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US confirms that Iran has shot down one of its spy drones, as Tehran says its is 'ready

Iranian commander Hossein Salami (inset) declared his men were 'ready for war,' as the downing of the aircraft over its 'red lines' sent 'a clear message' to the Americans. Tehran alleged an RQ-4 Global Hawk (bottom right) was shot down over their southern coastal city of Hormozgan (top right), but a U.S. official said it had been a Navy MQ-4C Triton (left) in international airspace. A highly sophisticated missile will have been deployed, of deep concern to Washington not only for Tehran's patently advanced arsenal, but the secrets it could steal in examining the stricken drone. The MQ-4C soars to over 50,000ft, can be operated from 9,400 miles away and is loaded with optical/infrared sensors - it is believed to be the first time one has been taken out. It comes amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington over U.S. economic sanctions and alleged Iranian attacks on shipping in the Straits of Hormuz. Salami - head of the Revolutionary Guard - said Iran's borders 'represent our red line.' Tehran's response to the drone was 'a clear message' from the 'defenders of the borders' of Iran, Salami told the Tasnim news agency. Iran will 'respond to all foreign aggression and our reaction is, and will be, categorical and absolute.' U.S. military officials said Iran fired a missile at another drone last week that responded to the attack on two oil tankers near the Gulf of Oman.

John Worboys pleads guilty at the Old Bailey to drugging four more women

A former taxi driver today pleaded guilty to drugging four women in order to sexually assault them. John Derek Radford, previously known as John Worboys, is accused of targeting women who hailed his cab. The defendant appeared at the Old Bailey today charged with two counts of administering a stupefying or overpowering drug with intent to commit rape or indecent assault. He was further charged with two counts of administering a substance with intent to commit a sexual offence under the Sexual Offences Act.

Karl Morris, 38, who goes by the name Andrew, stabbed himself five times and leapt out of a third-floor window in the early hours of November 11 last year at a flat in Coupar Angus, Perthshire.

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Vulnerable: The £21,500 DS 3 Crossback was one of four cars Thatcham Research says is 'poor' at resisting keyless car theft

Latest security ratings for seven models you can buy in showrooms today have been released by Thatcham Research, an independent automotive research centre.

Amanda Platell gave her verdict on reversing the signs of aging with fillers. She visited nurse practitioner Lee Garrett at the Garrett Clinic in Harley Street for £4,400 fillers that last up to two years.

Chris Mallon had just married his bride Avril (pictured together in Scotland when he suffered a 'significant brain injury' after plunging onto a paved area.

Tory leadership: Johnson plots to knock out Gove with 'dirty tricks'

Boris Johnson's allies have been accused of an 'Oxford Union knifing' of Michael Gove (picture left at his London home today) amid claims dirty tricks are being deployed to get him out of the Tory leader battle. As MPs started voting in the crucial fourth round of the contest, the favourite's outriders have been accused of plotting to lend votes to Sajid Javid to settle old scores with Mr Gove. The extraordinary scheming comes as Jeremy Hunt (pictured right out running), Mr Gove and Mr Javid scramble to woo supporters of Rory Stewart - who was dramatically ousted from the contest last night. The field will be whittled down to two by the end of the day - with the party membership then getting to decide the winner. But many MPs are angry about the 'psychodrama' between Mr Johnson (pictured centre leaving home today) and Mr Gove - whose rivalry stretches back to when they were at Oxford together.

Rory Stewart was eliminated from the Tory leadership race yesterday after he lost the support of 10 MPs and finished with 27 votes. He said today he will not be endorsing any of his rivals.

SIMON WALTERS: Rory Stewart's decision to rip off his tie in the middle of Tuesday's Tory leadership TV hustings turned out to be a flamboyant gesture too far for the Tory leadership hopeful.

Royal Ascot Ladies' Day gets off to a glamorous start this morning

NEW Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot is one of the most glamorous occasions in the British social calendar and racegoers certainly did not disappoint as they kicked off the day's festivities this morning. Crisp white frocks (left), daring hemlines (centre) and extravagant headpieces (right) were all on show as hundreds of well-heeled revellers descended on the Berkshire racecourse for the third day of the meet.

Mike Tindall, 40, who removed his top hat to reveal a miniature replica tucked inside at Royal Ascot on Tuesday, has revealed it was made of chocolate and was a gift for his daughter Mia.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson has revealed that Prince Charles is closer to his niece Zara Tindall, 38, who he has 'always been very supportive and affectionate towards', than his daughters-in-law.

Body language expert reveals what your SLEEP says about you - and it's far more than you

Body language expert Annabel Knight, interpreted a series of the most common sleep styles (pictured). She revealed those who often sleep in the sky dive position (bottom left), use their free-spirited exterior to disguise their insecurities and need for control. Annabel says those who sleep in the baby style (bottom centre) are natural worriers and should practice mindfulness.

Sarina Saul-Hassam suffered the burn during an appointment at Blow Dry Express in Canary Wharf, London in December 2017. Colleagues asked her: 'What on earth has happened to your face?'

Abbie Lewis took her daughter Darcie, two, and her niece Aria, also two, to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Park in Lenwade, Norfolk, for a fun day out. But she had to pay for Darcie and not for Aria.

Emiliano Sala: North Yorkshire man arrested on suspicion of manslaughter

Dorset Police have held David Henderson, 64, from York, (main picture) on suspicion of manslaughter by an unlawful act following the doomed flight from Nantes to Cardiff on January 21 this year. The plane containing Mr Sala's body was found on February 4 - 220ft down on the seabed off Alderney (inset) - but the pilot David Ibbotson (bottom right) has never been located. Mr Henderson had been asked by British football 'super agent' Willie McKay to take Sala, 28, (top right) to Wales after he completed his £15million transfer to the Premier League. But he then drafted in Mr Ibbotson, a boiler engineer and part-time pilot from Lincolnshire who was not qualified to carry paying passengers and should not have been flying at night or in bad weather. Mr Henderson had been feared dead after the flight plan for the doomed plane named him as the pilot. He was then forced to post a Facebook message the next day stating that rumours of his death were untrue and his friend had taken the controls instead. Detective Inspector Simon Huxter, of Dorset Police, the force leading the investigation because it is where Mr Sala's body was brought ashore, said last night: 'We have to consider whether there is any evidence of any suspected criminality and as a result of our inquiries we have arrested a 64-year-old man from the North Yorkshire area on suspicion of manslaughter by an unlawful act.' He has been bailed.

The changes, the first of their kind anywhere in the world, were due to come into force on July 15, requiring porn sites by law to carry out 'robust age-verification checks on users.'

The amount plus details of the alleged incident have been made public in a complaint filed by Laquana Morris aka Layla Lace against her New York attorney, TheBlast.com reported Wednesday.

Ryanair passenger was branded a 'lesbo', 'd**e' and b***h' by rowdy men

Laura Muldoon (right) took to Twitter to post a photograph of the group she alleges made the remarks. She was flying from Stansted to Seville, Spain at 12.27pm yesterday. Ms Muldoon - who works as the social media manager at the Museum of London - sarcastically tweeted: 'First holiday snap! Of this bunch of lads who chanted that I was a 'miserable b***h', 'd**e' and 'lesbo' (very well observed!) on @Ryanair flight 12.27 from Stansted to Seville today. Oh yeah, flight crew did nothing. #holidayvibes #outofofficeon #rainontheplane.' Pictured, left: The men on the flight.

Dany Cotton, 50, took over as London Fire Brigade Commissioner in January 2017 - six months before the worst blaze for a generation in Britain tore through the tower block in Kensington killing 72.

Musician, Sarah Hughes, 28 from Gloucestershire, earns almost £8,000 a month from writing and creating advertising jingles, despite working four days a week for just a few hours.

Is this the death of Venice? Colossal cruise ships towering over St Mark's Square

Residents in Venice are protesting against the 'scourge' of massive cruise ships which call into their city on a daily basis disgorging thousands of tourists who only buy bottles of water. Thousands of people took to St Mark's Square to demonstrate against the ships after one of the vessels crashed into a wharf after losing control. Locals complain Venice's fragile lagoon is not capable of dealing with the massive vessels.

Terrible reviews didn't stop Murder Mystery from becoming a smash hit with audiences over its opening weekend, according to the film's producer-distributors, Netflix.

Jeannette Kupfermann argues modern weddings are more focused on allowing the couple to 'star' in their Big Day than being accommodating to guests. She recounts getting pneumonia after one event

Jack Shepherd was jailed for six years over the death of 24-year-old Charlotte Brown, who was thrown from his boat when it capsized on the River Thames during their first date in December 2015.

Michaela Westoby, 27, of Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorkshire, was attacked by 24-year-old Paul Oliver in July 2017, leaving her with a 3-inch gash which needed 30 stitches.

STEPHEN GLOVER: All pretence has gone. This Tory leadership 'debate' was rigged - and it hopelessly exposed BBC bias

STEPHEN GLOVER: After the fiasco of the BBC's leadership debate on Tuesday evening, it was still just about possible to think that what happened was more cock-up than conspiracy. One could believe, admittedly with a certain amount of effort, that the shambles was due to poor planning, and that there had been no intention to make the five Conservative candidates look stupid, shifty and disagreeable. But in the aftermath of the programme it has become irrefutable that it was rigged against the Tories. The question is to what degree this was deliberate.

The five-way BBC debate earlier this week has been widely condemned after it emerged one of the 'ordinary voters' posting questions was an imam who had previously posted vile tweets about Israel.

Woman became hooked on booze aged 13 and drank 200 units a week

Aoife Bell, (pictured while she was still drinking, left and right; and inset, as a child) from Walthamstow, north London, began drinking vodka in the park as soon as she entered her teens to cope with being painfully shy. Shockingly, the 24-year-old has been left with permanent brain damage, a scarred bladder and memory issues after her years of binge drinking. Ms Bell said she slipped into her addiction despite coming from a loving home and being an academic success - achieving three As at A-level.

British pro wrestler Adrian 'Lionheart' McCallum dies aged 36

The 36-year-old former world champion (left and right) posted a cryptic final message (inset) to his 14,000 Twitter followers seemingly foreshadowing his own death. 'One day you will eat your last meal, you will hug your friend for the last time', he said. 'You might not know it's the last time, that's why you must do everything you love with passion.' The chilling message is a quote from Ricky Gervais' Netflix comedy 'After Life' and was said by Gervais' character, Tony Johnson, while he mourns the death of his wife. Lionheart, from Ayr, Scotland, had been a top wrestler for the last 10 years and was the wrestling firm's current world heavyweight champion. It is unclear where he died, and his cause of death is not known.

The electronic display on a Huawei mobile wifi device, in London.

The intervention by Mr Strayer is the latest in a series of US attacks on plans that could see Huawei allowed access to 'non-core' parts of the new UK 5G network.

The research was led by a team at the Paris Hospital, Versailles, France. It involved more than 143,500 participants. The results were published in the journal Stroke.

The Duchess of Cambridge's brother, 32, took to his Instagram account on Wednesday to share a picture of his stolen bike, which has a large box large enough for his nine dogs attached.

Grandmother is handed £150 fine for littering after feeding a piece of her sausage roll to

Grandmother Sally-Ann Fricker (left in left main) was caught throwing a piece of her sausage roll to a pigeon (bottom right, stock image). Her daughter Toni Bradley said that 'seconds later' an enforcement officer handed her mother a £150 fine for littering (right in left main). Bath and North East Somerset Council said anyone caught littering faced a £150 fixed penalty (top right).

The party's deputy leader stepped up his campaign to force a shift in its current confused position after a shadow cabinet meeting failed to move it wholly in a direction pro-EU members wished.

The 52-year-old died at Royal Sussex County Hospital four days after he was punched in the face in Bognor Regis and then fell forward, hitting his face on the floor.

The mountain, Ahuna Mons, may be evidence of a mud bubble from deep inside the planet that froze over after breaching the surface, NASA says. It was observed by the Dawn mission.

Tall people share their everyday struggles

It isn't always easy being the tallest in the room! In a hilarious new online gallery compiled by BoredPanda, tall people from across the world reveal the amusing struggles they face on a daily basis as a result of their height. Pictured clockwise from top left: A mother has to stand on a table to hug her tall son; a lad has to kneel down to use his kitchen sink; a couple have a Yellow Pages moment; a tall man shows off his flexibility during a passport photoshoot; a tall lad comes up with an ingenious way to fix his short mirror problem; an irritated tall colleague asks for the fragrance dispenser to be moved so he no longer 'tastes' it.

Davina McCall, 51, and hairdresser boyfriend Michael Douglas, 45, make first public outing

Davina McCall and her celebrity hairdresser beau Michael Douglas have been pictured together for the first time since their romance was revealed last month.  The new couple, who were friends for years before embarking on a romance, were spotted leaving the star-studded premiere of Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle's new film Yesterday on Tuesday night. While Davina, 50, walked the red carpet solo in London's Leicester Square earlier in the evening, she later reunited with Michael, 45, as they left the cinema.

A bride-to-be, thought to be from the UK, said she was left feeling 'hurt and upset' after she found out through her sister-in-law that her sister's son would not be coming to her wedding.

Former Interpol chief 'pleads guilty' to taking £1.65million in bribes in China

Mong Hongwei, ex-Interpol chief who disappeared during a visit to China from his home in Lyon, France, last year before turning up in detention has pleaded guilty to corruption, state media claims.

A tape of Khashoggi's final moments reveals how his killers discussed cutting his body into pieces, before accosting the writer who died amid 'sounds of a struggle' at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Ousted Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi who collapsed and died in court was 'killed', declares Turkey's President Erdogan today. The Egyptian president died during his trial on Monday.

Emotional moment Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg called her daughter - a former sex slave in the US cult Nxivm - to reveal its founder had been found guilty

It took just four hours of deliberation for a jury to find Nxivm founder Keith Raniere (left) guilty on all counts. He now faces life in prison after being convicted of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and attempted sex trafficking. 'Guilty, guilty on all charges,' a beaming Catherine Oxenberg (center) told her daughter and cult recruit India (pictured with her mother, right). It was Catherine who initially took India to a meeting for a Nxivm motivational course back in 2011 after her daughter wanted to try her hand at being an entrepreneur. India was then allegedly lured into the secretive DOS group by Allison Mack (right inset), turning over 'collateral' to show her devotion and having her diet restricted to just 500 calories a day so that she could weigh 107 pounds, according to court records. Another of Raniere's lieutenants, Clare Bronfman (left inset), will be sentenced later this year after agreeing to plea deals. India was then allegedly lured into the secretive DOS group by Allison Mack (left inset), turning over 'collateral' to show her devotion and having her diet restricted to just 500 calories a day so that she could weigh 107 pounds, according to court records. Another of Raniere's lieutenants, Clare Bronfman (right inset), will be sentenced later this year after agreeing to plea deals.

Damage to serotonin production was seen on brain imaging. King's College London said it was an 'excellent marker' for the disease which takes hold of the brain years before symptoms show.

Mandy Francis taste tested a selection of the most popular vegan treats including Magnum Vegan Classic and Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Ice Cream Mini Cups.

Ian Hitchcock, 52, was being treated at the Royal Derby Hospital for cancer when he contracted listeria after eating a sandwich last week which later killed him.

The 17-year-old secretly filmed his teacher on a smartphone telling him off and then posted the clip online, claiming the heated exchange followed him being kicked out of class in Aberdeenshire.

Use a fork to shell a prawn and prepare a lobster with a TOWEL: The 'life-changing' peeling tricks guaranteed to save you time in the kitchen

On Wednesday, a new 'hack' for how to peel garlic took the world by storm. Twitter user @VPestilenZ shared the quick method for removing all the cloves from the head of garlic with a paring knife and before long the clip had been shared thousands of times. But that's not the only peeling trick home foodies swear by for saving time in the kitchen. A new food preparation video has now been shared by Blossom on Instagram featuring several tips that will make prepping much easier.

Water in the Chembarambakkam Lake near Chennai has nearly vanished, and three other reservoirs that supply the area have also shrunk. Millions have been left running out of water.

A spate of small earthquakes in Southern California is giving seismologists yet another opportunity to remind residents that they must always be prepared for the next big event.

NEW Michelle Lowe from Wales took to Facebook to share with other parents how she uses Aunt Jackie's de-tangling conditioner, combined with the Denman D90 Tangle Tamer brush and argan oil.

Shocking moment Yorkshire schoolboy admits he's no longer afraid of gunshots because he's 'used to it'

A new BBC3 documentary sees reporter Mobeen Azhar (pictured right) visit his hometown of Huddersfield to investigate the police shooting of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub on the M62 in January 2017. The killing of the alleged drug dealer sparked protests in the West Yorkshire town. While there, Mobeen is shocked when a double stabbing and shooting takes place right by where he grew up. He's then stunned when a local schoolboy (pictured left) tells him he's used to hearing gunshots and stabbings occuring because that's 'life' in Huddersfield.

Amir Qureshi, based at University Hospital Southampton, claims to have witnessed an 'influx' of knee injuries in recent years, partly due to a rise in popularity of the 'couch to 5k' mentality.

Mark Beggs said his daughter Joanna was on a DART train to Dublin when she was ignored by fellow commuters. The 16-year-old was left to sit on the floor while adjusting her leg brace.

Sitting with his legs outstretched in the popular Place de Brouckère in Brussels, the man happily soaks up the atmosphere before the UEFA Euro Qualifiers clash.



Couple 'devastated' after their £850,000 Norfolk Broads cottage develops a severe tilt

Ken Pitts and wife Gail, both in their 60s, discovered their idyllic thatched home on the River Bure in Horning, Norfolk had developed a severe tilt (pictured, main) around three months ago. The couple have now been forced to move out of their home of 17 years (pictured, inset in 2016) while they wait to find out whether it will have to be demolished. Today Mr Pitts said there had been no warning signs before the west side of their home started to sink and that it simply happened 'overnight', leaving them 'devastated'. Neighbours said the 1970s-built cottage started sinking shortly after it was re-thatched because wooden pile foundations had broken under the weight. Signs have been erected around the property reading 'Danger; Unsafe.' The three-bedroom house has a large garden with a river frontage, allocated boat mooring and fishing opportunities. It also includes a master bedroom, well-equipped kitchen and light and airy sitting room leading out onto a large riverside sundeck.

Hong Kong activists are preparing for another demonstration as today's 5pm deadline approaches for the city's leader to respond to demands of protesters who have shaken the city with rallies.

Concerns have been raised about the difficulty of operating the Boeing 737 Max's trim wheel system, which is a manual crank that can help change the angle of the jet's nose.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Footage of two men hurling rocks at a dazed and injured brown bear cub in northern Iran has sparked outrage after it was posted on social media.

Martin Griffiths (pictured) has become the health service's first clinical director for violence reduction after setting up a service for young patients injured through gang crime in London.

Rich kids of Switzerland show off luxurious lifestyles with snaps of designer bags and

While Switzerland faces losing equivalence status that gives it access to EU stock markets, the country's moneyed youngsters are busy flaunting their wealth on Instagram, including trips to the spa (bottom middle), designer shopping at Hermes (bottom right) and private jets (bottom left). Other enviable snaps reveal friends flashing their watches and stacks of Swiss Francs (top right) and a fashion blogger (top right) from Zurich enjoying a stunning view of the Alps. In another post, German-born designer Philipp Plein is seen perched on the top (top middle) of his grey Lamborghini.

New figures showed the CIP measure of inflation dipped to 2 per cent from 2.1 per cent in April. The rate is in line with the Bank of England's target, and further lifts the pressure for rate rises.

Hundreds of fragments from 99 ceramic containers have been excavated from the hillfort site of Vix-Mont Lassois in Burgundy by a team of German-led researchers.

The newly-found worlds sit within the habitable zone of Teegarden's star, a star said to be among the smallest measured yet. The pair may share similarities to inner planets of our solar system.

Mandy Francis uncovers the versatility of toasters with a guide to cooking foods including sweet potato, bacon and even asparagus using the appliance. She says it can also reheat pizza.

Fans accuse Kendall Jenner of doing an ad for Coca-Cola

Kendall, 22, was pictured in Manhattan Monday enjoying a can of Coca-Cola. She purchased the beverage from a bodega and was pictured walking out with it. The can matched Kendall's dress, making people to believe it was an ad.Kendall also posted a picture buying to coke, which could be an FTC guidelines violation. This potential product placement comes after the model previously worked with Pepsi for a controversial advertisement that was later pulled.

Sally Phillips told hundreds of obstetricians in London that 'eugenic thinking' has seeped into the NHS and people with Down's were being treated like a 'population of toads that must be managed'.

Thousands of families could face summer holiday travel chaos after BA pilots announced plans to vote on strike action. BA pilots are paid an average basic salary of more than £150,000 a year.

Austin Adams, 17, who lives in Rural Ely, was rushed to Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City - an agonizing five hour drive away - after the device blew up in his face in March 2018.

Bosses from developer Epic Games told the digital, culture, media and sports committee that Prince Harry's views were a 'mischaracterisation' of the game.

'You have buttered me up!': US dad and his toddler son who starred in adorable 'conversation' video are back chatting again in ad for burger chain Denny's

Detzin and Kingston Pryor were the stars of the restaurant chain's Father's Day advert that was shared on Sunday. 'Find cute baby from viral video and bring him to Denny's (check),' the eatery said in the post that has more close to 55,000 likes. On Facebook, Detzin praised and thanked Denny's for including him and his son in the commercial. The pair quickly became internet sensations earlier this month in an adorable video (inset).

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust's hospital in Sutton was warned its process of regularly transferring children with cancer between hospitals was 'unsatisfactory', but didn't act on criticisms.

Sir Philip Green is accused of grabbing and making sleazy comments toward up to six current and former female members of staff t the Canyon Ranch luxury spa in Tucson, Arizona.

Nearly half the global population has been estimated to be vitamin D deficient, raising health risks. But a new University of Michigan study debunks the idea supplements protect heart health.

Susannah Stapleton recounts the life of Edwardian detective Maud West in a fascinating new book. She would uncover blackmailers, adulterers and foil robberies - armed with a revolver.

England's Lionesses take on Japan as they look to top their group

Manchester City forward Ellen White (pictured far left celebrating after the final whistle) scored a brace for the Lionesses, who had already qualified for the last 16 of the tournament before their game at the Allianz Riviera in Nice. Elsewhere in Group D, Scotland were robbed of the chance to get through to the knockout stages after a last minute VAR review led to Argentina equalising from the penalty spot (inset). Scotland looked assured of victory right up until the closing stages of their match after opening up a three goal lead over Argentina. Two late goals from the South American side took the score to 3-2 before the referee awarded them a last-minute penalty. Scottish goalkeeper Lee Alexander saved the spot kick before the ref ordered it to be retaken after a VAR review because Alexander was adjudged to have moved off her line before the ball was struck. Right: Scotland's Erin Cuthbert breaks down in tears after the final whistle.

Abdullahi Ganduje, the governor of northern Kano state, had ordered the state's anti-corruption commission to look into the disappearance of gate fees at the Kano Zoological Gardens.

An 'intergenerational audit' published by the Resolution Foundation assesses whether the 20th century norm of each generation enjoying higher living standards than their predecessors holds true.

This is the shocking moment a pizza delivery driver is attacked and robbed by at least seven youths in east London. They took his phone and motorbike on Saturday afternoon in East Ham.

Users feel Instagram fails by not providing details on which standards were violated or how to restore accounts once suspended. Amber Lynn (left) and Rachel Clugston had their accounts suspended.

EXCLUSIVE: Qatar World Cup 2022 organisers have held extensive talks with the BBC's Sports News Correspondent Richard Conway about becoming a spin doctor for the state.

As expecting mothers inch closer to giving birth, the ability able to get from one location to another can be more difficult. However, pollution levels are nearly double inside a car than they are when walking.

Black and white pictures show some of first Victorian rock climbers in Lake District Wales

Black and white images taken in the Lake District, Welsh mountains (right and inset) and Scottish highlands in the late 19th century reveal how early mountaineers clambered to great heights with only a few ropes to support them. They were captured by brothers George and Ashley Abraham, from Keswick in Cumbria, who were so inspired by the arrival of pioneering adventurer Owen Glynn Jones (pictured left) in the 1890s that they made it their mission to snap all the mountain exploits they could. Together the three men began charting routes on the crags of the rugged landscape in the north west of England.

Samsung's long-awaited Galaxy Fold may finally be ready for primetime. The $1,980 phone, which was previously delayed due to display issues, is finally 'ready to hit the market,' an exec said.

The study, based on satellite observations across India, China, Nepal and Bhutan, over 40 years, found that glaciers have lost an average of 20 inches of ice each year since 2000.

Horrified shoppers have slammed TK Maxx for selling a 'ugly' ceramic figurine showing Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, based on the Cambridge's 2015 Christmas card. 

The £200 HyLite, developed by UK firm Gtech, is billed as the world's smallest high-performance vacuum cleaner - weighing in at just over 3lb.

Gone, but not forgotten! Trailer for the new and final season of Suits features highlights of Meghan Markle's OLD scenes - over a year since the actress-turned-royal last appeared on legal drama

Meghan, 37, played Rachel Zane on the USA show's first seven seasons. For her last appearance on the show, she married Patrick J. Adams' character Mike Ross in the season seven finale. The episode aired in April 2018, just a month before the Duchess of Sussex's real-life wedding to Prince Harry. A new one-minute clip promoting Suits' ninth and final season features some of Meghan's most memorable moments on the show. While Patrick, 37, is guest starring on the show for an unknown number of episodes in the final season, it's highly unlikely that Meghan will make a cameo.

Zholia Alemi (pictured in 2018), 56, had previously claimed to have a degree from the University of Auckland in New Zealand when she came to work in the UK in 1992.

Thousands of lives will be saved every year by new specialist centres, England's top doctor has claimed. Hyper Active Stroke Units in London and Manchester have already saved hundreds.

Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck, 46, is officially a doctor after earning her PhD in higher education leadership from Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin last month.

A new study by Aarhus University, Denmark, uncovered the gene CHRNA2 regulates a 'nicotine receptor' in the brain. Low levels of this receptor has been linked to marijuana abuse.

Woman says she feels sexier than EVER after deciding to embrace her natural silver hair

When Sarah Eisenman, 43, from Arizona, was just 21 years old, her hair began turning a silver color in what seemed like overnight. The neuroscientist and author immediately started to hide her silver locks by using box dye to color her hair jet black every two weeks. The now mother-of-two said after having her second child Abe, eight, her life became to hectic and she had to prioritize other things than her hair. She decided to stop dying her hair when she was 37, and is now embracing her natural look, which her husband Hanan, 45, fully supports. Since she ditched the hair dye, she said she feels sexier and more beautiful than ever before.

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, looked at existing scientific evidence for more than 20 natural supplements which people claim could slow down hair loss.

A 27-year-old woman from Greater Manchester who wrongly accused a taxi driver of raping her in January 2017 has denied perverting the course of justice at Minshull Street Court.

Singers Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are just two of the stars who regularly post pictures of their beloved pets on their popular Instagram accounts, racking up millions of likes.

Ralph Jankus, 52, and his wife Christel, 49, took part in a 48-hour sex session for their nuptials. Christel suffered severe internal injuries allegedly after a sharp object was inserted into her.

Passenger is dragged under a train in India as he tries to jump on to a moving carriage... before being pulled from the tracks and continuing his journey

Rajesh Talwar miraculously survived the fall at Jharsuguda station in Sambalpur, Odisha, India on Tuesday. CCTV footage shows Mr Talwar, who left the train to buy a cup of tea, approach the moving carriage. But he quickly stumbles when he attempts to jump on board. Wearing a green T-shirt and denim shorts, footage shows Mr Talwar scurry toward the train as it departs from the station. After he was rescued, Mr Talwar boarded the same train and continued his journey.

The Bank of England governor met Mark Zuckerberg this year to discuss the controversial idea and has since declared he will keep 'an open mind' about it.

Twenty nine teens from French president Emmanuel Macron's first batch of national service recruits suffered from heat exhaustion during the an outdoor ceremony in Evreux, outside of Paris.

Inside Mandarin Oriental's little-known £95million resort on the Caribbean island of

What do billionaires expect when they go on holiday? Well, after spending four days at the five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel on the little-known Caribbean island of Canouan, Sadie Whitelocks surmised that it must be peace and quiet, flawless service and no qualms over cocktails costing $24. The £95 million ($120 million) resort is nestled on the 3.5-mile-long outcrop in St Vincent & the Grenadines, which is known as the place where 'billionaires go to get away from the millionaires'. Past holidaymakers including Robert Downey Jr, Bill Gates, Prince Harry and Donald Trump.

It's the first volume-selling electric vehicle - a Nissan e-NV200 - converted into an ice cream vendor and comes kitted out with a soft-serve machine, fridge, freezer, solar panels and a range of 124 miles.

Elizabeth Kough, 39, of Kearney, Missouri, is the first woman to give birth to a healthy baby after becoming pregnant following a procedure to have both of her fallopian tubes removed.

A spate of small earthquakes in Southern California is giving seismologists yet another opportunity to remind residents that they must always be prepared for the next big event.

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    Slip into a silky hot pink dress like Rihanna in Fenty

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Brave moment young woman endures agonising laser treatment to remove a tattoo from inside her mouth

An Australian tattoo removal business has shared a video of a woman with a regrettable tattoo on the inside of her bottom lip having it painfully removed with a laser.  M J Driver Laser Company posted a video of the process on Wednesday, showing the removal artist talking the woman through the treatment The video showed the removal artist going in for a test zap as the woman braved the pain and said it's 'fine', allowing him to continue.

In a paper, scientists from Waseda University say the pair of galaxies began the process of joining together when the universe was just one billion years old, making them among the first to exist.

So large they are best seen in aerial photographs or from overlying hills, the Nazca lines are figures etched into the Peruvian desert by the Nazca culture between around 100 BC and 700 AD.

PAUL THOMAS on... The Tory leadership TV debates

'Would the candidates agree that the BBC's vetting process should be stricter?'

Baker's stunning 'fruit loaves' deceive the eye as potatoes, bananas and watermelons are revealed to be doughy buns

Chen Yuping from Guizhou province in China, makes incredibly life-like buns that resemble fruit and vegetables. It is only when you rip apart the fruit that the doughy centre is revealed. Among her wacky inventions are a plump watermelon with red dough inside, a peelable banana and potatoes with a chocolatey centre. Ms Yuping said she started making the buns for her daughter who is a fussy eater.



Ugandan woman dances with joy after she is given her first EVER pair of shoes

The Ugandan woman erupts with joy after Laura Grier, who was passing by, spotted her barefoot and decided to help her. Once she sees what is happening the woman starts dancing in celebration before she has even put the shoes on. After Ms Grier's driver gets out of the car and helps her to put the shoes on she lets out a delighted celebration, earning cheers and applause. The clip was filmed on June 15 in Bwindi National Park in Uganda.

The orbs, which initially appear to be various different colors, are actually all the same color, according to David Novick, a Professor of Engineering Education at the University of Texas in El Paso.

This is the heartwarming moment a six-year-old girl shrieks 'I'm flying' as she swoops over her garden on a model dragon made by her father. Clara Treasure-Jones got the gift for her birthday.

Beer oh beer! Clumsy barman spills a tray of drinks over Irish pub punters - before returning with a fresh round which he also fumbles

Punters at the Old Storehouse Temple Bar in Dublin sarcastically clapped their hands and jeered when Ciaran knocked ten pints of lager over two men. But they were left drop-jawed when he fumbled his second tray of drinks in a remarkable case of deja vu. As the beer dripped on to the floor from the capsized glasses, a fed-up Ciaran just stood dumbfounded and shook his head before plodding off - leaving a waitress to clear up the mess of her cack-handed colleague.