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Last updated: 08:00 GMT, 6 December 2016

NEIL TWEEDIE visits a Blackburn dominated by hilltop mosques and division

What a strange thing it is to stand in a street in Britain asking someone if they know of a white family living in the neighbourhood. This is liberal, multi-cultural Britain of the early 21st century, after all, not apartheid South Africa. One would imagine that people of all races in this country mix, to some extent at least, in all towns and cities. But this is Blackburn (pictured), in central Lancashire, a prime candidate for the title of Britain's most racially segregated community. The young lady answering the query is British-Pakistani and says politely that she thinks the white family live in the house with the Ford car outside, writes NEIL TWEEDIE. Meanwhile, Angry Muslim groups hit back last night after a government report said deepening segregation along race and religious lines had fuelled extremism and child sex abuse.

'One kid's face was so red we thought he was going to pass out': Police accused of 'bully boy' brutality by horrified crowd as they film officers arresting a 13-year-old and two other children

A video emerged of an angry crowd of people confronting officers in Queens Square, Liverpool. Merseyside Police were accused of giving the three children, including a girl, rough treatment. Melissa Inman, who made the video public, told the Liverpool Echo : 'I witnessed police officers attack young kids, ragging them on the floor into the van. One kid's face was that red we thought he was going to pass out by how tight he was cuffed and how hard he was handled. It was disgusting! I am shocked at how the police handled this situation.'

OFCOM has announced that it will not investigate ITV's I'm A Celebrity. The TV regulator has dismissed complaints that the reality TV show allegedly breached animal cruelty guidelines.

Daily Mail News TipsDaily Mail News Tips

A wide range of gadgets claim to cure insomnia, but which of these are actually effective? Michael Oko of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals has assessed some of the newest sleeping aids.

Connie St Louis, who accused Nobel laureate Sir Tim Hunt of sexism in a row which cost him his job, has left her university post after claiming she was being 'bundled out'.

In an alarming vision for workers, Mark Carney warned many UK jobs would be 'hollowed out' as huge technological advances meant roles could be automated instead.

British Fashion Awards 2016 red carpet hits and misses

From left to right: Tamara Beckwith's ruched Gucci dress was statement enough without the fur bolero and OTT earrings, but Lily Donaldson's pink Burberry dress managed to be daring yet elegant. Model Adwoa Aboah's neon tulle dress certainly got a lot of attention - though not necessarily for the right reasons. Actress Laura Haddock was a vision in layered purple lace, but singer Pixie Lott's apparently mermaid-inspired look was less successful.

Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, 76, now claims actress Maria Schneider did know about the violent rape scene with Marlon Brandon in Last Tango in Paris but didn't realise butter would be involved.

In our final extract from the memoir of the Queen's cousin Margaret Rhodes, who has died aged 91, she recalls a high society childhood that makes Downton Abbey look positively modest.

In October the actress, 52, and her partner, set up a Go Fund Me page for treatment not available on the NHS, and she has now thanked fans for helping her to raise the money for alternative therapies.

Snapchat fail photos of people having a worse day than you

Whether it's sleeping in for that little bit too long or leaving your umbrella behind on a rainy day, we've all had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong. These unfortunate Snapchatters know that feeling all too well. A number of miserable social media users have taken to Snapchat to share photos of their particularly unpleasant days - from being stuck on a roof (left) and losing their lunch in the vending machine (right) to spilling their dinner on the floor.

The report accused UK public bodies of ignoring or condoning 'regressive, divisive and harmful' cultural and religious practices for fear of being called racist.

A third generation British-born Muslim blames 'lazy benefit scrounges' from Eastern Europe for ruining his home in Sheffield while a 21-year-old security guard says immigration has got out of hand.

Once again Europe's governing elites are struggling to come to terms with a political and financial earthquake after the Italian referendum, writes DOMINIC SANDBROOK.

Currently, immigrants do not have to make any formal commitment to integrating with the rest of society, unless they are actually applying for UK citizenship. Even then, it is a mere facade.

Not even Horace Rumpole had to practise walking: As Supreme Court do a dummy run of their

There was a dopey bird on the wireless yesterday, claiming to represent Britain's 15,500 barristers, accusing the Daily Mail of behaving like Hitler for daring to question the impartiality of judges. Oh, for heaven's sake, grow up, pet. Your puerile hyperbole only serves to prove our point. And who knew that we had 15,500 barristers in Britain, on top of the assorted solicitors, paralegals and PPI parasites? What do they all do, apart from make a bloody nuisance of themselves? Look, for the record, I acknowledge that we need the rule of law. But I have the utmost contempt for most of its practitioners, who think they are the law, rather than its mere custodians. In the immortal words of Tony Hancock: 'Magna Carta - did she die in vain?'

Jeremy Wright (pictured) said there had been a 'universal expectation' that the referendum result would be honoured; yet the High Court had dismissed the national vote as 'legally irrelevant'.

The question of whether a new law is needed is hotly contested and is the subject of a landmark case at the Supreme Court. Labour's Jeremy Corbyn has said he wants to amend any new law.

Ex-Tory minister Anna Soubry - who backed Remain in June - today broke cover and said she could see nothing in it she 'could not support' despite Theresa May's expected opposition.

The great pushy parent divide: The children's Tsar says relaxed Northern mums should be

The Children's Commissioner for England warned that parents in the North need to get pushier to keep up. But do Southerners really have the edge when it comes to child-raising? Helen Carroll (top), 48, is originally from Bradford and now lives in London with her husband Dillon, a university lecturer and their children Daniel 15, Isobel, 12 and Christian, eight. Writer and broadcaster Anna May Mangan (bottom), 58, lives in London with her husband, Joe, 59, who's a teacher. They have four children, who are all in their mid-20s - one is a mathemetician, two are doctors and the fourth a lawyer.

A 2013 study by researchers at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York found that injecting the patients' own blood cells into their arthritic knees improved pain and function.

NEW Men have taken to Reddit to discuss the last thing that made them cry - from children's movies to family dramas - in a thread that has notched up almost 4,000 responses in less than 24 hours.

Prince Harry takes a 1,700-mile diversion to see Meghan Markle

The prince (left) was scheduled to fly home to London from Barbados on Sunday for an official job tomorrow. But instead he went to Toronto and spent the night with his actress girlfriend. While her boyfriend was teetering on the edge of Guyana's Kaieteur Falls, which are 820ft high, Miss Markle (right), 35, was playing dress up with her dog and buying herself flowers at the weekend.

Mystery Chelsea fan spotted … at Everton vs Manchester United!

Watching Everton take on Manchester United on Sunday afternoon, Sky Sports viewers were taken by an unusual sight in the crowd. Easily distracted during a fairly dull encounter, fans noticed a female fan in the crowd wearing not the colours of United or Everton, but of Chelsea. Confused, supporters took to social media to ask who this girl was, and find out exactly what she was doing at Goodison Park. The mystery girl was more than happy to put the record straight.

Health campaigners are calling on high street chains such as Pret, Costa, Starbucks and Caffè Nero to cut the sugar in their products, after it was revealed how much is in each slice of cake.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, believe it's because more sexually active adults are more likely to keep themselves trimmed down below.

What a difference a weekend makes! Millionairess arrested after 'man-handling' a

A millionairess arrested for 'manhandling' a flight attendant seems to have put her troubles behind her - after she was seen strolling down an exclusive Barbados beach with her tycoon lover. Diane Breen was let off with a warning by magistrates last week after she lunged at a woman in the first-class bar on board the Virgin Atlantic flight. But a weekend in the sun seems to have done the 52-year-old the world of good, judging by photographs taken of her and partner Steve Palmer on what is understood to be the luxurious Sandy Lane Beach (pictured left and right). The beach, located next to the prestigious Sandy Lane Resort, is a far cry from the interior of District B Magistrate Court, where Breen (shown inset) found herself on Thursday.

Serious collectors are willing to pay around £800 to £1,000 for the most iconic mobile phones but you can still make money even if your phone isn't that old with the iPhone 7 Plus going for £618.

The house in Amstetten, northern Austria, where incest monster Josef Fritzl shut his daughter in the cellar for 24 years has been sold to a woman who runs a local strip club for £135,000.

Thank you for flying Victoria's Secret! The Angels become flight attendants for a day to do a safety demonstration in cheeky behind-the-scenes video captured on the plane to Paris

Just last week, the models boarded the brand's private jet to fly to Paris to film the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show ahead of its December 5 air date, but they did more than just sit back and enjoy the ride. Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, Stella Maxwell, and Taylor Hill had a blast demonstrating how to do everything from adjust the plane's seat belts to properly put on an oxygen mask - while using the aisle as their own personal runway.

Wendy Leigh from Buckinghamshire started experiencing constant night sweats in her mid-40s. When she finally went to the hospital for a scan, doctors discovered she had lymphoma.

After she started taking the antidepressant drug SSRI escilatopram, Katinka Blackford Newman from London was unable to leave the house, read a book or hold a conversation.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that anyone who has a mini stroke should have an operation to clear the carotid artery within two weeks.

Sharon Stone sparkled at the Country Music Association awards, in a glittery dress that showed off her shapely arms. How does the Basic Instinct star from Pennsylvania maintain her physique?

Bodies of a couple are found inside a car in Chelmsford 'following a chemical spill'

The couple found dead in a car after a chemical spill have been pictured for the first time. Computer game shop worker Nikki Willis was found dead in a Ford Focus alongside Tom Putt (inset) outside her home (pictured right) in Chelmsford, Essex, shortly after neighbours heard a loud bang. Emergency services were called after a passer-by spotted two people slumped over inside the blue vehicle. A hazardous response team was dispatched and a police cordon put in place over concerns about a 'potential noxious substance inside the car'. Miss Willis (left), who worked for the company CeX, is said to have shared the house with her mother Michelle Hindson, 46, and stepfather Stuart Hindson, 45. Mr Putt's Facebook profile says he lives in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and works for Ford Motor Company as an apprentice.

Three people were arrested as tempers flared following the result of the country's referendum, in which Italians delivered a decisive vote against Italy's pro-EU leader, Matteo Renzi.

The vote could prompt an exit from the European Union and rejection would follow results in the Brexit referendum and the U.S. presidency race in citizens turning their back on the political status quo.

Since a photo of the US, UK, Italian, French and German leaders was taken at a trade fair in Hanover in April, only Chancellor Angela Merkel remains as the leader of her respective country.

EU leaders digested grim overnight news from Rome: another one bites the dust. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is the latest leader to be ousted over Europe, writes ROBERT HARDMAN.

Vogue cover girl who's too much for fashion firms to handle: Editor of the British edition

Fashion brands refused to provide larger clothes for a cover shoot featuring a plus-sized model, the editor of British Vogue has disclosed. Alexandra Shulman said some 'flatly refused to lend us their clothes' for the shoot with Ashley Graham, who appears on the front of the magazine's January 2017 edition. She is one of only a handful of 'fuller-figured' women to feature on the cover of the fashion bible.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The victim was dragged to the top of a building in Maslamah City in war-torn Aleppo, Syria, having been accused of 'homosexual relations'.

Helen Marten, 31, based in London, has scooped the £25,000 cheque after winning this year's Turner Prize because judges were impressed with her collage which was made from cotton and eggs.

A Qatar Airways jet made an emergency landing at a Portuguese military base in the Azores islands while en route from Washington, to Doha after a passenger suffered a suspected heart attack.

Oakland Ghost Ship fire pictures show interior as prosecutors consider MURDER charges

Devastating aerial photos show the aftermath of the deadly inferno that claimed 36 lives during a party at an Oakland warehouse Friday night, as prosecutors launch an investigation that could lead to murder charges. Investigators have said that they have told the fire and sheriff's departments to treat the area as 'a potential crime scene'. Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley said Monday that her office has just started its probe and has not yet determined whether a crime even occurred. But she said charges could range from murder to involuntary manslaughter. 'It's too early to speculate on anything,'

Cambridge Consultants has unveiled its prototype Axsis robot, revealing a glimpse at how the delicate instrument could perform one of the world's most common procedures - cataract surgery.

The unnamed PSCO - who works for the Met Police - was also spotted sending text messages and making phone calls from his personal mobile in Harrow, north west London.

Officials should be banned from taking cash from any public bodies they run following a Daily Mail investigation, Dame Margaret Hodge (pictured) declared last night.

In 2014 call centre boss Asif Hamid (pictured with David Cameron) was handed no less than £1million for the creation of new premises by the very LEP in the north-west on which he sat.



Cleaner who was mocked online when he was spotted staring wistfully at gold chains in a

Bangladeshi Nazer al-Islam Abdul Karim, 65, was showered with gifts including rice, honey, an iPhone and gold jewellery (right) after people took pity on him on social media. Karim, who works in Riyadh, was mocked by an Instagram user who shared the photo (left), writing: 'This man deserves to only look at rubbish.' The caption quickly led to an outpouring of support for the cleaner whose location was identified by Twitter users, and was then showered with gifts by well-wishers.

Sienna Boylan, five, was devastated after she was told her meeting with Santa at the Shankly Hotel in Liverpool would be 'cancelled'. Parents described the grotto as 'absolute shambles'.

Playing action video games can improve your vision, reveals a new study. Experts found that training children to use their underused peripheral vision for eight hours can improve vision up to 50%.

These clever tricks of the trade could save you previous minutes of your time. One video shows the best way to peel fruit, like removing mango skin with a glass. And defrost meat faster on aluminum tray.

From an indulgent chocolate souffle to scrumptious steamed panettone puddings, we can guarantee you and your guests will find them impossible to resist!

Experts from the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, found drinking one 'standard' drink a day increased the risk of an abnormal heart rhythm by 8 per cent.

Dean Smith (pictured), 44, followed the van and asked them to redeliver the item but was told he would had to pick the item up from a depot 70 miles away in Taunton, Somerset.

Research following the 2015 Nepal earthquake suggests a 124-mile stretch of the fault could be in the stages leading up to a massive earthquake of magnitude 8 or greater, experts warn.

Russia has mocked a British war games exercise at the weekend in which Nato forces posed as invading 'Russian' tanks rumbling across the border into a Baltic state.

Parents have taken to the anonymous confession site Whisper to reveal the best - and worst - lies they've told their children. Some are funny, some are elaborate - and some are just plain mean.

Women have been revealing their beauty 'losses' on Reddit. One told how smashing her eyeshadow palette left her crying 'for days' while another was 'grieving' after spilling her perfume.

A rising number of offices are organising trips bowling rather than alcohol-fuelled events. Drinking in the workplace can negatively impact productivity, health experts say.

Female police officers and nurses have been groped, while one doctor had been kicked in the face, an inquiry heard. The report recommended that 24-hour licences be limited in 'overwhelmed' areas.

Jamie Carlton attacked John Scott after finding him in bed naked with girlfriend Sarah Partridge at his home in Merseyside, but despite admitting wounding he was jailed for just eight months.

Abdul Razzaque Mohammed Sayed's family declared the huge amount in previously undisclosed income. The Indian tax office rejected the 'suspicious' claim and opened an investigation.

Britain is to help six Middle East countries boost their airport security in a bid to prevent terrorist attacks.Theresa May will today meet six leaders of Gulf states in Bahrain.

Theresa May has arrived in Bahrain for the Gulf Co-operation Council summit and said she believes there is 'huge potential' to expand trade links with the region, including a £30billion trade deal.

Shocking moment a petrol station worker, 46, is mowed down on the forecourt as she tries to stop two men fleeing without paying 

Petrol station worker Michelle Carr, 46, was thrown over the bonnet as she tried to stop the motorist from leaving the Jet service station in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, yesterday afternoon. The driver had reportedly been filling up empty petrol barrels with fuel and drove into Ms Carr as she approached his silver Mazda in the forecourt to confront him.

Smokers who restrict themselves to fewer than seven cigarettes a week still have a 64 percent higher risk of an early death than non-smokers, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg has yet to find ways to eliminate fake news. But an experts from Syracuse University shares 3 techniques that could stop hoax articles from spreading on the site.

'The kangaroo defended itself instead of running away': Expert explains why marsupial put dog in a HEADLOCK - before pooch's owner punched him in the face

Dr Mark Eldridge, from the Australian Museum, said the kangaroo was likely surprised by the dog and put it in a headlock before being unable to decide what to do next until owner Greig Tonkins showed up. Dr Eldridge added that the marsupial appeared to be sizing up Mr Tonkins for a fight before being surprised with a bash on the snout, and then deciding to flee instead. The wildlife expert said Mr Tonkins was fortunate to walk away unscathed during the altercation.

There are 6,500 people - including 150 children - on the waiting list for a transplant in the UK. NHS Blood and Transplant has today launched a drive to encourage people to join the organ donor register.

'I know what's going to happen to you tomorrow, but I'm the nutter?' she says as she starts her nonsensical tirade at a hooded man. The exact location of the footage is not clear.

More people than ever are using social media to share photos of their holidays but now, thanks to geotagging, we know which places are officially the snap-happiest. And it's mostly the USA.

The eight finalists are: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Vladmir Putin, Narendra Modi, Nigel Farage, Beyonce, Simone Biles, the Flint whistleblowers and the CRISPR scientists.

'Twitter helped win me the election,' President-elect Donald Trump told me when we spoke two weeks ago. And he's kept it up. And every time he tweets, the same hysterical 10-part pattern starts again.

Australian police said they believe the suspect who abducted Cheryl Grimmer, pictured left with her father John, was a teenager seen running from the scene in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Relay hotel robot savioke

A luxurious high-rise in San Francisco revealed they will employ a new staff member to make deliveries. Called Relay, this robot will deliver in-app menu items to units autonomously.

As we head into December, many of us end up skipping the Christmas parties with a towel over our heads but experts have shared the best home remedies for beating the sniffles.

More than a quarter of British middle-aged women drink between five and 16 glasses each week, according to a new survey of 2,000 women aged between 40 and 65.

The Chancellor's Welsh terrier Rex (right) and his dachshund named Oscar (left) pose outside Number 11 for his Christmas card. Mr Hammond is the first politician to publish his festive card this year.

Playbuzz quiz asks users to spot the b's among the d's

In each box of letters there is a B hidden among dozens of letter D's - but the puzzle gets harder, with each level featuring more characters than the last. The makers at Playbuzz claim you have to be not only extremely patient but have a high IQ in order to succeed.

Peter Morgan, 54, told police that he placed string around Georgina Symonds's throat at the bungalow in Llanmartin, Gwent, in the hope she would apologise for trying to 'fleece' him.

A dancer collapsed and died on stage as the audience clapped and laughed, believing it was all part of the show. The performance was on Mother's Day in Urus-Martan, Russia.

The picture, taken just three days before D-Day, shows the Nazi dictator congratulating SS officer Hermann Fegelein and bride Gretl Braun at a reception in Salzburg, Austria.

The average Brit will eat 5,906 calories just on Christmas Day, says new research. It's the equivalent of 22 6" turkey subs from Subway or 55 Kit Kats.

British researchers believe they may be heading towards the holy grail for device batteries - mobile phones and laptops which can be charged up in just a few seconds.

Any amount of exercise can help men improve the quality of their sperm, research shows. Experts say moderate exercise curbs oxidative stress and is a simple and cheap strategy to help conceive.

Aherne, who died from cancer aged 52 in July, did not leave a will and so her entire wealth will be inherited by her mother Maureen. The Royle Family star died in Timperley near Altrincham.

Speaking anonymously via the secret-sharing website Whisper, women who have agreed to be surrogate mothers have candidly described their experiences - and the emotional aftermath.

Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University found over 9,000 remains of edible plants dating back 780,000 years at Gesher Benot Ya'aqov.

Seattle police arrested a car thief on Nov. 30 who was trapped inside after stopping to take a nap. BMW employees located and remotely locked the stolen car until officers arrived on the scene.

'Urban camouflage!' Hilarious images of people who accidentally matched their outfits to

A new collection of images show people accidentally dressed to blend in to or match their environments around the globe. More than a quarter of a million people have viewed the photographs, pictured, shared on Imgur. The images include a woman dressed in the same print as a sofa and a man whose shirt matches the pattern of a tartan tote bag.

The hilarious footage was filmed in Elderslie, Scotland, and shows a man in a reindeer costume dragging a sleigh down the road, with another dressed as Santa sitting inside it.

Fiona and Andrew Plews were asleep in their caravan in France with their young children, Megan and Adam, when they had more than £1,000 worth of possessions stolen.

Janet Ayers, from Portsmouth, England, was cooking a vegetarian chili for dinner when she made the discovery. She sliced the red pepper in half and spotted the face of the incoming US President.

A 25-year-old pregnant woman was shot dead while on stage (pictured) when she refused to dance with a drunken stranger during a wedding in Punjab, India.

Daniel Pearson, 32, his wife Lyndsey, 30, and their two children, Stanley and Florence, both one, from Dronfield, travelled to the four-star Aparthotel Playa Mar with Thomson Holidays.

From rusting ships in lush green jungle to tanks in crystal clear ocean: Amazing aerial

Aerial images have revealed remnants and wrecks from the Pacific conflict in the Second World War, scattered across the Solomon Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands and Rocks Islands in Palau. The Japanese Imperial Navy destroyer Kikuzuki is seen at Tokyo Bay (top right) while the wreck of a US naval transport vessel is submerged in water (left) - both on Nggela Island in the Solomon Islands. In the Northern Mariana Islands a US M4 Sherman tank sits in shallow water off Chalan Kanoa beach in Saipan (bottom right).

A Brighton-based Twitter user posted a clip of a corny dance routine from 1980s children's TV show Emu's Pink Windmill with a caption saying it was 'like walking into a Lush'.

Research by Middlesex-based frozen food firm, Birds Eye, has shown that 58 per cent of people enjoy food more when it has been prepared with a certain level of time and love (stock image).

Surrey-based registered nutritionist May Simpkin says to help you avoid eating anything else until lunchtime, drink plenty of fluids as hunger can often be mistaken for thirst.

The fight took place in broad daylight on a street in the Handsworth area of Birmingham and left brawlers with blood pouring out of their heads after rivals clashed with weapons.

American expats have taken to the internet to reveal what they honestly think about living in Britain, with observations on the health care, work-place culture, and lack of access to tumble-dryers.

2017 Sony World Photography Awards include unique snaps of Goths eating chips and a

Judges are looking for the best photos from around the world for the Open competition of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. Among the entrants are (clockwise from top left): a shepherd in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania; students hoisting flags during the 59th Malaysia Independence Day celebration at Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur; Goths eating chips in Southend, Essex; and Wolf Snapper fish in the German Channel, Ngemelis Island, Republic of Palau.

Amazon has unveiled a convince store in Seattle that uses technologies found in self-driving cars. Amazon Go detects what you take off shelves and bills it to your Amazon account via an app.

The Foley catheter, invented eight decades ago by an American surgeon, can significantly reduce how long women spend in labour, experts from the University of Pennsylvania found.

After the 2014 disappearance of a child feared drowned Narges Ashtari, 28, became embroiled in a criminal case accused of manslaughter in India. She has now been found guilty.

A 32-year-old French man has been ordered two years of jail time and a £30,000 fine after repeatedly visiting pro-ISIS websites. His conviction has been criticised by human rights activists.

It is unclear whether the foreign secretary was in his four-storey, £2.3million north London property when the flooding hit. The water is at a depth of two metres in the basements of homes in Islington.

A Krispy Kreme doughnut contains 200 kcals - but three cocktails contain more than that. Pina coladas, white russians and Sex on the Beach should be avoided, says nutritionist Emma Clarke.

Logan Sellers, from Bangor, Wales, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma after a lump developed behind his eye. But his condition has become so bad that he often turns down food.

Remarkable photos reveal life in the 1930s in the urban slums of Melbourne

Stunning archive pictures show the Melbourne slums that were once hotbeds of poverty, crime and disease in the 1930s, but today are among the trendiest suburbs in the city, with a cafe culture and million-dollar houses. In 1935, Methodist evangelist Frederick Oswald Barnett and a group of followers photographed the living conditions in the slum areas of Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy, and Richmond. The stark images vividly reveal the lives of the city's poorest inhabitants.

Low Donkleywood Cottage in Northumberland National Park was once a pair of railway workers' cottages that sat beside the line - and it is 23 miles to the nearest town of Hexham.

The 20-year-old woman was seen walking in the Zhangmutou area of Dongguan, China, when a man got out of a black car and began to follow her before attempting to push her into the vehicle.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Police initially thought the attack on the 25-year-old in the town of Bellingwolde in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands was drugs-related.

Queues are expected to form around the block next month after an Italian glamour model offered to perform a sex act on everyone who voted No in yesterday's referendum.


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Police launch huge manhunt for a missing boy, two, only for the toddler to be found asleep at home in his brother's bunk bed

Logan Markland (left), two, 'disappeared' from his family's home in Greater Manchester, sparking a panic and a police search, but he was actually safe and sound in his brother's bed the entire time. Parents Samantha Cadman (right with Logan) and James Markland recruited neighbours into searching the local area while Greater Manchester Police put every available officer on the streets and even stopped cars during the search. The family said they were incredibly relieved to find him safe and apologised for the 'mayhem'.

Yew Tree Manor near Newport in Shropshire, which 67-year-old Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn once described as a 'pretty nice place to grow up in', is now on the market for £650,000.

Dog owners have been sharing pictures of their pets causing mischief, from getting tangled up in the fairy lights to chewing the decorations and leaving 'presents' on the carpet.



Pranksters release video revealing how they built a BEDROOM in the Berlin underground by dressing up as railway workers to install carpet, wallpaper, bed and a TV 

The mystery of who built a bedroom in the Berlin underground complete with a carpet, wallpaper and a TV has been solved after pranksters released a video showing how they pulled off the feat. Workers discovered the bizarre installment while carrying out routine maintenance on the subway - but no one could explain how it got there.

Russel Newland, 55, from High Wycombe, was teased for looking like a pirate but defended his unique outfits of cropped jogging pants and vests saying they were all his 24stone frame could fit in.

The bizarre attraction - in a disused church in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire - offers children and adults the chance to take out their anger on electronics, crockery and glassware.

You'll be in the dog house: Golden Retriever caught digging a hole in the garden desperately tries to hide the evidence when caught by his owner

In a video filmed in the USA, Jack the Golden Retriever was frantically digging a hole in the garden (left) when his owner opened the door and caught him in the act. Then, in a futile attempt to hide the evidence, the dog squatted in the small ditch he had made (right) and did his best to look innocent.