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Last updated: 01:44 GMT, 23 January 2017

ANYONE could get to the UK on Eurostar without a passport

Terrorists and criminals can travel to Britain on the Eurostar without any form of identification for as little as £2.60 by taking advantage of a loophole from the Schengen Agreement, it has been revealed. The shocking loophole takes advantage of the open-borders Schengen Agreement that allows people to travel across Europe without showing a passport. Britain is not part of the agreement and travellers are expected to show passports when they board the Eurostar to come here. But the loophole allows passengers to board the Eurostar without identification in Brussels with a ticket to the French city of Lille - and to simply remain on the train when it heads to London. Pictured is reporter Glenn Keogh, who boarded the train in Brussels (left) and was able to stay on at Lille (right), before arriving in London (inset) without any passport checks.

Obama pictured in heavy contemplation on vacation 

Former President Barack Obama looked to be in deep thought (left) as he headed home from a workout, escorted by his smallest motorcade in years, on Sunday. The nation's 44th president has chosen to spend the first days of his newfound retirement playing golf and hitting the gym at Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, just outside Palm Springs, California. He looked tiresome and in heavy contemplation, a stark comparison to when he was golfing at the ultra-exclusive Porcupine Creek Golf Club (inset) on Saturday.

Michael Adebolajo lashed out at officers who were trying to escort him to his cell at HMP Belmarsh in July 2013 and reports say he has finally found a lawyer to help sue the prison service.

Daily Mail News TipsDaily Mail News Tips

Joshua Nott, 23, was a key publicist behind South Africa's Rhodes Must Fall movement and was central in the battle by Cape Town University students to tear down a statue of the British mining magnate.

Kay Burley, 56, is a 30-year veteran of TV news. After local BBC radio, she moved to TV-Am and became a Sky News anchor in 1988. She has a son, Alexander, 23, and lives in London.

House prices in Britain's new towns has outperformed the national average. Milton Keynes, Telford, Corby, Warrington and Skelmersdale all had stronger increases than the UK average increase.

A police officer has been injured in a shooting at a petrol station in Belfast, Northern Ireland, officials have confirmed today with the incident described as 'an act of terrorism'.

Expat’s dogs massacred in feud with Spanish hunters

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Gunmen shot the pets at Illona Mitchell's animal rescue centre in Granada, southern Spain, after creeping on to the property at night. Locals believe it was a revenge attack because she refused to let them hunt on her land. Miss Mitchell, 48, (pictured left with her daughter Ella, 11, and three dogs that survived the attack) initially accepted that hunters roaming across her land to shoot pheasants, deer, wild boar and rabbits was part of Spanish culture. But as her rescue centre flourished, she decided to seek a ban on the hunting as it was cruel to animals.

Theresa May insisted she 'won't be afraid' to challenge his 'unacceptable' views but said the focus of the meeting in Washington later this week will be on trade, Nato and Russia.

Hani al-Sibai, who lives in London, was granted public money to help him fight deportation even though he is alleged to be a 'key influencer' of the extremist Ansar al-Sharia movement.

The Met Office is warning of widespread dense freezing fog across large parts of the country tomorrow and Tuesday with temperatures plunging as low as minus five degrees.

Cyclists will not be punished for riding on the pavement as part of initiative being introduced in Camden, one of the most popular areas for cyclists in the country by Sergeant Nick Clarke.

Do supermarket gym kits REALLY work out?

In 2017, the UK's most popular chains are hoping you'll find room in your trolley for their sportswear lines. We've decided to put the supermarket sportswear lines to the test. Pictured (left to right), a top, leggings and trainers from Asda for a total of £30, a sports bra, jacket and leggings from Sainsburys and Tesco for £44, a vest and leggings from Lidl for £8.98, a vest and leggings from Tesco and Sainsburys for £24, a vest and bra set and leggings from Tesco and Asda for £28, and a vest, shorts and trainers from Asda for £30.

Families in the UK could enjoy even more barbecues and picnics because scientists believed the country could enjoy up to 15 more days of fine weather due to changing patterns.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe (pictured) was detained in April 2016 while trying to leave Iran with her toddler daughter, Gabriella. Today, she has had her five-year prison sentence confirmed.

Dereck Chisora was stopped by police in Hyde Park last November for not having insurance while driving his Bentley. Croydon Crown Court heard he thought he was covered on the policy.

The sniper fired his single .338 Lapua Magnum bullet from a L115A sniper rifle from a range of 1,800m just as the senior ISIS members prepared to fire shots into a women and children.

Ryan Mason has surgery after sustaining skull fracture

Ryan Mason has undergone surgery after sustaining a skull fracture during Hull's game against Chelsea on Sunday. Mason was hurt following a clash of heads with Chelsea's Gary Cahill. The Hull midfielder was on the floor for nine minutes before being taken to St Mary's hospital.

Kristina Trewick, 47, from Blyth, Northumberland, had already beaten breast cancer twice when she told it had returned and was terminal. So the mum looked into hyperthermia treatment in Germany.

A semi-detached house on Polstead Road, Oxford, lived in by TE Lawrence during his childhood, has been denied listed status by the Culture Secretary because of changes made to the property.

World travel expert Gilbert Ott tackles five of the most common myths about securing cheap airline tickets, and explains why it is possible to get a refund after you've booked if you've paid too much.

The mum of four first developed her irrational fear of vomiting when she was just five years old and lives 'in daily fear' of vomiting and hasn't been sick herself for six decades.

Broom cupboard sex with Wolf of Westminster? It's howlingly good! CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews Apple Tree Yard 

Never has a TV drama raised so many awkward, sweaty questions... such as, 'Is my wife unfaithful?', 'Has my husband guessed?' and 'Is that George Osborne having a knee-trembler in a Commons broom cupboard?' The black-haired, smooth-voiced devil in the blue tie was not the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, of course. Perish the thought, writes CHRISTOPHER STEVENS as he gives Apple Tree Yard five stars.

Anyone hoping to end the weekend with a cosy night of comfort viewing on BBC TV last night will have received a bit of a shock. Call The Midwife featured a domestic violence storyline.

The proposed limit will come into play in between junctions 32 and 35a on the M1 near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, when the motorway is its busiest, between 7am and 7pm.

Florida-based professor Adam Heath Avitable live tweeted his feelings after no students turned up for his class, with hilarious results. He wondered if there had been a zombie apocalypse.

Madonna 'didn't mean she wanted to blow up White House'

Madonna has spoken out via Instagram to clarify the statements she made in her impassioned speech during the Women's March on Washington.The Secret Service has reportedly said it will investigate her claim that she has thought about 'blowing up the White House'. She posted a photo of herself in the same furry black coat she wore to the march, overlain with white lettering that stated: 'I choose love! Are you with me?' In her photo caption, she continued, saying: 'I spoke in metaphor and I shared two ways of looking at things - one was to be hopeful, and one was to feel anger and outrage, which I have personally felt. However, I know that acting out of anger doesn't solve anything. And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love.'

Ivanka goes casual for White House staff swearing in

The first daughter looked relaxed and happy as she joined her father and her husband Jared Kushner at the White House on Sunday. The casual ensemble was a big departure from the Carolina Herrera princess-style gown with with crystals she wore to Friday's Liberty Ball. Ivanka was in attendance not only to support her father, the new president, but also her husband Jared Kushner who is to take on the role of senior adviser at the White House.

Donald Trump might have violated US law on first full day as President. Trump deleted one particular tweet from his personal account - a potential violation of the Presidential Records Act.

Donald Trump makes changes in the Oval Office

Within hours of being sworn in as president of the United States on Friday, Donald Trump immediately started making decorative changes to the White House. The Oval Office was redecorated for Trump, as gold curtains (pictured main left) were installed behind the Resolute desk, replacing the crimson curtains that were installed under Barack Obama tenure (pictured inset). The change was first noticed when Trump sat at the Resolute desk to sign an executive order on Obamacare and other memos in his first actions as president on Friday evening. In addition to the curtains being changed, the real estate mogul also got rid of a huge, circular rug from Obama's presidency that featured quotes from leaders including, MLK Jr. and four former presidents. It's replacement appears to be the sunburst gold and yellow rug with garland edges designed by Laura Bush during her husband's presidency, as it's said Bush requested to have one that expressed his spirit of optimism, ABC News reported. The billionaire is widely known for loving gold accents and features when it comes to interior decorating, as both his office and homes around the country feature it throughout (pictured right).

Kellyanne Conway said President Donald Trump would not be sharing his tax returns, despite a petition attracting 212,000 signatures to the cause since Friday.

The 31-year-old venture capitalist was seen congratulating his older sibling in the East Room after he was formally sworn in as a senior adviser to Donald Trump.

The Dalai Lama said he hopes that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will work together for global peace. The spiritual leader said the world needed leaders with compassion.

Pope Francis celebrates a Mass at the end of the Jubilee (Holy Year) of the Dominicans, inside the Basilica of St. John Lateran, in Rome, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017. (Giorgio Onorati/ANSA via AP)

Pope Francis says he will wait to see what Donald Trump does as president before he judges him after sending him a personal message urging him to take care of the poor when he is in office.

Trump grandson wears Ninja Turtle PJs at White House lunch

Donald Trump's grandson, Tristan, may have set a fashion first on Sunday after his dad, Donald Trump Jr, snapped him wearing Ninja Turtle pajamas to lunch. The young boy (pictured left) was photographed tucking into a healthy-looking plate of fruit while wearing the green PJs - though whether he was Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael or Michelangelo is unknown. 'I'm sure a lot of people have lunch in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pajamas in The White House... then again this could be a first,' wrote his dad. 'Well done Tristan.' Earlier in the day, Donald Jr had posted a photo (right) of himself, wife Vanessa Haydon and daughter Kai Madison taken before the inauguration balls. And also on Sunday Tiffany Trump posted a photo of herself and Eric Trump, taken from the roof of the White House (inset).

President Trump revealed that President Obama had kept to tradition and left him a letter - but wouldn't tell the world what the outgoing Democrat said.

Canadian scientist Vazrick Nazari identified the neopalpa donaldtrumpi, pictured, after examining samples held at the Bohart Museum of Entomology in Davis, California.

Trainspotting cast attend premiere in Edinburgh

He made his international breakthrough in the 1996 cinematic offering from Danny Boyle, as mischievous Mark Renton in the original Trainspotting movie 21 years ago. Now over two decades on, the actor is back on the orange carpet for the premiere of the sequel to the nineties cult classic, T2: Trainspotting , in Edinburgh.

Labour MPs told MailOnline that their leader must offer his 'unwavering commitment' to Nato if he wants to be PM and not act as 'a vacillating pushover'.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May, pictured on the Andrew Marr Show today, vowed to press the US President to commit to continued US support for the mutual defence alliance.

The 90-year-old monarch wore a peach-coloured jacked and hat for the service at the Norfolk estate. She was was also wearing black gloves as she arrived smiling in the Bentley, just before 11am.

Nepal has been thrown into mourning for the country's most famous rapper, Yama Buddha (pictured), who has died in an apparent suicide at his wife's parents' home in London.

WPC sick of abuse from crooks becomes a headmistress

After years of suffering abuse from criminals, Lorraine Clarke left the police and became a primary school headmistress. But astonishingly, she found the vile taunts she faced from parents even worse - with one even publicly saying they hoped she gave birth to disabled children. Now, however, after wiping away her tears she has transformed her primary school in Hastings, East Sussex from 'failed' to 'outstanding' in just three years.

Trident fiasco 'covered up by No10'

The PM failed to answer questions about claims No10 imposed a 'news blackout' on the failed test just weeks before a crucial Commons vote on the future of Britain's nuclear deterrent. The missile, fired from HMS Vengeance during a test last June near the coast of Florida, was reportedly aimed at a sea target off the west coast of Africa but may have gone in the wrong direction, towards the US. Theresa May was accused of omitting any reference to the failed test when MPs voted in July to renew Trident and spend £31 billion on four new submarines to deliver the deterrent. But Mrs May dodged questions on her knowledge of the test during an interview on the Andrew Marr Show today.

When a missile test goes wrong, the North Koreans deny it. But for Britain to stoop to cover-ups, to tell lies and pretend that everything is fine is beyond the pale, writes ADMIRAL LORD WEST.

When Theresa May was quizzed on the Trident misfire while appearing on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday morning, she was grimly uncooperative.

Timber merchant Daniel Chalis, 24, gulped the pet after night of drinking in March.Pal Cheryl Stevens filmed the incident at a bar and now the pair have been found guilty of cruelty and could face prison.

Former Rolls-Royce boss Sir John Rose, pictured, is understood to have enlisted Stephen Pollard as his lawyer as he is investigated by the UK's Serious Fraud Office.

Do you think I'm tipsy? Twitter users ask whether Rod Stewart was a little bit drunk on TV as football fans go wild for his VERY enthusiastic performance during the Scottish Cup draw 

The 72-year-old rocker smiled mischievously at the camera as he pulled out the balls of each team with tongue-in-cheek enthusiasm during the William Hill Scottish Cup draw. Sir Rod was accompanied by former Celtic player Alan Stubbs on the fifth round draw, who appeared to be both amused and bemused by the rock star's behaviour. However, taking to Twitter, supporters congratulated Sir Rod on adding some extra fun and games to the usually pretty uninspiring proceedings. Tweeter Rob Holder wrote: 'Rod Stewart doing the Scottish Cup draw is one of the best things I've seen.'

The channel has been advertising premium chat lines to viewers that have similar phone numbers to those belonging to residents in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Earlier this week, the British Transport Police urged people who feel 'uncomfortable or distressed' to contact them if they see train passengers watching pornography.

Did a UFO give Uri Geller magical powers when he was three years old? A dazzling ball of light floating above the little boy, then hitting him with a blinding beam...Sounds crazy? In fact, an air force captain saw it all - and confirmed every detail

Israeli psychic Uri Geller believes his powers were 'activated' by a chance encounter with a UFO when he was just three years old, writes JONATHAN MARGOLIS. And in a surprising twist, this account was backed up by a retired Israeli air force captain 35 years later in 2007. The entertainer's 'need for fame and fortune' also ended any chance of success working for the CIA, according to the biographer. Pictured is Geller in 2006 and, inset, with his mother and dog Joker during his teenage years in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Bellfield offered the challenge after Stone, 56, claims he is innocent of the 1996 murders of Lin Russell, 45, Megan, six, and the attempted murder of Josie, nine, for which he is now serving life.

Striker David Goodwillie and his former Dundee United team-mate David Robertson made three cash offers to Denise Clair if she dropped her case against them.

So who's at fault? Female pedestrian is almost run over by TWO mopeds as she crossed at a zebra crossing  

This is the shocking moment a woman is almost knocked down by a moped in west London at a zebra crossing by a pair of moped delivery riders who undertook a line of cars at the junction. Both of the moped riders risked three penalty points and a fine of up to £1,000 by undertaking the cars who had given way to the woman who was about to step out into the road.

Adolescents are less likely to notice the smell of sweat, cigarette smoke and soap, according to a new study. Researchers in Denmark tested dozens of common odours on people aged under 50.

Following on from the many vitamin supplements that have been churned out over the years, manufacturers are now producing 'beauty foods' specifically designed to make you prettier.

Maggie was given secret driving lessons

Margaret Thatcher's decision to take the wheel to help launch a new Rover in Downing Street provoked panic behind the scenes, her newly-released personal papers reveal. To prepare her, civil servants arranged a secret test run at Chequers - and a Rover, which cost £19,000 at the time, was smuggled in on a trailer, according to files published by the Churchill Archive Centre. Right: A note to Mrs Thatcher from Mark Addison, her private secretary. Left: Mrs Thatcher testing the car

A British Heart Foundation survey of 2,000 people has found one in eight Brits do not know how to ride a bike and one in 10 have forgotten because it has been so long since they last cycled.

Christopher Johnson, 22, of Liverpool, said he woke up on the ground after 'losing an hour of his memory' and believes he was the victim of a 'homophobic attack'.

Maye Musk reveals why she let her hair go grey

Though she has been in the fashion business for 50 years, snowy-haired Maye Musk (pictured) is more in demand as a late-life model than she ever was as a fresh-faced teenager. She's been signed to one of the world's top model agencies - IMG, home to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Victoria's Secret beauties Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel. If her surname sounds familiar, it is because of her famous son Elon Musk (left), the fabulously rich entrepreneur behind Paypal, Tesla electric cars and the SpaceX exploration programme, which plans to colonise Mars.

The man, who was described as a 'scrambler', tumbled down the frosty gulley at Glyder Fach, North Wales. He was airlifted to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police caught more than 8,000 drivers using a mobile phone behind the wheel during a week-long campaign in November last year. The majority of those caught were given a £100 fine and three points.

Paul Flowers, who lives in Salford and is nicknamed 'The Crystal Methodist', announced on Facebook he was in a 'happy and fulfilling relationship' with nightclub DJ James Nicholson.



The original royal wedding! Unseen footage shows a young Kate and Pippa as beaming bridesmaids to their uncle in 1991 wearing pretty floral crowns and accompanied by dashing brother James 

Unseen footage shows Kate and Pippa Middleton as bridesmaids in 1991 at the wedding of their uncle Gary Goldsmith to Miranda Foote at St Peter's Church in Burnham, Bucks. The future Duchess of Cambridge, then nine, can be seen waving cheerfully to the camera while a somewhat grumpy Pippa, seven, is a little more shy. Brother James, three, also played a starring role as a pageboy.

Uri Geller showed her his bent spoon collection and said his premonition of her future promotion to No 10 came to him when he picked up a spoon that once belonged to Sir Winston Churchill.

EXCLUSIVE: The Prison Service has been criticised for refusing to confirm if two brothers have been released and deported to Nigeria 10 years after they killed a woman as she cradled a baby in London.

Elsa Salama, who will be ten next month, vanished in December 2011 after her father Tamer Salama took her from her mother Naomi Button while all three were visiting Egypt, judges have heard.

Lady Diana Spencer, born three centuries before Princess Diana, shared remarkable similarities with the late former wife of Prince Charles, including an extra-marital affair that scandalised Britain.

There's so much excitement that Vogue magazine is calling it 'the new yoga' and the latest way to beat anxiety. Though it might sound like hot air this is nothing like ordinary breathing.

Market leader Nescafe becomes the first coffee producer to raise prices of its products. The rise is being blamed on the post-Brexit Pound plummeting and poor weather conditions.

Amir Khan misses his brother's wedding party

The former world champion's brother Haroon celebrated his marriage to wife Arifa in front of 1,000 guests in a lavish bash (left) at Bolton FC's Macron Stadium. But while the Khans were all together celebrating the happy ocassion, Amir was 5,000 miles away in San Francisco preparing for his next bout. Amir and his wife Faryal Makhdoom (top right), 25, did attend the couple's wedding in Pakistan in 2015 but he decided to dodge the pair's UK ceremony. Pictured (bottom right) are supercars outside the stadium as guests arrived.

Millions of homeowners were persuaded to sign up to a Government scheme with the promise of cheaper bills by making homes more energy efficient but experts say homes were not suitable.

Video footage captured the boats being struck as they crossed the Tigris River which runs through the Iraqi city. The militants had taken to the water to escape the east of the city.

The alert follows the deaths of at least 15 patients from the bacteria, which can lie dormant for five years, while another nine are fighting for their lives. Alan Diplock, pictured, died from bug.

Builder shames his colleague who called in sick with a hilarious parody of 1980s children's programme Rainbow

Ronnie Owen, from north Wales, was recorded imitating presenter Geoffrey Hayes and characters George the hippo and Bungle the bear from the popular show (inset). In the sketch, he jokes that his colleague had 'probably been out on the beer' and was 'f****** sick of work'. The video has already been viewed two million times since being shared on Facebook on Thursday.

Some employers said interviewees listed things like 'excellent proofreading' on their resume while others asked to bring their partners along to the interview with them.

At least 32 people were killed and 50 others injured late Saturday night after a passenger train derailed in southern India between Jagdalpur to Bhuvaneshawar.

She's the queen of bizarre fads, but if her strict regime of yoga, dieting and 'steaming' your nether regions gets too tiring, Gwyneth Paltrow has the answer for that, too.

The new £3billion super-carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is being completed in Rosyth, Scotland. A launch date of May 29, in Portsmouth, was earmarked by the main contractor.

Faiz Siddiqui, a modern history graduate from Brasenose College, says he would have enjoyed a career as an international commercial lawyer had he not been held back by only obtaining a 2:1.

Reservoir digs! Decommissioned former water plant is transformed into a stunning hidden countryside home boasting five bedrooms and a huge light-filled atrium - and it's all yours for £895,000 

Robert and Ann Hardy bought Woolbrook Reservoir in Sidmouth, Devon, from South West Water in 2008 and spent three years and £800,000 turning it into a unique home. Pictured: The living room;(top left); ground floor staircase;(top right) first floor bedroom;(bottom left) and central courtyard.(bottom right). Pictured centre: The property from above.

The new design by Denver-based Molon Labe features staggered seating, with the middle seat positioned further back than the outer seats. It is also lower and wider than an average seat.

A report by army think-tank the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research has said years of reduced budgets means Britain's ability to remain a fighting force has been 'effectively removed'.

Tom Markle Jr, (pictured) who has the same father as the American actress, has apologised to his sibling and begged her to invite him to her wedding if she marries her boyfriend Prince Harry.

And adults born male but who identify their true gender as female will be permitted to become leaders under radical changes (pictured: a young Princess Margaret and the Queen as Guides).

Vibrations of habitual snoring can cause damage and inflammation to the throat, increasing the risk of artherosclerosis and the chances of a stroke according to researchers in Illinois.

Can YOU spot the subtle differences in these pictures?

Are you able to spot all of the differences in these photographs? The collection, compiled by Playbuzz, has planted several subtle changes in each picture and wants you to point them out. See how well you can do and simply flip the photo to reveal the answers.

Jessica Chadwick, 22, and Henry Minden, 25, from Timperley, near Manchester, were given just 20 minutes to pack up their stuff and get to the airport for the last plane back yesterday.

Tobias Neto, from Putney, south west London, found the Victoria Cross which was one of 16 medals given to British soldiers after the Battle of Inkerman on November 5, 1854, on the banks of the Thames.

Brooke Axtell, of Austin in Texas, has revealed the horrors she was subjected to when she was trafficked for sex as a child. She previously revealed she was a victim of domestic violence at the Grammys.

Is this Britain's dumbest thief? Burglar, 42, is caught on camera breaking into the home of a CCTV engineer 

Drug user Darren Gaylor, 42, was caught on camera trying his luck at the home of Paul Selvester during a day-light raid. The callous thief, who has 33 convictions for 135 offences, including 15 domestic burglaries, is shown clambering up a ladder before sneaking through a window at the property in Plymouth, Devon.

New research suggests we are shunning traditional books and are now obsessed with handheld devices as the average home has more than eight linked to the internet.

Gay clergy are currently asked if they will remain celibate under the current system but bishops are considering new proposals not to ask about their private lives.

Patrice Brown was jailed for three months for making a 12-minute recording while her boyfriend Dwayne Kesto was on trial for two historic rapes at Wolverhampton Crown Court (pictured).

People lay flowers and lit candles outside the Pal Szinyei-Merse secondary school in central Budapest after 16 pupils were killed in a bus crash in Italy on the way back from a skiing trip in France.

'Darlene, please don't take my man!' Adorable toddler filmed belting out her own unique version of Dolly Parton's hit Jolene

Sophia, from Lansing, Michigan, was filmed belting out her unique rendition of Dolly Parton's Jolene while she played with her toy. Her mother Brooke Kingsley caught the two-year-old singing her little heart out to one of Dolly Parton's biggest hits. In the video, Brooke sneaks up on Sophia singing the 40-year-old tune to herself, where she cutely pronounces Jolene as 'Darlene'.

Mr Johnson, who is visiting Burma, said on Saturday he was 'very optimistic' that a trade deal could be done quickly with the new president, once Britain had left the European Union.

Escort Paul Stag said he feared Liquid G, also known as chems and GHB, was in George's system when he died aged 53 at his home in Goring, Oxfordshire on Christmas Day.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling will announce plans to extend the length of time new cars need before their first MoT from three to four years in a move set to save drivers millions every year.

Employees have had the cost of the lost fuel docked from their wages in a practice branded 'illegal and immoral' by union bosses, as thefts from the pump reach record levels of £31.4million a year.

'Shakira of Kurdistan' told she should hang for sexy image

Dashni Morad, 31, (inset) fled Iraq as a child and sought refuge in Holland. But as she returned years later her new found fame caused fury among law enforcers and people were told to boycott her music (right). But instead of leaving she stayed and eventually found success, she also set up a charity to bring books to refugee children called Green Kids (left).

Riot police have been sent into Alcacuz jail (pictured) where 26 inmates have been murdered in two weeks has been 'taken over' by warring gangs who behead their enemies and take guards hostage.

Tiffany Beese (pictured), from New Zealand, who asked her community on social media for help finding the mystery man she met on a plane trip has found him.

The wild boars in the Forest of Dean have begun venturing into residential areas in recent years in the hunt for food, and have destroyed gardens and graveyards in the process.

Mark Richardson (pictured), 29,  was detained in Glasgow by police, after going into hiding last July and failing to appear in court twice and saying it was 'too dangerous' to attend.

Defenceless dog was shot in the face 50 times

Liz Haslam, 48, of Norfolk, found her English bull terrier Eric (right) had more than 50 lead pellets embedded in his skin and bones after rescuing him from Turkey in 2015. Ms Haslam (inset with Eric) thought he had an abscess, but when the vets carried out an x-ray (left) they were horrified to discover the pellets. Other injuries suggested the dog, thought to be around six years old, may have been involved in dog-fighting in Turkey before Ms Haslam raised £2,500 to bring him to the UK.

About 6,000 Britons suffer from the debilitating condition achalasia which means food cannot enter their stomach, but a new procedure can help change their lives for the better.

Betty, a black and white moggy, managed to climb the 30ft wooden structure in Cam, Gloucestershire, but lost her nerve when trying to get down and was stuck.

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips (pictured) who was dropped by the BBC which sparked an ageism row is invited back to star in a new show - about getting old.

Jacob Onions managed to stay calm when he found mother Gemma (pictured together) out cold after she had fallen and hit her head on the floor at their home in Arleston, Telford.

Before and after the carnage: How the Italian hotel decimated by an avalanche looked before the tragedy struck as survivors reveal they ate snow to stay hydrated 

Rescuers combing the wreckage of an Italian hotel in a bid to find survivors of a devastating avalanche detected no signs of life overnight, officials said today. Nine people have been pulled alive from the rubble since rescuers first reached Hotel Rigopiano in the mountains of central Italy early on Thursday. Scores of rescuers are still working at the site (pictured) and have refused to give up hope that more people could still be clinging to life in air pockets under the snow. On Friday nine-year-old Edoardo Di Carlo was found alive (inset) but his mother, Nadia Aconcciamessa, a nurse in the nearby town of Penne, was among the dead.

Spread across wasteland and surrounded by woodland the items, which are believed to have belonged to a former amusement park in Lancashire, have now found a final resting place.

Irish Police seized more than £32 million of cannabis hidden in farm machinery on board a ship that docked in Dublin. The bust is linked to operations to stop organised crime.

Swaleside in Kent, Garth in Lancashire, Isle of Wight and Gartree in Leicestershire are the four prisons across the country which are to receive more money for guards and tougher measures.

The gangs take a fee from retailers, send cheap designer goods to British homes, then often leave good reviews on their websites to boost their reputations as well as their prominence.


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Inside the glory days of New York nightclub Studio 54

Known as the best nightclub in America, Studio 54 was awash with celebrities in its 1970s heyday. David Bowie (main), John Travolta (bottom right), Cher (top right) and Michael Jackson (inset) were among the VIPs to skip the permanently enormous queues and embrace the hedonism within. And now, 40 years since the club opened on New York's West 54th Street, intriguing unseen pictures have emerged of the stars enjoying their nights on the tiles.

Experts in Oxford are trying out a device called Pressop which could replace the multiple botox jabs sufferers of blapharospasm have to have in order to weaken the overexcited muscles.

A common arthritis drug has been found to be an effective treatment for rare debilitating rheumatic conditions, new research reveals. The trial of 250 patients in 14 countries included the UK.

Scientists at USC believe children may be at greater risk of weight gain because their struggling for breath could cause them to play and exercise less. Asthmatic medication also causes weight gain.

The illusive six-month long role of Maatsuyker Island caretaker has become available. The private island is 10 kilometres off the coast of Tasmania and only accessible by helicopter. Applications are open now.



Terrifying moment climber is thrown from a wall of ice as it collapses into a frozen river beneath him 

The terrifying moment a climber is thrown from a hanging pillar of ice as it collapses into a frozen river below was caught on camera in Switzerland. The video begins with the unidentified climber using a set of pickaxes while sporting spiked shoes to try and safely navigate his way up on the side of a mountain. But a final blow to the ice with his pickaxe sent the entire thing crumbling below into a frozen river.

The House of Markle is a motley collection of individuals who between them have a long record of boozing, bust-ups and bankruptcies. Her half-brother Thomas Jr spent a night in cells last week.

A man has had his penis removed in hospital after getting into a fight over a parking space (file photo) in Minsk, Belarus. The row began when the driver took a fellow motorist's spot.

Retired builder, 65, knocks up a bizarre UPSIDE DOWN house

A retired builder in Brazil has knocked up a totally upside down house - with the roof at the bottom and the front door at the top. Valdevino Miguel da Silva, (pictured outside the house left, with his wife Maria), said: 'I've worked for such a long time in the industry that when I retired I wanted to do something different and exciting.' He said: 'I decided to set myself a challenge by keeping active and instead of going down the traditional route of building a normal house I did it upside down.' Inside the house is completely normal (top right) and the real front door is round the back (bottom right).