carlos Vinodchandra Racitalal allegedly carried out the knife assaults in Belgrave, Leicester, by approaching from behind - similar to 'commando-type killings' seen in the movies, a court heard.

Chancellor is locked in a blame game with Education Secretary Gavin Williamson

Allies of Rishi Sunak (left) furiously hit out at suggestions that he was responsible for blocking the extension of the free school meals scheme last night. Instead, they pointed the finger at Gavin Williamson (right), the Education Secretary, who they insisted had not put forward a spending proposal for approval. It came as Mr Sunak became the target of online attack adverts which blamed him for the Government's refusal to perform a U-turn.

ANDREW PIERCE: Attacked by all sides, Rishi Sunak is paying price of popularity 

The events of the past 48 hours and the brutal attacks unleashed on social media will have bemused the former Goldman Sachs banker - but they certainly won't have fazed him, writes ANDREW PIERCE. If anything, they add yet more lustre to the legend that Sunak and his team are nurturing. Few voters had heard of Sunak when Boris Johnson promoted him to the second most powerful job in Government last February. His City career makes Sunak one of the wealthiest members of the Cabinet in his own right - with a £7 million London home, a £1.5 million estate in Yorkshire and a holiday home in California. He is also married to billionaire's daughter Akshata Murthy. That makes him an easy target for Labour apparatchiks such as Adam McNicholas with his One Rule For Them campaign (pictured).

The Runners Centre in Lancaster has barred local MP David Morris after he voted not to extend free school meals over half term, while The Globe, a pub in Pembrokeshire, has banned two Tory MPs.

More than 800 former judges and legal figures signed a letter calling on the Home Secretary, and Boris Johnson, to apologise for their 'hostility' toward the profession.

PIERS MORGAN: A phone call I received from a fired-up Trump should be a warning to

President Trump called me for a chat on Saturday. It was our first conversation since he unfollowed me on Twitter in April after I wrote a Mail column telling him to 'Shut the f*ck up Mr President,' because he suggested people should be injected with bleach to cure coronavirus. Since then, I have relentlessly hammered him for his woeful handling of the pandemic that has now led to over 220,000 Americans dying from Covid-19, by far the worst death toll in the world. So, when the White House switchboard rang to say 'Mr Morgan, we have the president for you', I was bracing myself for some full-bore Trump bombast of the 'loser!' and 'idiot!' type he unleashes on anyone who dares to criticize him. But instead, we ended up having a cordial free-rolling 25-minute exchange which gave me a fascinating insight into the mindset of the world's most powerful man as he heads into the biggest week of his life.

Donald Trump got his third Supreme Court Justice with just a week to go until election day, meaning the 48-year-old could be deciding on voting cases even before November 3.

President Donald Trump's policies can fix what Black people are 'complaining about,' White House adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner said Monday morning on 'Fox & Friends.'

Did you mean me, Joe? Trump puts the boot in after Jill Biden has to whisper his name under her breath when 'Sleepy' Joe tells virtual rally: 'We need to stop four more years of George' (but did he mean Bush Snr or Jnr?)

Donald Trump has mocked 'Sleepy' Joe Biden for forgetting who was the president and saying 'we need to stop four more years of George.' 'Joe Biden called me George yesterday. Couldn't remember my name. Got some help from the anchor to get him through the interview. The Fake News Cartel is working overtime to cover it up!' Trump tweeted this morning. Biden was last night addressing a virtual concert when he said: 'Four more years of George, er, George, er, he - we're going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we're going to be in a different world.' The 77-year-old appeared to receive a prompt from his wife Jill who was sitting beside him, muttering 'Trump' under her breath. Many speculated that Biden was thinking of George W. Bush, president from 2001-09, or perhaps George H.W. who was in office from 1989-93. The blunder will once again raise questions about the 77-year-old's mental capacity - a topic President Donald Trump has repeatedly referenced in the run-up to the election. 

Prince Azim, the sixth child of the Sultan of Brunei and fourth in line to the country's throne, died on Saturday at the age of 38 following 'prolonged treatment for a serious illness', state media said.

French researchers tracked more than 104,000 people over ten years, looking at how many sugary or sugar-free soft drinks they consumed.

Months after falling ill with the virus, puppeteer Matthew Corbett has had to move home

Sooty puppeteer Matthew Corbett first experienced symptoms of Covid-19 when he popped down to the cellar to fetch a bottle of wine on his birthday. As he came up the stairs on March 28, just days after the start of lockdown, the 72-year-old started to sweat, feel dizzy and was suddenly convinced there was a huge party going on in his home. Pictured: Matthew Corbett in 2015 (left) and with Sooty in 1990 (right).

Bank of England's chief economist has warned working from home full time poses a long-term threat to the economy as lack of interaction threatens creativity needed to 'fuel economic growth'.

Local MPs said Nottingham City, Gedling, Broxtowe and Rushcliffe - home to around 680,000 people - will be plunged into the harshest lockdown bracket from Thursday morning.

Coronavirus UK: Student fined £6,600 for failing to quarantine

Carys Ann Ingram, 22, (left) failed to quarantine on arrival to Jersey from Manchester on October 12, visiting a restaurant, a friend's house, and shopping, a court heard. She was seen in the seafront area of First Tower on the island and then at El Tico restaurant (right) in St Ouen's Bay, where she shared a pictured to her social media.

Two people for every million in the population are dying from Covid-19 in the UK and US every day. But the UK's seven day average is slightly higher, at 2.63 compared to 2.4.

Matt Hancock appeared in a video filmed during his visit to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. He did not wear a mask, despite Government guidance stating they 'are needed in NHS settings'.

Mark Drakeford says stores can use 'discretion' on non-essential items

Sales of all non-essential items have been banned under Wales's firebreak lockdown in a bid to discourage people from spending more time than necessary in shops and be fair to retailers who have to shut. However, the restrictions have caused outrage after alcohol is deemed 'essential' but school uniform, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers are not. And today, images from a Tesco store in Cardiff (left) showed a shelf stacked with baby formula milk by a sign saying 'non-essential' items cannot be sold. Mother-of-two Michelle Morgan-Davies, 31, (inset top) said: 'Formula milk is the definition of essential. Stirring up worry like this will only cause mums to panic buy in the shops that are selling it.' Another image showed sanitary products caged off from members of the public in a Tesco store today (right). Labour leader Mark Drakeford (inset bottom) and his team have risked compounding the chaos by saying that shops can now use their 'discretion'.

'Sorry to spoil the party': Moment a church service is stopped by police as worshippers are told they breaking strict lockdown rules in Wales

Churchgoers filled the packed church yesterday despite 'firebreak' rules banning gatherings including religious ceremonies from taking place. Naomi Mclennan filmed the moment officers entered the New Hope Community Church in Llanrumney, Cardiff, and told worshippers they had to leave. The video shows a police officer telling the congregation that members of the public have told them about the alleged breach of coronavirus regulations.

Level four measures cannot be ruled out by the Scottish government due to the 'level of concern' in the areas, according to a leaked letter to the council umbrella organisation Cosla.

Natalie Langham, 45, of Southampton, always had a packed social calendar but spiralled into despair when the nationwide coronavirus lockdown meant upcoming events were cancelled.

Moment police kick man out of Bluewater shopping centre for not wearing face mask despite his 'medical exemption'

The video shows a man accusing a Kent Police officer (right) of 'discrimination' as he is herded off the premises of Bluewater shopping centre in Dartford (bottom inset). The man, a musician known as Danny G (left), was filmed repeatedly offering to show his exemption to officers and security staff during the altercation last Thursday. However, they warn him he is 'trespassing' and say he 'needs to go' because he is 'an aggressive problem' who is 'disregarding a police officer'. Danny can be heard saying that he has a medical exemption for not wearing a face mask, which is mandatory in shopping centres and stores as well as licensed premises and hospitality venues, public transport, railway stations and airports. Official Covid-19 guidance provides legal exemptions from not wearing masks, and says that people with an 'age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering should not be routinely asked to give an written evidence of this'.

Downing Street today urged parents to show 'common sense' on Halloween this weekend as the Government said trick-or-treating can go ahead as long as people stick to coronavirus rules.

It suggests the group at highest risk of serious illness and death from the disease could be protected if given the jab. The health secretary said the UK could have a jab by Christmas.

It was the downfall of Frank Bough (and the wife who stood by him) that was such a tale of

Like Icarus in a Pringle sweater, he had flown too close to the sun. Or, to be precise, too close to the News of the World, which in 1988 revealed Frank Bough's participation, clad in female lingerie, in a string of parties featuring cocaine and prostitutes. And then, suddenly, he was no longer respectable and was gone from our screens for ever, although he was never abandoned by his faithful, long-suffering wife, Nesta (pictured together left circa 1980). Bough was the consummate broadcaster who emerged from a more gentle sporting age. Today, rolling news and sports coverage are wallpaper to our lives. But it was Bough, who died last week aged 87, (pictured recently, inset) and a handful of other presenters who blazed a trail in live TV with his ability to hold our attention through those long, wet afternoons.

The 7th Baron Feversham, 52-year-old Jasper Orlando Slingsby Duncombe, who lives in Wiltshire, was accused of driving his blue two-litre Audi without reasonable consideration.

A padded coat which can only be worn by babies for three months is on sale for an eye-watering £865 and has been described by designers Gucci as a 'hybrid style'.

BBC Breakfast Time Frank Bough death: What happened to the stars?

Following the death of Frank Bough, FEMAIL reveals what happened to the stars pictured in this photo (left) taken after the first episode of BBC Breakfast Time wrapped on 17 January 1983. Pictured: 1. US TV presenter Jane Pauley; 2. Weatherman Francis Wilson; 3. Newsreader Debbie Rix; 4. Future Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross; 5. Frank Bough, who died last week at the age of 87; 6. Co-presenter Selina Scott; 7. Sports news presenter-turned-conspiracy theorist David Icke; 8. TV astrologist Russell Grant.

Allan Isichei, 69, pictured, was stabbed to death after getting involved in a struggle with Gurjeet Lall, 36, as he was walking home from the pub in Southall, west London, in August last year.

Amy Wilks hired the recommended worker to re-plaster her kitchen, but he vanished three days into the project during the middle of the day, reported The Sun.

Storm the Andromeda! How our SBS heroes swooped on a group of 'hijackers' on an oil tanker

It was a ten-hour standoff at sea that culminated in nine minutes of ruthless, military precision. Special Boat Service commandos used a classic pincer movement to storm the Nave Andromeda. Two heavily-armed squads, wearing night vision goggles and thermal imaging equipment, rappelled down ropes from choppers at either end of the tanker before converging on seven Nigerian stowaways who quickly surrendered. As police continue to question the suspects, the Mail charts the build-up to Sunday night's flawless operation.

The fake camera appeared on Saturday on New Road in Bedhampton, Havant in Hampshire in a 30mph zone. But it had disappeared this morning, with just the drainpipe left behind.

Alexander Booth, 48, was sick of the frequent accidents on the busy stretch of B2149 outside his home in Bedhampton. He decided to set up a 'prank with a serious message'.

Facebook's new cloud gaming service is rolling out on desktop and Android. But Facebook Play VP Jason Rubin says 'our iOS path is uncertain,' as the company continues its beef with Apple.

Ex-paratrooper throws himself a world-record 131 feet from helicopter into the sea WITHOUT a parachute and survives unharmed

John 'The Flying Fish' Bream, 34, set a world record for highest freefall into water from an aircraft after leaping 131ft from a helicopter into the sea off Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, on Monday. Former paratrooper Mr Bream, who shares his surname with a freshwater fish, reached speeds of 75mph as he fell into the Solent's waters today. He said: 'If my arms were out when I landed then they would break.'

The carb-loaded treat, which has been introduced onto the fast food giant's menu in Japan for 290 yen (£2.12), has left Twitter users baffled dubbing it 'disgusting'.

A police investigation is under way after a 22-month-old baby girl was killed after being struck by a car on Eastcote Road's junction with Kings College Road, in Ruislip, at 4.15pm on October 25.

Butt out! Dog walker almost loses his trousers as cat attacks him and his pet after they stray too close to her kittens 

CCTV footage shows the man hoisting his pet off the ground as the cat launches her attack in the Bagcilar neighbourhood of Istanbul, Turkey. As the cat, who staff at the nearby cafe, have named Azrael, claws her way up the dog walker's body she pulls down his trousers and exposes his backside, while he struggles to keep his pet out of harm's way. The cat is thrown to the ground several times but continues leaping at the dog cradled in the man's arms. He manages to yank up his trousers and hold onto his pet before onlookers rush to his aid and see off the territorial feline.

Apple claims its new Ceramic Shield on its iPhone 12 lineup is 'tougher than any smartphone glass,' and Allstate put those claims to the test during its Breakability Drop Tests.

Jamie Foxx reveals his sister DeOndra Dixon has died at 36

Jamie Foxx has revealed his little sister, DeOndra Dixon, has died. She was 36-years-old. 'My heart is shattered into a million pieces... my beautiful loving sister Deondra has transitioned... I say transitioned because she will always be alive...,' Foxx wrote in an emotional Instagram tribute on Monday. Dixon is said to have passed away on Monday, October 19th, according to a source that informed PEOPLE .

Caitlin O'Reilly, 20, from Newcastle-under-Lyme, who killed herself in Manchester city centre last year was the daughter of one of Take That popstar Robbie Williams' close friends.

Relatives of the 90-year-old grandmother released shocking images of the injuries she sustained from another resident at her Greater Manchester care home.

CCTV footage captures the dangers posed by throwing away dead batteries with rubbish or recycling, with one clip showing a worker jumping back from an explosion at a UK recycling centre.

Hugh Grant's a tired old plodder... but Nicole Kidman is a real thriller: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews The Undoing

You have to wonder why Hugh Grant does it. The 60-year-old has been declaring airily for decades that he detests acting, writes CHRISTOPHER STEVENS. It's his favourite headline-grabber whenever an interview is flagging. 'I hate it quite a lot, all acting,' he bragged to Vanity Fair back in 2003, and last year he was still saying it - telling fellow thesp Matthew McConaughey: 'It's so boring. I'm a miserable human being on a film set.' What he particularly loathes, he says, is the way 'I repeated myself almost identically about 17 times in a row'. Yet here he is again (main alongside Nicole Kidman), in The Undoing (Sky Atlantic), playing a loveably flustered Englishman. The drama is pacy, suspenseful and resists the temptation to leap back and forwards through the story, instead letting events build to nerve-racking cliffhangers. Whether she's fussing with the food blender, power-walking to a meeting or just taking a shower, Miss Kidman (also pictured right) cannot be bettered as the ultra-competitive mother who cannot switch off her perfectionist instincts.

Researchers from the US and Australia mapped out the blade-like coral mount - the first to be discovered in some 120 years - off the coast of Cape York on October 20.

Self-cloning mutant crayfish are invading a Belgian cemetery. The marbled crayfish produces asexually, allowing populations to grow rapidly that can destroy the local biodiversity.

JAN MOIR hands out her own gongs for morning TV shows

JAN MOIR: Some naysayers claim daytime is a cultural desert, a place where brain cells go to die. According to the comedian Michael McIntyre, daytime television is a wasteland of Activia yoghurts, Michael Bublé and anti-chafing cream - and let's just hope that these three things are in no way related. The reality, however, is that much-mocked daytime television is booming - attracting bigger and bigger audiences far beyond the stereotypical bored housewives drinking gin from their teacups and jobless graduates. However, is just one measly Bafta enough to reflect the many splendours of daytime TV? It rather smacks of tokenism. That's why I have introduced my very own JANNIES (Jan's Academy of Nobodies Nattering In Entertainment Siberia) to honour this world. (Pictured left: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield; top centre: Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones - presenters of the BBC's new show, Morning Live; top right, Lorraine Kelly; bottom centre: A Place In The Sun host Jasmine Harman; bottom right: Judge Rinder.)

Campbells Recovery, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, were called to the scene after the farmer found the lovers in a parked car on his field. He fined the couple £50 for parking on his land.

The father, in his late 50s, and his two sons, in their 20s, were found dead at Assolas near Kanturk, County Cork, at around 6.30am on Monday.

Rhiannon Hall, 21, was struck by the car in Cheam, Surrey, while walking near a junction during a 'rare night out' with friends on October 16 at about 10.15pm

Father accused of murdering baby daughter didn't tell police he fell on top of her, court

Michael Roe (right), 33, said he landed hard on eight-week-old Holly Roe (left with her mother Tiffany Tate) around an hour before calling paramedics. He only told police six months after her death as he was scared of what people would say, Lewes Crown Court in Hove heard. Post-mortem examinations found premature Holly suffered at least three separate brain injuries and 12 rib fractures before she died. Roe, 33, and his former partner Tate (left and top inset), 22, both deny murdering Holly. They are both also accused of allowing the other to kill her.

Venetian plague island at the home of the world's first quarantines

The island of Poveglia has been deserted and closed to visitors for decades, its dilapidated hospital buildings frozen in time, its imposing fort now abandoned and its rumoured mass graves still hidden. Its grisly past covers both the thousands of plague victims thought to have died there and the lobotomies reputed to have occurred there when the hospital served as a mental asylum in the 1920s. The island at the gateway to Venice was one of those used to shield the city from the plagues which wiped out millions over the centuries, most notably in the 1340s Black Death which killed as much as half of Europe's population.

A window was destroyed and walls blackened in the mysterious attack on the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin on Sunday morning, although nobody was injured.

A video shared online showed a crowd of ravers ignore social distancing rules to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a packed London venue in front of a live DJ.

Researchers at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) found the majority of people were seeing the same number of friends than before the rules came in.

Jean-Francois Delfraissy, who leads France's Covid response, and Dr. Eric Caumes, a senior medic a Paris hospital, say the country has 'lost control' of the virus as daily case totals soar.

The airplane meals have quickly turned into a hit with 1,600 of them sold within days at a supermarket located near Finnair's main hub - Helsinki Airport.

Footwear retailer Clarks is now yet another high street chain being hammered by the coronavirus crisis, with fears around 50 of its 345 UK stores could be shut as it battles to survive.

The footage shows a fight between two groups of people at the Shell garage in Manchester Street, Oldham, in Greater Manchester - a 'very high risk' area for coronavirus.

WARNING GRAPH CONTENT: A morgue worker from the Siberian city of Novokuznetsk captured footage of bodies piled high in corridors and a dissection room as the Covid second wave hits.

Adorable moment a butterfly lands on the end of Titan the Doberman's snout 

The 13-year-old dog, called Titan, stands in his backyard as the curious insect flies round his head in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Footage shows Titan, a rescued brown Doberman, holding his head still as the orange butterfly lands on the tip of his nose. His owner says: 'Titan be good' as the dog throws his head back and tries to bite the insect in midair. The curious butterfly doesn't seem to mind the huge animal, and continues to hover round it, landing occasionally.



Meryl Streep's 'racist' nephew, 31, is filmed allegedly beating Hispanic student, 18, in American road rage attack

Footage obtained by DailyMail.com shows the road rage attack Meryl Streep's nephew launched on David Peralta, 18, in East Hampton on August 24. The teenager was hospitalized with severe head trauma and needed emergency surgery after the altercation. The video shows Peralta bringing Streep down with a judo-style shoulder throw, but heavier Streep quickly regains control of the situation. Streep can be seen putting Peralta in a choke hold, then dragging him from the ground while the younger man hangs limp and unconscious. Streep then hoists Peralta's body upwards before throwing him back down with some force. When Peralta regained consciousness, he was bruised and bloodied on the ground and Streep was already returning to his own vehicle. Streep was seen for the first time last month since the incident on the balcony of his New York apartment in trendy SoHo. Peralta gave his first account of the alleged attack an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, saying the 31-year-old was 'racist'. Streep has been charged with felony counts of second-degree assault and second-degree strangulation and released on a $5,000 bail.

Marion Holmes, 78, has finally won justice for her husband, Peter Holmes, who was a respected postmaster in Jesmond, Newcastle, before the Post Office Horizon scandal 'destroyed' his good name.

The suspected Kurdish militant detonated an explosive device and blew themselves up in the town of Iskenderun in the southern province of Hatay, near Turkey's border with Syria.

West Midlands Police wish to find David Williams, pictured, after he was reported missing from home the day before his mother's body was discovered inside her flat in Coventry.

Abdulrahman Elbayouk, 26, was off-duty from his shift on the Covid ward of the North Manchester General Hospital when he drove to see a patient on Saturday night.

Brother of Family Fortunes contestant reveals his sister's X-rated answer to 'something you put in your mouth but don't swallow' (and - yes - it was the rude word most viewers guessed) 

Kash Popat, of Harrow, pictured, a contestant on ITV's Family Fortunes, left everyone speechless after her answer to 'something you put in you mouth but don't swallow' was bleeped on the family friendly show last night. Shocked viewers took to Twitter to try to decipher her reply. And even Kash herself seemed shocked at the answer she'd blurted out.

The 40-year-old wolf enclosure at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark will temporarily serve as a playground for children before becoming a part of the elephant and antelope open area.

Shocking moment bus smashes into SUV in massive crash after car driver pulls out in front of double decker on quiet road

Two people were rushed to hospital after a Range Rover appeared to pull out of a junction and smash into the front of a bus in Burnley on Sunday afternoon. Dashcam footage shows a blue SUV pulling onto the A682 Manchester Road just after 1pm yesterday. The vehicle is spun 180 degrees after colliding with the double decker bus, which is sent careering into a nearby wall. Two air ambulances were sent to the scene, while a wife of the bus driver said he is 'beaten up but breathing'.

Increased electric car costs would ultimately price many potential buyers out of switching to a low-emissions vehicles and burst the recent boom in demand for plug-in cars, the SMMT claims.

Police are called to Luton mosque after huge row erupts involving up to 300 worshippers inside building

Six police cars arrived at the Jalalabad Jame Masjid Mosque on Leagrove Road in Luton, Befordshire, to quell the disturbance on Friday afternoon. Footage of police breaking up the altercation emerged on social media on Monday. The video (main) shows many worshippers shouting as they flout social distancing rules by mingling close together during the altercation.

Victims have been sent an email from a figure calling themselves 'ransom-man', demanding 200 euros paid in Bitcoin to keep the records secret, or else they will be leaked online - with 2,000 released so far.

The seven-year-old canine, nicknamed Dou Dou, was forgotten by the Chinese family when they stopped at the motorway facility for a break, according to reports. It came home 26 days later.

Diners share dishes they've been served that look VERY different from the restaurants'

Unimpressed diners from around the world have shared very misleading PR images (pictured top row) found at eateries, along with the disgusting dishes (pictured bottom row) they were actually served. One example includes a cheese plate which promised an array of items artistically displayed - but only included four meats slapped onto a board and a Babybel. Collated by Bored Panda, another photograph showed a juicy-looking grilled salmon next to the burnt version the customer was actually given.

One shopper from Manchester, known as Apostropheman, took to the upmarket grocer's website to complain about the description of a £2.45 shrimp paste, which used the term  'stir fry's'.

Former BHS owner Dominic Chappell today declared his purchase of the firm from tycoon Sir Philip Green for £1 was 'a life-changing catastrophe'. He denies cheating the public revenue.

The comedian warned in a new episode of The Sarah Silverman Podcast that 'people go towards love' and in the case of her friend Christian Picciolini, that love came from a neo-Nazi group.

'It's gonna be a tough day': Moment US Amazon deliveryman falls over TWICE on the same slippery porch as he attempts to leave two packages

Surveillance video from a home dated Friday shows an Amazon worker slipping and falling twice as he attempts a package drop-off at a US home. He also staggers to the floor of the porch, moaning in pain and cursing. As he finally leaves the packages at the door, he says: 'Might be broken. That's your problem now.'

Gerhard Schindler warned that Chinese technology is now so advanced that Germany cannot tell if it is being used for sinister purposes (pictured, Angela Merkel and Xi Jinping in Beijing).

Katie Poole from Toronto, Canada was hungover on October 17 when she ordered McDonald's for delivery. She ordered a burger but inadvertently customized it to have nothing except ketchup.

Simon Finch, 50, is accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act by unlawfully recorded confidential information and then making disclosing that detail.

Lady, who was named so after being mistaken for a hen, is a loud rooster whose owner Eliza Carthy from Robin Hood's Bay received a noise complaint on account of his crowing.

Black Lives Matter 'anti-racism' demonstrations erupted in Britain and across other Western societies in June after the killing of unarmed black US man George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Liane Wells, 32, who lives in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, with her husband Ashley, 34, purchases yellow sticker discounted foods and batch cooks meals to reduce their expenses.

Ring enthusiasts left in stitches over ring hiding a very naughty prince design

A woman from Oklahoma has shared a picture of a bizarre piece of jewellery with the Facebook group That's It, I'm Ring Shaming, featuring a very rude interpretation of The Frog Prince. The seemingly normal ring was adorned with a golden frog carved on its top. However, a cheeky design of a prince with an erect penis could be found underneath the frog when the ring was shown upside-down (right). .

Mckenzi Platt-Barnes was reported missing from his home in Eccles, Salford. He was last seen wearing black Nike jogging bottoms, a black Next coat and possibly had 'scruffy looking' trainers on.

Janeen Pugh, 48, chased her husband Wayne out of the property in Beddau, South Wales, and slashed him once on the hand with a kitchen knife on April 9, a court heard. She was jailed for 25 months.

Revolting footage shows the white worms squirming in a bowl after they were removed from Mr Wan, a sports lover in his 60s. Doctors believed he had been bitten by bugs carrying parasitic larvae.

An 11-year-old girl has died in hospital four days after she was hit by a car in Coventry. The girl was rushed to hospital last Thursday after she struck down by a Toyota Verso.

The NYPD is investigating the new accusation from the woman, now 61, as a first-degree criminal sexual act, which has no statute of limitations. Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence.

House that once belonged to Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers goes on the market for

A house that once belonged to the author of Mary Poppins for more than 15 years has gone on the market for £3.5million (pictured bottom left: The exterior of the property). Pamela Lyndon Travers lived in the Grade II listed home in London's upmarket Chelsea area between 1946 and 1962. The five bedroom property (pictured top left: A living room area) even has a blue plaque, added in 2018, to mark it as the one-time home of the much-loved children's author (pictured top right: The plaque outside the property), who wrote the classic children's books featuring the magical English nanny (pictured centre: Mary Poppins). After leaving her Smith Street home in 1962, Ms Travers moved a stone's throw away to nearby Shawfield Street - which went on the market last year priced at £4.4million. As well five bedrooms, the 18th century home features a large private garden, with lots of character throughout the house such as a fireplace in the lounge (pictured bottom right) and a vaulted entrance between two of the rooms.

David Henderson, 66, was due to fly the Argentinian striker but was replaced by stand-in pilot David Ibbotson who was not qualified to fly the plane from Nantes to Cardiff on January 21, 2019.

Oligarch German Khan worth £10bn, is angry that 'urban explorers' keep breaking into the sprawling Virginia Water mansion bought for £26million in his wife's name six years ago and told them to stop.

West Midlands Police Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, pictured, is funding a £60,000 project to help break the chain of drug offenders committing new crimes by using education.

Figures from the London School of Economics show four in 10 pupils still aren't receiving the same number of teaching hours as they had pre-pandemic, as disparity between state and private schools grows.

Experts from the US discovered evidence of the system - dating back to more than 2,000 years ago - in Corriental reservoir in the city of Tikal, northern Guatemala.

'Operation Driver Insured' will kick off today, running until 1 November, and see increased policing to detect and seize uninsured vehicles that are being used across the whole of the UK.

I was charged £1,400 by British Airways after I had to change my flights to Orlando. However, after I tried to get a refund as the flights were cancelled, I was told I had to pay a £600 penalty fare.

A staff member of the Linnanmaki Sea Life centre in Helsinki appeared on This Morning today and told that a grouper fish called Mikko was left 'depressed' after eating his friends.

People from around the world have been sharing the humorous snaps of the men who are bored stiff on shopping trips, with Instagram account @Miserable_Men collating the very best.

Ice and fire: Stunning image of volcanic eruption tempest among photographs shortlisted

This year's prestigious Siena International Photo Awards have provided some stunning shots from around the world. One of the most breathtaking among the collection shows a volcanic eruption tempest in Chile, illuminated by lightning as a huge plume of ash reaches up into the sky and over a forest. In another, Seals weave in and out of a floating iceberg in Antarctica, a dog and New York's Flat Iron building are reflected perfectly in a puddle, and a small fish protects himself by hiding inset a jellyfish. Snapper Greg Lecoeur won overall photo of the year at the prestigious Siena International Photo Awards 2020 with his picture, Frozen Mobile Home.

Jess Johnson, from Nantwich in Cheshire, paid for a private scan so her fiance David Lewis could see their baby after not being allowed into hospital appointments with her due to coronavirus restrictions.

While landlords must still pay a 3 per cent surcharge they can benefit from the underlying tax cut

Designed in a beautiful lavender field design the £22.99 Bobolyn Lavender Essential Oil Diffuser will help your home smell like a spa, helping you feel relaxed and calm whilst working from home.

Feline confused? Amusing footage of a 'stubborn' cat running the wrong way down an escalator is watched by millions

The moggy, spotted in the Chinese city of Suzhou, spent a few minutes trying to descend the moving stairway which was heading up, according to the eyewitness who filmed the footage. A 25-second clip of the cat's funny action has amassed more than six million clicks since it was posted online yesterday. Impressed viewers have flocked to share the philosophy they learned from the short clip.



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The wrong kind of birdie! Cheeky magpie keeps knocking golfer's ball off the tee as he tries to take his shot

Golfer Charlie Smith, 30, trying to line up his drive at Bromley Golf Centre, on aptly named Magpie Lane in Kent, but a cheeky bird has other plans. Footage shows the magpie laying claim to the tee box at the sixth hole, and repeatedly pecking the ball off every time the golfer tries to put it on the peg. A bemused Smith warns the magpie to behave, but the bird has no interest in obeying in the video taken on October 10.

Viewers are left 'in bits' after pianist, 80, with dementia who went viral with an improvised tune using four notes has his song performed by BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

Paul Harvey, 80, from Sussex, pictured, was visibly overwhelmed after hearing his moving piece played by BBC Philharmonic (top inset) - and broke down in tears (right) after he was surprised with a video message from his hero, fellow composer Stephen Sondheim. The emotional segment moved BBC Breakfast hosts Louise Minchin and Dan Walker to tears (bottom inset), while dozens of viewers took to Twitter admitting they were in floods at 6:25am. 'Paul's Tune' will be released as charity single next week with the proceeds going to two charities - the Alzhiemer's Society and Music for Dementia.


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