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Romain Grosjean had a miraculous escape after his car exploded into a fireball in a horrific 140mph crash that split the vehicle in two at the Bahrain Grand Prix. In shocking footage, the Frenchman's car hit the wall and burst into flames as TV cameras cut away and the race was stopped. Grosjean was trapped in the burning car for several seconds but, incredibly, was able to scramble to safety with the aid of a doctor. Despite the explosion, Grosjean suffered only burns and broken ribs and was airlifted to hospital where he is 'doing okay'. In another twist, a second crash took place only moments after the race started for a second time following a more than one hour delay. It also involved Russian driver Daniil Kyvat, the driver who had previously collided with Grosjean before his crash. Lance Stroll's car was flipped upside down in the second crash, though the Canadian reported that he was okay and he also managed to free himself before walking away.

Trump gives first TV interview since election loss to accuse his own FBI and DOJ of 'maybe helping rig vote' as he claims even Dems think he won and warns 'vote fraud' could spell end of the Republicans 

Donald Trump went off on the election results Sunday morning in his first interview since November 3, claiming without any evidence that even 'most Democrats' believe 'election fraud' led to Joe Biden's win. The president told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo during a rambling interview on 'Sunday Morning Futures' that there's 'no way' Biden earned more votes than Barack Obama in his two presidential elections. He also insisted that he can prove the voting machines were used by Democrats to fraudulently win the election for Biden - but he did not yet offer any solid evidence.

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In a positive sign that England's second nation-wide lockdown slowed the country's spiraling infection rate, the number of cases recorded today shaves more than a third off last Sunday's figure.

NEW Professor Lucy Yardley, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), said 'Covid-secure' sites are 'not 100 per cent risk free'.

NEIL OLIVER: No pronouncement by any politician - here today and gone tomorrow - and no referendum on this or that issue of the day will have any effect on my understanding of myself.

Dominic Raab refuses to rule out third lockdown in New Year - as Boris pledges Tier Three areas WILL be downgraded where virus is in retreat and system will be scrapped in NINE WEEKS in bid to appease rebels

Dominic Raab today admitted there is a 'risk' of a third wave of coronavirus infections in the New Year if ministers 'don't get the balance right' on tiered restrictions. The Foreign Secretary said the Government is 'doing everything we can to avoid' a third national shutdown but failed to rule it out as he defended the decision to plunge the majority of the nation into the top two tiers of curbs from December 2. Mr Raab said the aim of the tiers is to enable England to 'come out of national lockdown and stay out of it' as he stressed areas will be able to move down to a lower tier if the virus is in retreat. He said the tiered system, the roll out of vaccines and greater mass-testing in the coming months would provide a 'crucial bridge to that light at the end of the tunnel in the Spring'. The intervention came after Boris Johnson attempted to head off a Tory rebellion over the tier system. Parliament will vote on Tuesday on whether the new curbs should be rolled out from December 2 and the PM last night said there would be a further vote early next year on keeping the measures in place.

PETER HITCHENS: 'Lockdowns' work very well if what you want to do is to destroy a happy and prosperous society and replace it with a desert.

Salon owner who racked up £27,000 in Covid fines for refusing to close is forced to shut

A salon owner who racked up £27,000 in coronavirus fines after vowing to fight lockdown has had her salon shut down. Sinead Quinn (pictured) attempted to keep her salon open in the face of national lockdown rules by quoting the Magna Carta - an 800-year-old settlement aimed to make peace between the unpopular king and a group of rebel barons. Ms Quinn, who owns Quinn Blakey Hairdressers (pictured bottom right) in Oakenshaw, near Bradford, West Yorkshire, initially faced a fine of £4,000 for repeated breaches last weekend. But council officers visited the 29-year-old's shop last Monday and the following day and issued two further £10,000 fines after they found it was still open and trading. The salon had previously been slapped with a fines of £1,000 and £2,000 for defying government orders to close from November 5 in the face of rising Covid-19 cases. But she has now been forced to close her salon and has been summoned to court after a crackdown by council officials.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office made the claim on Saturday as he tried to quash a Conservative revolt and persuade MPs to support the curbs when they are put to a vote on Tuesday.

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: We were promised an end to chopping and changing only a week ago. Yet the Government continues to swerve and switch its position.

Bikes make up just 1.75 per cent of total traffic on roads - including in Bradford, Brighton and Bristol - which lost a carriageway to a cycle-friendly route, new research has shown.

Assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist 'involved 62 people including 12 gunmen'

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh - dubbed the 'father' of Iran's bomb programme - was shot dead in his car by 12 highly-trained assassins following an explosion in the city of Absard, 50 miles east of Tehran (the aftermath, top right). The killers - which included a pair of snipers - formed part of a 62-person strong group of plotters. The remaining 50 people were responsible for logistical support. Extraordinary detail about Fakhrizadeh's final moments have been revealed by Iranian journalist Mohamad Ahwaze who claims he received leaked information from the country's authorities. Fakhrizadeh's death sent tensions in the regions skyrocketing as Iran has repeatedly blamed Israel's national intelligence agency Mossad for the the assassination - with several prominent figures vowing revenge. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - who has the final say on all matters of state - yesterday said Iran's first priority after the killing was the 'definitive punishment of the perpetrators and those who ordered it.' And, in an intervention that risks inflaming conflict even further, a former head of the US's Central Intelligence Agency labelled the assassination a 'criminal' act and branded it 'highly reckless'. Left: Fakhrizadeh. Bottom right: How the hit played out.

Revellers descended upon Brighton beach to catch a few rays of sunshine as forecasters warned temperatures of around -5C could sweep across the UK by next week.

British Esther Dingley, 37 (pictured left) has been reported missing while on a hiking trip on the Pyrenees during a six-year Europe tour. She was last seen at 16.00 GMT on Sunday, 22 November.

Dave Prowse, a former bodybuilder, was best known for playing the iconic super-villain in the original three George Lucas movies. He has died at the age of 85 after a short illness.

All 10,500 birds at the turkey fattening site in North Allerton, North Yorkshire will be humanely culled just weeks before Christmas to limit the spread of the disease.

Maradona's doctor is 'charged with negligence' as police probing his death raid the

Diego Maradona's doctor has reportedly been charged with medical negligence and police are treating his death as possible manslaughter. Police raided the home of Leopoldo Luque (pictured together, top) on Sunday as investigators seek to establish whether the footballer (top right) suffered a wrongful death. The dramatic twist in the probe into Maradona's death followed overnight reports he had rowed with his personal physician (bottom) in the days before he suffered heart failure last Wednesday. The searches were ordered after Maradona's daughters Dalma and Giannina gave statements yesterday and questioned whether the medication their father was receiving was appropriate. 

Toni Standen, 29, from Liverpool, was at the centre of a fundraising campaign after claiming she had developed a cancer in her leg and had just two months to live, the Mirror reports.

James Bond actor Sir Sean Connery's official cause of death was listed as 'respiratory failure' brought about by pneumonia, old age and heart condition atrial fibrillation.

Homelessness charity Crisis has paid for 517 hotel rooms at four London hotels which were provided by London Hotel Group for cheaper rates. They will house rough sleepers over Christmas.

Frantic search for a 12-year-old girl with a medical condition missing for FOUR days 

The family of a missing 12-year-old girl with a medical condition who has vanished for four days are urgently asking the public to help them find her. Queensland Police are urgently seeking the blonde-haired girl with brown eyes who was last seen at 'an address' on Toogood Road in Bayview Heights, Cairns, on Thursday.  Her family and police are desperately worried for her welfare as she is so young and has a medical condition. 

A final decision by suitor JD Sports is expected within days. The potential deal is widely seen as the last chance to save the high street stalwart from a painful breakup in the New Year.

Emma Swain, 23, was told by her GP at The Haling Park Partnership in Croydon, South London, that she was too young for a smear test and was worrying too much due to the 'Jade Goody effect'.

The Crown's Emma Corrin shares more candid backstage clips as Princess Diana

Since season 4 of The Crown was released two weeks ago, cast and crew alike have delighted fans with backstage photos and videos. And Emma Corrin - who portrays Princess Diana in the Netflix original - has provided more insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes. The rising star, 24, is seen in jovial clips as she larks around with co-star and on-screen husband Josh O'Connor, has a wedding dress fitting and knits in a quiet moment between takes.

The Eton lecture that dared question radical feminism: Video lesson about death of 'chivalry and honour' that got English teacher sacked and sparked freedom of speech row is posted on YouTube 

A video of the lecture made by an Eton College (pictured inset) teacher at the centre of a freedom of speech row has been posted on Youtube. Sacked English teacher Will Knowland (pictured left) hit out at radical feminism and the idea of 'toxic masculinity', which he said had been used to attack men and male qualities. In the lecture, named 'The Patriarchy Paradox', he claimed the male role as a 'protector' benefits society as a whole - including women. And he warned that 'shaping men and women to be more similar actually exaggerates their differences' - which he described as the Patriarchy Paradox. He says that a world without men would be 'awful' for women and complains that chivalry and honour - which he labelled as good male qualities - are being driven down by terms such as 'toxic masculinity'. The virtual lecture, which was never actually shown to students at the £42,500-a-year- school in Berkshire, resulted in Mr Knowland, who is married to a former X-Factor contestant (pictured right), being sacked from his job.

The National Trust has hired strategic advisory firm Hanbury Strategy - co-founded by Vote Leave campaign's former communications director Paul Stephenson - for an undisclosed fee.

Newham councillors have called for Transport for London to review the name over alleged links to slavery during a discussion over electoral ward names in the borough.

Mysterious monolith found in remote Utah desert is removed by 'unknown party'

The shiny, triangular pillar, which protruded approximately 12 feet from the red rocks of southern Utah, was spotted last Wednesday by baffled local officials counting bighorn sheep from the air. However the three-sided structure was removed by 'an unknown party' on Friday evening, the Bureau of Land Management Utah said in a statement.

Stunning photos of Sean Connery and Ursula Andress on set of Dr No set to fetch £1.2K at

A series of 12 black-and-white photographs on a contact sheet depicting the late Sir Sean Connery and Ursula Andress in iconic 1962 film Dr No are heading for auction in Hertfordshire this week. The film marked the first time Connery - who died aged 90 earlier this month - stepped into the shoes and suave tuxedo of the beloved British spy, who he portrayed between 1962 and 1971. The images depict a dressing gown-wearing Bond (played by Connery) and Honey Ryder (Andress) falling unconscious after drinking poisoned coffee in a hotel room. There are also moments captured away from the rolling cameras, including Andress laughing with crew as alterations are made to her costume. Hertfordshire-based Prop Store is set to sell the item at its Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction this week.

Tricky brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find the man with no moustache

A tricky new brainteaser (pictured), created by Formulate Health, challenges puzzlers to find the man with no moustache. But with an impressive 10 second record to beat, how will you fare? It's the latest in a long line of brainteasers sweeping the web that have left the nation stumped.



British Instagram prankster is arrested by Spanish police over video showing him pushing a BMW into a river at a protected beauty spot near Marbella

NEW The 27-year old  Instagrammer was arrested on November 23 in Marbella, Spain. The man was caught after he posted videos of himself driving recklessly and at one ocassion pushing a car into the Guadaiza River, posing a serious environmental risk. The Spanish police also found he owned two cars with the same license plates.

At least 110 rice farmers and fisherman have been brutally slaughtered and beheaded by suspected Islamist militants in Nigeria. The workers had been tied up and had their throats slit in the attack.

Influencer and her baby are tied up in $400k raid after she posed with designer clothes

So Mei-yan says the robbers broke into her home last Tuesday at around 11am. Police say ten handbags, seven watches, a laptop, and two phones were stolen. The influencer said she was asleep in her room when she heard noise. 'When I went out of my bedroom three men were already inside my flat,' she said. Describing the incident, So, who has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram, said she was tied up with adhesive tape, along with her baby and her nanny. The men, aged between 40 and 50, then left with their haul in a suitcase. So then managed to free herself from her ties before calling police.

Tokyo hotel creates double-decker desk pods in bid to lure WFH workers 

The Anshin Oyado hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan has renovated an entire floor in its hotel to allow guests to work from the confines of its building amid the coronavirus pandemic. The capsule living quarters, which are modelled after first class cabins (left and top right) of passenger airplanes, are now equipped with computer devices and high speed internet and web conferencing services. They also offer guests an LCD TV, headphones, a desk and plugs. The Japanese hotel (staff at the hotel bottom right) has also implemented antibacterial coating to reduce the spread of infection in the building.

'Stop all the Christmas ads, Barbour has nailed it!' Shoppers praise brand's 'brilliant' festive campaign for its heartwarming tale on sustainability

Barbour has released its 2020 Christmas campaign which, for the second year, is inspired by the popular children's books written and illustrated by Raymond Briggs and the iconic 1991 animated special Father Christmas. The film follows a young boy whose dog has chewed his father's beloved Barbour wax jacket. The boy writes to Father Christmas to say that he doesn't want a present this year, he just needs his help to repair his father's jacket in time for Christmas. Shoppers have praised the advert for its focus on sustainability.

Convent Garden puts luxury items up for sale including hotel stays and designer bags

A night at one of London's most luxurious hotels that's built on the site of the famous Bow Street court is among the many lavish lots up for sale in a charity auction that ends tonight.   The winner of one lot will be among the first guests to spend the night at new NoMad Hotel, in a Superior King Guestroom. The package includes breakfast for two, as well as a private tour of the Bow Street Police Museum located underneath the hotel. Hotel room pictured top left. Also up for sale is a pair of Air Jordans (top centre), a Huda beauty haul (top right) and feast by Adam Handling (bototm left). People can also bid on a luxury Tifanny bag (bottom centre) and a cooking lesson from Darjeeling Express (bottom right).

Birds form foreboding black orb in sky as solo sparrowhawk sweeps in for attack

NEW An amateur photogrpaher captured the incredible moment a sparrowhawk attacked a murmuration of starlings at a nature reserve in Northampton, Northants.David Smith, 64, was lucky enough to capture the perfect shot during a recent trip to a wildlife reserve above Storton's Pits, Northants.He snapped the beautiful image on November 26 at around 4:15pm after waiting for an hour for the show to start.

Second-hand superminis with the best and worst reliability track records revealed

Superminis are designed to be affordable runarounds aimed predominantly at new drivers or families looking for a second car. However, buy the wrong one and you could be tackling recurring faults, finding yourself without wheels for days while your car is being repaired and facing huge garage bills. We've teamed up with used car warranty provider Warrantywise to reveal the best and worst rated smaller models for second-hand buyers...

Carrots, a four-year-old ginger and white cat and the UK's only blind therapy cat, has won the Blue Cross Medal in recognition of his work helping hospice patients in Bradford.

Both Lidl and Morrisons have launched their unveiled the Christmas combo that brings together two of the UK's favourites in one genius festive treat, the pigs in blanket pizza.

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Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr show flashes of their old brilliance on their boxing comebacks as they battle out to a draw after going the full eight rounds in a competitive exhibition bout in Los Angeles

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr battled out an entertaining draw in their comeback fight in Los Angeles. The former undisputed heavyweight champion 'Iron Mike' said he would 'absolutely fight again'. The former superstars both showed flashes of their old brilliance in a competitive exhibition fight with the remote judges failing to split them after the full eight rounds. Tyson insisted he would be open to fighting again at the age of 54 but Jones Jr appeared more reluctant when asked if he would step back in the ring.

Woman, 24, shed SIX stone and kicks her £11,000-a-year takeaway habit  during lockdown

Poppy Stainsby, 24, from Norfolk, made it her mission to beat the bulge during lockdown - and managed to shed an impressive five-and-a-half stone.The super slimmer, whp weighed 18st at her heaviest and struggled to squeeze into a size 20, has also kicked her £11-a-year takeaway habit. Now, Poppy is a slender size 10 and weight 12st 4lbs. Pictured, left and centre, before her weight loss, and right, after.


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Shocking moment car FLIPS after smashing into Trump-supporter's truck following road rage fight in Los Angeles 

Two cars were seen driving down main street in Hermosa Beach on Saturday. The pair were suddenly joined by a third vehicle which attempted to chase the pair but it ended up overturning after clipping a row of parked cars. Both cars were initially taking up two lanes on the one-way road when the third vehicle pulled up behind and began to chase one of the MAGA cars. The crash was all caught on camera by shocked onlookers.

People from across the world have taken to Reddit to share examples of the weirdest compliments they have received. One was told they had perfect ears and another apparently smelled like music.

Taking to Twitter, Jasmine Skinner, from Newcastle, shared side by side pictures of her boyfriend and her attempt at painting him, which looked very different.

Mother shares VERY amusing results after toddler decorates mother-in-law's Christmas tree

A sweet grandmother, from Florida, left Twitter users in hysterics after revealing she let her young granddaughter decorate her Christmas tree with red baubles. The sweet snap, pictured, shows that the unnamed child could only reach the bottom branches of the tree.