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NEW Boris Johnson tonight begged the public to behave when pubs open tomorrow, warning he will not hesitate to impose local lockdowns if coronavirus starts to surge again. At a Downing Street press conference to mark lockdown easing in England, the PM struck a nervous tone as he insisted the country is 'not out of the woods yet'. He insisted that while the government is taking the 'biggest step yet' towards normality and hoped to spell out a timetable for opening up more sectors next week, danger was still lurking just below the surface. The cautionary note came as police brace for chaos as bars get up and running for the first time since March tomorrow. Legally they will be allowed to open as early as 6am - although No10 stressed that standard licensing rules will still apply. Meanwhile, new figures have suggested that the R rate might have crept upwards in some parts of the country, although the overall estimate remains between 0.7 and 0.9. A survey of 15,000 pubs has found that 42 per cent will open tomorrow, a further 17 per cent are reopening later in July and the rest either don't know or are waiting to the end of the summer at the earliest.

Coronavirus UK: 137 new fatalities

Number 10's scientific advisers today revealed the R rate - the average number of people each Covid-19 patient infects - is still between 0.7 and 0.9 as a whole for the UK. But SAGE admitted it could be as high as 1.1 in London, and 1 in the Midlands, the North East and Yorkshire, the South East and the South West. Separate data released by the government panel also claimed the UK's current growth rate - how the number of new cases is changing day-by-day - could be 0 per cent, meaning it has stagnated. Outbreaks could even be growing in London and the South West by 2 per cent each day. It comes as Britain today recorded 137 more coronavirus deaths in the preliminary toll, meaning the official number of laboratory-confirmed victims has now topped 44,000. But official figures also show Britain's daily death toll has stopped falling as quickly and the number of cases has continued to plateau at around 3,500 per day.

Government statistics last night revealed 110 people have died after testing positive for Covid-19 every day this week, on average. In comparison, the rate last Friday was only 8 per cent higher at 119.

Tomorrow is set to be mostly overcast across the country, with yet more rain in Wales, the Midlands and North, and a maximum temperature of 66F (19C) or 68F (20C).

Almost two thirds of the British public want Boris Johnson to explore the possibility of introducing a four-day working week after the coronavirus crisis.

Grant Shapps will FINALLY unveil 'safe' countries for holidays TODAY

France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malta and Barbados are among more than 60 popular destinations back on the agenda from July 10. Confusingly Greece has made the list, despite Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggesting only this morning that it would be missed off as it has declared arrivals from the UK will be ordered to self-isolate. But Portugal has been left out, and the US has also been omitted. However, the overhaul will only apply to England for the time being, as Nicola Sturgeon has refused to sign up to the arrangements branding them 'shambolic'. Meanwhile, Mr Shapps is facing Tory anxiety over the idea of introducing mass screening systems at airports from later this month.

Boris Johnson said he was focused on the 'substance' of changing social attitudes and improving opportunities for ethnic minorities.

HarperCollins has axed the author calling his words 'abhorrent' while Hodder & Stoughton, who published his book on Magna Carta in 2015, said it would never work with him again.

The new-look RAF Voyager which is used by the Prime Minister and the royal family, during its first operational tasking (MoD/PA)

The Voyager joined the Quick Response Action with jets from RAF Lossiemouth early this morning, a week after returning to the skies after being repainted.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle close Sussex Royal Charity

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly filed paperwork to shut down their Sussex Royal charity. They have filed paperwork for the royal foundation to be officially dissolved. An insider told Newsweek: 'Following previous announcements that The Duke and Duchess will not be using the name 'Sussex Royal' and will not continue with a foundation in its name, paperwork has been filed with Companies House and the Charity Commission to formally close the charity down. It is claimed the couple, who quit the royal family earlier this year, want to concentrate on new ventures going forward.

The Duchess's lawyers said she felt 'unprotected' by the 'institution' of the Royal Family and 'prohibited from defending herself' against claims levelled against her.

With every new development from his Californian base camp, with each fresh initiative, I worry about Harry, writes JAN MOIR.

Chilling moment UK's first female suicide bomb plotter told police she was planning a Sri Lanka-style terror attack on St Paul's Cathedral - as she SMILES and makes ISIS salute as she is jailed for 14 years 

Safiyya Shaikh (pictured left, in a police interview), 36, a mother of one, from Hayes, West London, smiled and raised her index finger in a salute associated with ISIS as she was taken to the cells. Shaikh (bottom left, inset, and right, at Great St Helen's hotel in London on the night before her reconnaissance) ran a chat room dedicated to martyrs and planned to become Britain's first female suicide bomber. She was addicted to heroin but said she always wanted to 'do something big' and that killing one infidel was 'not enough for me.' After setting off the two bombs, she wanted to blow herself up on the London Underground, it can be disclosed. Jailing her for life, with a minimum of 14 years, the judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, said she sought to encourage lone wolf attacks and had become 'determined to carry out terrorists acts of your own in this country.' Pictured bottom right, inset: Shaikh's 'girly' pink backpack which was to be filled with explosives ahead of her attack.

Ria Michelle Cooper, 18, had been out with friends in Manchester's Gay Village on the evening of March 5, before returning to a hotel and writing what appeared to be a suicide note via Instagram.

Camila Ryder (pictured) accused her ex Elie Charbel of using 'forgery' to deprive her of her share in their flat in Kensal Rise (inset) after they split in 2008 but a judge ruled she 'forgot' she'd agreed

US lawyers pile more pressure on Prince Andrew after Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest

Sources close to the Duke of York's legal team say they have contacted Department of Justice representatives in the US on a number of occasions since they were first contacted at the beginning of the year. Andrew, 60, whose close friend Ghislaine Maxwell (together left, with alleged victim Virginia Roberts in middle) has been arrested and accused of assisting Epstein's abuse (paedophile, inset bottom) of minors by helping to recruit and groom underage victims, was described as 'bewildered' by the US prosecutors claims of non co-operation. The informed source said they had been in touch with the DOJ once Geoffrey Berman was replaced as US attorney for the Southern District of New York by Audrey Strauss. Boris Johnson today denied the FBI has approached him for help to interview Andrew (right with Epstein) over his links to the paedophile as he expressed sympathy for their alleged victims.

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire yesterday on charges of procuring girls as young as 14 for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

What became of Robert Maxwell's nine children?

Robert Maxwell's youngest and favourite daughter Ghislaine - who ran away from the family business following her father's death - has been arrested in the wake of the death of her ex-lover and mentor Jeffrey Epstein. Miss Maxwell met Epstein shortly after her father drowned as she fled scrutiny in the UK and the pair were lovers and later best friends before the paedophile took his own life in a New York jail last year. Ghislaine has been accused of helping the disgraced financier 'identify, befriend and groom' multiple girls, including one as young as 14, and allegedly lying to police when asked about his sex crimes. But what of the other Maxwell siblings? MailOnline looks at the other eight children, from the brilliant scientist brother who fled to Argentina to escape his father, the children Maxwell bullied and the youngest boys who attempted to steer the father's business away from peril. Robert Maxwell (back row, centre) pictured with his wife Betty (sat with youngest daughter Ghislaine on her knee) at home in Headington Hill Hall, Oxford. When this photo was taken Ian (5) was 11 years old, while Isabel, then 17 (4) (bottom right) was at grammar school with their sister Christine (3) (centre right), and youngest son Kevin, 8, (6) was at preparatory school. Second oldest son Philip, (1), (also top right) had entered his second year at Balliol College, Oxford, while Anne (2) was also studying at the university, but at St Hugh's College.

Epstein investigators 'want to talk to' Guinness family aristocrat

Sources claim that US investigators want to contact former Epstein associate Clare Hazell (pictured left), who became the Countess of Iveagh when she married into the Guinness brewing family in 2001. Flight logs show her making 32 trips on Epstein's Boeing 727 between 1998 and 2000, including trips to his luxury homes in New York, Florida and the Caribbean (Maxwell is seen with Bill Clinton on the steps of the plane, inset; Maxwell and Epstein are also pictured right). It is not suggested that the Countess is suspected of any crime, but lawyers for Epstein's victims are already thought to have sought her out as a possible witness.

Samia Hussein, a 25-year-old from Southall, west London, blamed ISIS for the loss of her arm. She said the caliphate put women and children at risk by storing supplies next to houses filled with families.

In the 18-second video which was posted on Twitter, a man in the back seat of a white car in Tel Aviv marked with the UN letters is seen being straddled by a woman in a red dress.

Television footage shows a mushroom-shaped cloud of smoke rising from the factory where 189 employees were working a a factory in Turkey today. They are all believed to be trapped inside.

Coronavirus UK: Police make checks at Leicester railway station

British transport police are now busy making checks at Leicester train station, monitoring the comings and goings ahead of the weekend after the city went back into coronavirus lockdown. Officers were inside Leicester railway station on Thursday and Friday to make spot checks on travellers, after a spike of covid-19 cases occurred in the area. The force said it was ensuring people were adhering to the rules after Leicester was placed back into lockdown and all residents were asked to avoid travel and remain at home. Images this week show temporary barriers installed at the station (seen bottom right), with travellers needing to queue up before answering the questions of on-duty police officers. There are fears that some people will be tempted to cross lockdown lines so they can enjoy a drink in neighbouring cities where restrictions will be lifted.

The PM's revelations come ahead of the biggest 24-hour lockdown easing measures since draconian restrictions were introduced in March, as pubs and hairdressers in England reopen tomorrow.

Weddings will be allowed to take place again in England from tomorrow on 'Super Saturday' with a maximum of 30 people who must maintain social distancing measures.

Is this the future of eating out in the UK? Diners at pop up restaurant sit in family

The St Moritz Hotel & Spa (pictured), at Trebetherick, Cornwall, which has nicknamed itself The Anti-Social Club, has outlined how it will maintain social distancing from tomorrow. The resort will have a 96-person capacity across 16 dining rooms, with food and drink served through separate holes in the wall. There will also be staggered eating times to help keep people apart as well as clear guidance for customers. It comes as Britain prepares for Super Saturday, which will see restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and other hospitality venues open for the first time in three months. Businesses have to follow the Government's 'one-metre-plus' social distancing rule in their own ways, with some installing glass or Perspex screens between tables.

The gangland figures murdered in hits ordered on EncroChat secret phone network

Salford's 'Mr Big' Paul Massey (left) and mob 'fixer' John Kinsella (right) were killed by 'Iceman' assassin Mark Fellows after he and accomplice Steven Boyle used the EncroChat secret phone network (top middle). The hidden communications system was smashed by law enforcement teams across the world and provided data for Britain's biggest crime bust, which netted 746 kingpins and £54million of dirty money as well as guns and drugs

Reviewing data on 23,365 women, experts from Australia found that cardiovascular disease is 70 per cent more likely in post-menopausal women with the symptoms.

DIY staycation! Family-of-four build camper van for £11,000 by converting a second-hand

Rebecca Booth, 28 and her husband, Robert, 42 (both pictured with their children, centre inset), now embark on trips across the UK in their DIY camper van and love travelling to Wales, with Cody, four and Phoebe, two. The parents were fed up of paying for hotel rooms and decided to look at purchasing a caravan, but found the prices out of their budget. They decided to purchase a second-hand Mercedes and build from scratch, fitting in solar panels, batteries and inverters for electricity and heating, alongside a kitchen space (bottom left), bedroom area (top and bottom right) and portable toilet (van after its renovation, bottom inset). After two months, the family-of-four finished their entire project, setting them back by £11,000, including the cost of the van purchase (top left: Cody and Phoebe enjoying the camper van, fitted with a television, after its renovation).

World's oldest cat dies AGED 31 as heartbroken owner, 52, pays tribute to her beloved

The owner of the world's oldest cat reveals that Rubble, a Maine Coon has died at the age of 31- almost 150 in human years. Michele Heritage, 52 got Rubble for her 20th birthday and they have been inseperable ever since. She puts down his longevity to her treating him like a child. Rubble beat the record of Scooter, a 30- year old Siamese Texas cat who died in 2016.

Man left in stitches after neighbour cuts only his part of shared lawn

Matty (pictured left), from Liverpool, took to Twitter to share two photographs revealing the way his neighbour mowed only his part of their shared front lawn - leaving a strip of long grass outside Matty's front door (pictured right). While some branded the move 'petty,' others argued the neighbour may have just been being polite and added; 'Not sure why you expect them to do it? I get it's just a bit, but it's still yours' (pictured, inset).

Nathan Law, a prominent pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong, announced late Thursday that he left for an undisclosed foreign location amid fear of reprisals under China's harsh new security law.

Zeki Demir, a technician who worked for the consulate, told the court today he saw skewers of meat and noticed the marble around the oven looked like it had been cleaned with a chemical.

Holocaust survivors recall how Nazi officers would cruelly trick children

Holocaust survivors have recalled how Nazi officers would select which children to experiment on by asking which one of them wanted to visit their mothers in Netflix's 'Anne Frank - Parallel Stories'. Italian-born Andrea (top right) and Tatiana Bucci (bottom right) told how they were mistaken for triplets at Auschwitz with their cousin Sergio (together left). They were asked by Dr Josef Mengele if they wanted to see their mother, but the girls refused having been warned by a sympathetic guard that it was a trick. But Sergio didn't believe them and was led to his death by Dr Mengele.

Royal author Victoria Murphy told Yahoo News that the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, is 'still more of a team player than leader', but had grown in confidence since joining the Royal Family.

Kim lead a meeting of North Korea's political bureau on Thursday where he praised the country's 'shining success' in fighting coronavirus, marking the first time he has been seen in a month.

Queen Letizia dons a floral printed dress without a face mask

Queen Letizia (right) and King Felipe (left) of Spain opted to go without face masks as they walked along the promenade in Benidorm today where they were greeted by locals and waved to well-wishers. The mother-of-two, 47, cut an elegant figure in a white and pink floral printed mid-length dress which she coordinated with a pair of flattering nude wedges and small gold earrings.

Former paratrooper Daniel Burke (pictured), 33, from Manchester, had been in custody since December when he was detained in a port stop.

Firefighters were today battling a 'major incident' at Tilbury Grain Terminal in Essex after an explosion in a grain silo is said to have blown off the roof shortly before 10am this morning.

Thousands of villagers swarm to hunt for a 'mysterious creature' after hearing 'dragon's

Trending footage emerged recently shows curious locals swarming to the top of the mountain in Xiushui of China's southwestern province Guizhou while the supposedly mystical beast can be heard making the booming noises. Local officials even had to set roadblocks to stop people from gathering while sending a team of experts to investigate the strange sound.

Hairdressers gear up to open at midnight tonight

Salons are preparing to open at midnight to meet the frenzied demand from Britons aching for a post-lockdown trim. After three months shuttered, hairdressers (Manchester salon, right) will be working flat out from tomorrow when the country ushers in the next big easing of restrictions on Super Saturday. Confronted with a rammed appointment book for the next five weeks, salons are eager to start welcoming clients as soon as possible. Dubbed Super Saturday, hairdressers, pubs, restaurants and cafes will tomorrow get the green light to fling open their doors from - but with strict social distancing. Left: Mehmet Yusuf, owner of Chaplin's of London Barbers in Brockley, south London, is pictured showcasing his social distancing measures.

Latin America and the Caribbean recorded 2.7million cases of coronavirus Friday, more than Europe's 2.69million cases, driven largely by a rampant outbreak in Brazil (pictured).

There were also 379 new deaths in the last 24 hours bringing the total death toll from the virus to 18,213, data from the Union Health Ministry shows.

Queen's cousin Lord Ivar Mountbatten spent lockdown with his husband and ex-wife

Lord Ivar Mountbatten and his husband James (inset) have spent the last three months living with not only Lord Ivar's three grown-up daughters, Ella, 23, Alix, 22, and 17-year-old Luli, but his ex-wife Penny, too (right together). Lord Ivar, 64, revealed in mid-March that his former wife had 'installed herself in her old bedroom' at Bridwell Park, the Grade I-listed manor in Devon that she once called home and he where he now lives with James. Last week the trio celebrated their '91st lockdown dinner' (left).

A Henry Ford Health System study of more than 2,500 patients found that death rates were 50% lower among those treated with hydroxychlrooquine. The results suggest the drug works if used early.

A new study from the La Jolla Institute found that the most dominant strain of the virus was a mutation of the original variant called G614, which can replicate itself more easily than the original virus.

Arriving guests will be greeted at the car park of their hotel and a member of staff will use a handheld contactless device to take their temperature. If it is above 38C, they will be sent home.

Olympic hockey gold medallist Sam Quek, 31, has taken to Twitter to share touching moment her aunt - who has Down Syndrome - was reunited with her mum, 99, for the first time since lockdown.

Stanley Johnson, 79, jetted to his four-bed mountain-view home in Pelion, Greece - ignoring Foreign Office guidance which says no one should travel unless it is essential.

'Can I help you, love?': Hilarious moment shopper opens boot and starts loading her groceries into a stranger's car

The vehicle owner shouts 'Can I help you love?' as the woman opens the boot of his car and starts unloading her shopping in the car park in Leeds. The surprised woman realises it isn't her car and apologises before running to the other side of the car park where her car is parked.

The US-based streaming site Netflix features a 'Continue Watching' list of series and films viewers have started to watch yet and have paused midway through landing them in the 'continue watching' bar.

The edit button is the most requested feature for Twitter and the firm is using it to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. The firm said it would add the button when everyone starts wearing a mask.



Transform your bathroom into a day spa: Mum shares her VERY simple trick for folding display towels just like they do in five-star hotels

An Australian mother has shared her amazing trick for folding bath towels like they do in a five-star hotel, so you can put them on display or slot them easily into any cupboard. The 30-second home hack was created by @mama_mila_au , who has received three million views on her TikTok video since it was uploaded on June 13. 'Bring the spa home to you. This type of fold is space-saving for storage and also looks luxe in your bathroom,' she captioned it.

Prince of push-ups! Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is left in stitches as her husband works out with Prince Oscar on his back while Princess Estelle ducks underneath in a video to promote new family fun initiative  

Princess Victoria of Sweden, 46, puts her family to work and can't stop laughing in a video showing Princess Estelle, eight and Prince Oscar, four, exercising with their father Prince Daniel, 46 (right). The video was filmed to promote an initiative by Rädda Barnen, the Swedish Save the Children and the royals' association Generation Pep.

Putin signed an executive order on Friday, which will come into effect Saturday, allowing him to run for two more six-year terms, meaning it will be 2036 and he will be aged 83 before the limit is reached.

During a televised video conference, a lawmaker told Putin that the US embassy had hung a rainbow flag on its facade for the first time to celebrate Pride month in June.

Police and forensics teams rushed to Longcroft Residential Care Home in Wickford, Essex, last night shortly before 7pm, after reports the man was assaulted.

Tatler's most eligible bachelor Charles Manners who will inherit The Crown's Belvoir

The Duchess of Rutland has paid tribute to her eldest son, the Marquess of Granby, as he celebrates his 21st birthday (inset). Charles Manners (left), once dubbed one of the 'world's most eligible bachelors' by Tatler magazine, is thought to be spending the day at the family seat of Belvoir Castle (inset), Leicestershire, which is famous as a filming location for Netflix's The Crown. His older sisters, Lady Violet (centre), Lady Alice (right) and Lady Eliza, all shared their well-wishes to the birthday boy on Instagram. Due to the practice of male primogeniture, Charles will inherit the estate over his older sisters.

A galaxy that sits 8,000 light-years away from Earth is setting off 'firework streamers' of gas in honor of the birth of a giant cluster. Astronomers say the completion takes one million years.

The landmark challenge is part of a campaign calling for humanist ceremonies to have the same weight as religious matrimonies, as they do in both Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Researchers from the University of Bonn worked from the idea that a fatter stomach and shrinking muscles are common signs of ageing that 'could be reversed'.

Shocking moment raging Mercedes driver tries to mow down police officer after he was stopped for driving while disqualified as he is jailed for 12 months 

This is the moment the driver of a Mercedes hire car drives straight at a police officer who is trying to arrest him for driving while disqualified. Dashcam footage from one of the three police cars involved in the arrest shows an officer standing in the middle of the road trying to block the path of the Mercedes in Ipswich. The Mercedes E220 accelerates sharply (left) in the direction of the officer who leaps out of the way to avoid being run over. Driver Antwayne Plummer, 21, (right) was jailed for 12 months after previously pleading guilty to dangerous driving; driving whilst disqualified; driving without insurance and aggravated vehicle taking causing property damage.

Police in Manchester have declared a major incident after they recovered a stolen Ford Transit van only to discover that an unspecified quantity of the 'very toxic' rat poison Talunex had been taken.

Graham Turney, 48, died after a freak accident at his clubhouse at Brockworth Rugby Club, Gloucester when he fell from a collapsing banqueting table and hit his head, an inquest heard yesterday.

Savvy mum-of-two surprises her daughters by transforming their bedroom in two weeks for

Rachael Jones, 40, from Ipswich, Suffolk, snapped emotional footage of her daughters, Jessica, 13, and Libby, 10, (pictured, inset) after she transformed their room while they stayed at their dad's for two weeks. After moving into the house in August last year, the NHS administrator and her carpenter boyfriend, Ryan Cook, 43, decided to overhaul the room for the girls - which had previously featured bunk beds, blue walls with hand-painted clouds and sunshine (shown right). The new look was much more grown up than the previous pink bed sheets and cuddly toys, with champagne coloured walls, fluffy grey throws, pretty white curtains and plush layers of cushions (shown right).

Singapore has logged 14,000 cases of dengue so far this year and is on course to beat the 22,170 cases seen in 2013 during its previous worst outbreak of the virus, which is spread by mosquitos.

David Wood, general manager at Deighton Engineers in Halifax, West Yorkshire, claimed the attack was the culmination of a long-running dispute.

The unsung engineering heroes of D-Day

Lieutenant Stephen Malenoir-Vickers (centre), of the Royal Engineers, cleared mines and paths across Juno Beach using an armoured bulldozer. The incredible photos document this (top left) and the months that followed as troops progressed into Belgium and Germany. Lt Malenoir-Vickers also kept hold of Top Secret D-Day maps (bottom left) and a war diary charting his time from the Normandy landings to the end of the war in May 1945. In November 1944 he was awarded the Military Cross for overseeing the 10 hour construction of two bridges over a canal in Holland while under intense shot and shell fire from the enemy. His personal effects are now being sold with C&T Auctions, of Ashford, Kent, who expect them to fetch £4,000. Top right: troops in training and bottom right landing craft unloading onto the beaches of Normandy.

Reports claim the US-based social media site is working on a 'See All Stories' button which would allow a user to view all ephemeral posts in a grid.

EXCLUSIVE: Stores on the prestigious Mayfair street (pictured), which boasts the finest tailors in the country, are 'struggling' due to the 'potentially devastating' pandemic.

Mother reveals how she upcycles Poundland buys into trendy pieces such as hurricane candle holders and chalkboard signs - and says they look just like pricey items from The White Company and Anthropologie

YouTuber Rosie Henshaw, based in the UK, posted a tutorial showing how she has up-cycled Poundland finds to create home accessories including turning a broken £1 glass into a luxury candle holder (right). In the 18-minute video, Rosie, who is mother Alfie, Archie and daughter Millie, explained how she enjoys upcycling bargains to create luxury home accessories.

Paul Ratner shares his online dating disasters, on Bumble, Hinge and Tinder, that he has 'notched up' over the past seven years. It has left him asking, why is finding a life partner so difficult nowadays?

Jumbo effort! Mother elephant gives her calf a helpful shove as it struggles to climb over roadside barrier

Footage shows a herd of elephants crossing the road and climbing over a barrier in the Gudalur of Nilgiris district in India. Two of the herd make it over the barrier but the youngest struggles. The mother elephant climbs back over to hoist the youngest over the fence to be with its family.

Two suspected cases of the plague - which is linked to the consumption of marmot meat - have been identified in the region of Khovd, health experts announced on Wednesday.

Famous Little Mermaid statue in Denmark is vandalised with 'Racist Fish' graffiti

Police and commentators were left puzzled Friday as to who might have vandalized the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and what their message really is. 'We can confirm that The Little Mermaid has been vandalised some time before 9:00 am this morning,' Copenhagen police said in a statement. 'An unknown person has written the words 'Racist Fish' on it. We are investigating the case.'

Emergency services rushed to a raging fire on Croydon High Street in south London at around 1am last night after locals reported hearing an explosion.

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Paragliding for couch potatoes! Daredevil takes to the skies on a SOFA and flies around watching TV in his slippers in bonkers stunt without any safety equipment

Hasan Kaval, 29, from Izmir, Turkey, is a paragliding pilot and instructor with 10 years experience in paragliding. He took to the skies on the sofa in front of the TV in Oludeniz in the Fethiye district of Mula Province in southwest Turkey. Kaval said he has a lot of crazy ideas like this and he felt good and relaxed. He added that he wasn't scared and his friends trust him.

Firefighters took 30 minutes to retrieve the duckling from a road drain after flash floods in Barnet, north London, on July 2. The duckling, its mother and eight siblings were taken to a nearby pond.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson shares a picture of his uniform having fallen into a canal while on patrol (@DaveThompsonCC/Twitter)

Dave Thompson was on patrol with the Ladywood neighbourhood team in Birmingham when he was involved in chasing three suspects along the tow path.

PAUL THOMAS on the Leicester lockdown

'He's checking that no arrivals from Britain have a Leicester accent'

Rich Kids of Instagram celebrate the loosening of lockdown restrictions

From travelling thousands of miles in expensive supercars to lounging on a sun bed sat five star hotels, these spoiled youngsters from around the world have been eager to make up for lost time. Pictured clockwise from top left: a picnic over a Rolls Royce; a diamond-encrusted face mask; a Russian influencer jets off to Dubai; a trip on a private jet with a pampered pooch; filling up a sports car for a road trip across Europe; a Los Angeles designer shopping spree.


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The new 'Covid cut'? Inventor creates bizarre DIY hair trimmer using clippers and a vacuum cleaner to avoid sweeping up afterwards

Dr Phil Green, 54, an assistant professor in the school of mechanical, aerospace and automotive engineering at Coventry University, fashioned a utensil that makes it easy to cut your own hair. He glued a set of regular hair clippers to the nozzle of his vacuum cleaner, which allows him to cut his hair precisely with just one hand. Despite his ingenious invention, Dr Green said he will be going back to the barbers from July 4 to support local businesses. But he thinks the at-home creation could be of benefit to barbers, as well as people looking to cut their own hair.

Divers have reunited a student with a family heirloom after it was dropped in a lake at Colwick Country Park in Nottingham. Joe Templeton's ring belonged to his late grandfather.

Tim Harford reveals the history behind a variety of trivial objects including pencils, stamps and trousers, in a sequel to his bestselling book Fifty Things That Made The Modern Economy.

Incredible timelapse driver's-eye footage of a train speeding from Edinburgh across the Forth Bridge to Aberdeen at the equivalent of 1,100mph 

It's one of the most breathtaking British rail journeys - taking in two epic bridges - and now you can experience it in eye-popping timelapse style from the driver's point of view. LNER has released cab footage of a train making its way from Edinburgh to Aberdeen - across the Forth and Tay bridges - but speeded up so it's travelling at the equivalent of 1,100mph. The 130-mile journey takes two hours and 38 minutes on average in real life. But in this mesmerising clip - filmed in a hi-tech Azuma - the trip is completed in just seven minutes.