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Last updated: 09:02 BST, 28 March 2017

The rows of pens and hutches could not be more removed from the storybook idea of farm life. This site, effectively a battery farm for calves, is used to rear cows that will go on to supply milk to leading supermarkets including Marks & Spencer. Welfare law states that cows should only be reared in these solitary hutches for up to eight weeks of age. But the calves captured in these images are significantly older - making this practice potentially illegal. What is clear from the pictures is the calves are too large for the hutches. They struggle to bend to get inside the cramped shelters when they need protection from the cold and rain. This has left some of them with grazes on their backs. The Holstein calves, raised at Grange Dairy in Winfrith Newburgh, near Dorchester, Dorset, will be sent to other farms to join a dairy herd. Once they are old enough to calve, their milk will be supplied to supermarkets across the country.

Rape victim says judge's drinking warning was right

Megan Clark, 19, was attacked by a man she met in a fast food restaurant after drinking beer and vodka during a night out in Manchester. Following the trial at Manchester Crown Court, Judge Lindsey Kushner said women should be aware that potential attackers 'gravitate towards girls who have been drinking'. Waiving her right to anonymity, Ms Clark said that she took the judge's comments in a 'positive way' and she did not believe she was 'victim-blaming'.

Rohey Hydara, the wife of Westminster attacker Khalid Masood, has said she is 'saddened and shocked' by what he did, adding: 'I totally condemn his actions.'

Daily Mail News TipsDaily Mail News Tips

Sheldon Sparks, from Bristol, was having drink at a pub on North Street in the city centre when he noticed the woman 'flop out her breast' and begin feeding the child.

Unveiling a major cost-cutting plan in the Daily Mail today, the head of the NHS says patients will also be expected to pay for their own indigestion pills, hayfever remedies and sun cream in the UK.

Steve Dempster was furious after his wife suffered the 'disgusting' abuse at the Weetons cafe in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, when she had asked for a smaller omelette for their baby.

'They're safe now': Ed Sheeran HAS saved the lives of abused Liberian street boys after his incredible act of kindness on Comic Relief

His latest album broke Adele's record when it sold 432,000 copies in just three days outselling the entire UK Top 200 twice over. And Ed Sheeran put his newfound wealth and fame to good use as he offered to use his own cash to pay for a safe home for raped and abused Liberian street boys he met while on camera for Comic Relief. And the charity has now confirmed that the musician has provided a safe home for Monrovian children JD and his friends - but adds that many more are still living terrible lives.

Sonia Bryce drew numerous complaints for playing loud music and having regular parties at her rented home in Willenhall, Walsall, with visitors arriving at all hours.

Steve Marston: My fiancee brought fake child to DNA test

EXCLUSIVE: They are the treasured photographs of a happy family taken when Steven Marston believed his life was fulfilled. His smiling girlfriend poses seductively on a bed while in others his two-year-old son potters about blissfully unaware of the gathering storm that would engulf the family. Soon after these happy snaps were taken Steven's life was turned upside down after his fiancée cut off all contact and denied he was the father of the boy. Court documents obtained by MailOnline show the lengths her family went to in an attempt to deter former Essex market trader Steven from establishing his paternity rights. The former Essex barrow boy turned trader, 49, pictured inset and top right with his son and former fiancée, left, claims he was in a relationship with the woman, whom he met when they both worked for an investment bank in Luxembourg for six years. During his ten-year court battle to prove his paternity, Steven claims the unnamed woman brought the wrong child to a DNA test. Now an independent test has apparently proven Steven, from Essex, is the boy's father.

A man serving life behind bars for murdering British backpacker Peter Falconio by the side of the road in Australia's outback could be innocent, experts say.

A new inquest is to be held into the hit and run killing of Barry Pring in Kiev. Former stripper Ganna Ziuzina complained she was not given an opportunity to testify at the first inquest.


Harry Watson's mother, Tanya, posted a photo of him surrounded by hearts, and said that she believes that they fell while taking pictures on the North Yorkshire cliffs.

Rio Ferdinand's experience of loss is shared by so many

The school run was Rio Ferdinand's first big test after the death of his wife, Rebecca (together, left). Running frantically around the house, diving into wardrobes and cupboards, rummaging through bags, he eventually managed to get his three children off to school - albeit late. When he thought about it afterwards, he realised that Rebecca must have prepared everything meticulously for their children - sons Lorenz, then nine, Tate, then six, and daughter, Tia, just four - the night before, when the running of the household, and everyone in it, was her responsibility. Golfer Darren Clarke lost his wife, Heather (both right), to cancer in 2006. Inset: Ben Brooks-Dutton founded The Gentleman's Room group after his wife, Desreen, was knocked down by a car and killed in 2012.

Broadchurch viewers were left with a vital new clue after the episode came to an end - a sock that could be a gag used in Trish's attack, belonging to a member of the football team.

Screenshots show how men were flattered and impressed when women tried out cliched chat-up lines on Tinder. Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the best exchanges.

Katie Hopkins: Questions about Khalid Masood are piling up

By making Whatsapp a sinister accomplice in Khalid Masood's attack and answering easy questions about extremist material on google, Home Secretary Amber Rudd was avoiding difficult questions about our divided and broken multicultural society. The establishment pointed to Muslim women standing hand-in-hand across Westminster bridge instead of listening to Julian, a Muslim man who called me on my radio show at LBC, to say he is frightened about what is being taught in the mosques where he lives. The 'we stand united' propaganda is blatant lies. We are a divided nation. Shattered. Splintered. You can make as many heart gestures to the sky as you want, hold hands on a bridge if you wish, write posters about drinking tea. This is not the Blitz. We aren't defending Great Britain anymore. We are being asked to be accomplices in its fall. And I refuse to join.

Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood copied ISIS techniques but there was no evidence he was in contact with the group, a police chief has said, as more details of the attack have emerged.


Janet Ajao, of Carmarthenshire, has released a statement saying: 'I do not condone his actions nor support the beliefs he held that led to him committing this atrocity.'

British man 'choked to death with a candlestick'

A British graduate on a Swiss skiing holiday was brutally murdered with a metre-long candlestick by a millionaire art dealer's son, a court heard yesterday. The victim, (inset), 23, a former pupil of Prince Charles's public school Gordonstoun, had his head caved in before being slashed with glass and choked to death, it was said. His alleged killer (right), 31, who was high on cocaine and ketamine at his parents' chalet, mistook the victim (right in left picture with his mother) for a green alien in his stupor, it was claimed.

Researchers from Indiana University and the University of Hawaii, Mnoa conducted an analysis of 50 studies to better understand the effect of porn on viewers' overall satisfaction.

EXCLUSIVE: Viagra could be made available without prescription in the UK for the first time. The little blue pill is one of the most successful drugs ever developed and is taken by millions of men.

'Ali v Foreman, but with jumpers on': Cambridge whizz Eric Monkman comes out on top against his rival Bobby Seagull in University Challenge - and sets social media alight

Eric Monkman (pictured left) came out top against Bobby Seagull (pictured right) in the University Challenge semi-final. The battle of the brains, which was also the closest semi-final in 12 years, was widely celebrated on social media - especially for Monkman's passionate eccentricity and booming voice.

Hedge fund exec Charles W. Murphy, whose company lost billions in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, leaped to his death from the 24th story of the Manhattan Sofitel hotel on Monday.

Prince Philip, 95, took delivery of the gas-powered Metrocab in 1999, and used the vehicle for engagements in London, allowing him to travel around the city unnoticed.

Who pushed Coronation Street's Ken Barlow?

He's been a show stalwart for 57 years.  So Coronation Street viewers were undoubtedly besides themselves as Ken Barlow (William Roache) was seen collapsed at the bottom of the stairs on Monday night. However, during Wednesday night's episode, the shop assistant's family will learn that he has not had a stroke as suspected but has in fact been pushed, in what will be one of the biggest whodunnits in the show's history. 

Burt Bacharach (pictured) was sued by his dog sitter, Joel Gaynor, 73, who claims the music legend's Portuguese Water Dog Alfie bit off his middle and index fingers while he was pet sitting in July.

Has George Michael been buried under cover of darkness?

A social media post by George Michael's boyfriend has led fans to speculate that the singer's body has been buried overnight to avoid a frenzy. Fadi Fawaz (pictured right with Michael) had many of the late star's devoted followers speculating wildly after he posted a midnight image to Instagram of a churchyard (shown left). Any potential service has been shrouded in secrecy, with some fans waiting outside Highgate Cemetery in North London on the off-chance they might catch the burial. Shortly after the picture appeared on Instagram with no caption, followers of Fawaz began to question the meaning of the post. Fadi, who had dated the singer for five years, had been the one to discover George's body after he tragically passed away at his home on Christmas Day.


After suffering nausea and constant anxiety for a year, Sharon Munro from Aberdeen dropped to 7st. This turned out to be caused by the block of flats she lived in, which was constantly vibrating.

At seven months pregnant, Sandra Notman from Kent had been told her daughter was dying from a serious kidney condition. Her parents had already booked a funeral, but baby Rachel pulled through.

SARAH VINE says Theresa May won Nicola Sturgeon battle

Intentional or otherwise, the First Minister's natty blue suit with white piping and matching light-coloured stilettos were unmistakably reminiscent of the Scottish flag, a subliminal if not entirely subtle indication of her feelings towards Westminster. May, for her part, was stateswomanlike in a stylish navy jacket, a patterned dress and her trademark leopard-print heels. Clearly, Sturgeon was hoping to knock those spots off her. Nevertheless, clearly eager to give the world a show of unity, the two women posed together, mirroring each other's stance, two sets of hands clasped calmly on the arms of their respective chairs.

Unusually there was no on-camera handshake - a routine pleasantry at most encounters between dignitaries - and body language analyst Judi James cast an eye over the meeting for MailOnline.

Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon both went for muted looks as they met for the first time since the latter called for another vote on independence, but who won in the fashion stakes?

The world's easiest exercise plan

Personal trainer Nicola Addison, of Eqvvs Training in London has devised a unique, low-intensity exercise programme for those who are returning after a long break from working out. These include: the backwards toe tap (top left), standing plank rotations (top middle), twisting exercises (top right), plank presses (bottom right) leg lifts (bottom middle) and side lunges (bottom left).

Iridium launched the first ten satellites in January, and so far, two have been switched on and begun to send back data. The technique could allow air traffic control to monitor global flight activity.

Some of the best photographs in the 2017 Sony Awards

Here MailOnline Travel showcases some of the pictures that triumphed in the open competition, which received entries globally from both amateur and professional photographers. They include winners of themed categories, such as nature and wildlife, and some that came first, second or third in the National Awards - where Sony rank photographers within their own countries.

A friendly match between Ivory Coast and Senegal was abandoned after 88 minutes after crowd trouble spilled onto the pitch with dozens of fans invading the field of play and confronting players.

Is this a member of Indonesia's lost pygmy tribe? Mysterious small figures is caught on camera scurrying out of the undergrowth in remote area of northern Sumatra 

The man was spotted near Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra. He appeared to be half-naked and ran down a dirt track carrying a stick. After he was chased, the man dived into some bushes. Some people say the mysterious man is a member of the mythical Mante tribe. The group are believed to be forest dwellers, who were documented once in the 17th century. However, most think the group are simply legend.

Ivanka Trump took to Instagram to celebrate her youngest's first birthday on Monday. Baby Theodore Trump turned one on March 27, marking his first actual birthday.

Surrey University and Harvard Medical School said artificial light is to blame. Adolescents in hunter-gatherer tribes used to natural light get up at dawn. Screens make teens more tired.

The £280 jumper has been worn by Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr. The Bella Freud merino wool jumper was originally made in red and black. They are selling for £520 on eBay.

US mother films 'horrifying' pat-down of her disabled teenage son by 'power-tripping airport staff who left him traumatised for several hours'

A furious mom has blasted the TSA officers who she says gave her disabled son an 'unnecessary' and 'horrifying' pat-down in a Dallas airport on Sunday. Jennifer Williamson says that her son Aaron, who has sensory processing disorder, was detained for more than an hour at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport despite not setting off the metal detector. And although she asked the TSA agent not to perform a pat-down, saying it would upset the boy, the agent went through with it anyway. Williamson then recorded the 'traumatizing' incident in a video that has now been seen more than 1.4 million times.

The firm launched a pop-up window in its app getting young people to register to vote in the EU referendum. Uber was one of 30 companies that discussed how to get 18-24-year-olds voting.

Daniel Korski, 39, said he got the PM on social media to engage with young voters. He was assigned to make sure Boris Johnson did not upset taxi company Uber. He was awarded a CBE

For 16 years Janet Waterton from Cornwall battled an addiction to tranquilisers. She is not alone - new evidence shows a quarter of a million are are left on them for months or even years.



Wheels of fury: Thug cyclist smashes a car's windscreen with HIS OWN BIKE in road rage row with a woman driver who he accused of blocking his route 

Tracey Leng, 50, was driving to see her mother who is seriously ill at Manchester Royal Infirmary hospital on Mother's Day when she became embroiled in an argument with the unknown cyclist. Footage from the Levenshulme mother's dashcam shows a cyclist wearing black overtake her at red traffic lights on Hathersage Road in Chorlton-upon-Medlock. Police were called and officers, including forensics, attended and took a swab of his saliva he left after spitting on the vehicle.

Many say Osbourne has a 'moral obligation' to only have one job and 66 per cent said he should choose between being sitting in Parliament and running London's main newspaper.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Andrew Feldman remunerated the political strategist Jim Messina to the tune of nearly £400,000 for work on the 2015 election campaign.

Vladimir Putin's hold on Russia loosened a little this weekend when tens of thousands of people took to the streets in dozens of demonstrations across this vast country, says EDWARD LUCAS.

Miss Purves, 67, who has presented the Wednesday morning show since 1983, said all she knew was that they 'wanted Wednesday'.

David Storey the this Sporting Life and Saville novelist has died at the age of 83. The Yorkshire-born author, playwright, screenwriter and artist wrote a number of award-winning works.

Those classed as being in poor condition 'will not be fit for purpose in five years' and local authorities need £12bn in funding. The number of potholes filled by councils in London fell by 43 per cent last year.

Amazon is exploring ideas for physical furniture and home appliance stores that let customers shop using augmented reality, allowing them to see how a product looks in their home before buying it.

While many medics are sceptical about the supposed healing properties of crystals and gemstones, beauty practitioners are reporting a soaring demand from clients.

Gangster who raped Profumo Affair model dies aged 85

The small-time Notting Hill Gate drug pusher with a history of violence and rape at knife point, Aloysius 'Lucky' Gordon (pictured left), has died aged 85. In the 1960s 'Lucky' played a pivotal role in the Profumo Affair, following a violent relationship with model Christine Keeler *pictured right). Keeler and her friend Mandy Rice-Davies' (inset) sexual liaisons with Tory Minister John Profumo and a Russian attache led to one of the biggest political scandals of modern times.

Under its controversial target, the government must spend £12.2bn on aid a year. DfID has been accused of 'dumping' billions in trust funds to meet its target, which costs £241m in admin fees.

Sandi Haywood (pictured), from Gateshead, became embroiled in a six-year pension dispute with the Newcastle Hospitals Trust over the timing of her dismissal from her associate director role.

Russia Today branded Azi Ahmed as a 'fantasist' for claiming that she was the target of a Vladimir Putin-backed campaign of 'fake news'

Some 270 medical students at the prestigious University of Glasgow will be forced to re-sit a final year exam after course leaders discovered evidence of online 'collusion' among students.

One shocking Peppa Pig fake, found by New York-based journalist Laura June, shows a dentist with a huge syringe pulling out the cartoon character's teeth as she screams in distress.

The Defence Secretary said internet giants must do their bit to keep us safe. Britain has no legal power to force WhatsApp to share encrypted information and called on Donald Trump to threaten legal action.

Television viewers may have been entertained yesterday teatime if they caught footage of MPs on the public accounts committee throwing cabbages at BBC executives.

As the FA struggles against various scandals and a parliamentary motion of no confidence, William, once a regular in the stands, hasn't attended an England match for the past six months.

A cowardly assassin crept into a family home in North London and executed an innocent mother-of-nine and her nephew as part of a 'vendetta of violence', a court heard today.

Oak Józef, in the village of Winiowa, south-eastern Poland, that two Jewish brothers used as a shelter for hiding from the Nazis during World War Two has been voted European Tree of the Year 2017.

Can YOU find spot the hare in the kitchen?

The retro illustration shared by Playbuzz features a hot-headed chef attempting to prepare a meal, but hiding somewhere among the pots and pans is the pesky hare.

Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles, has been accused of defrauding his former lawyers to the tune of $50,000 for refusing to pay a legal bill - despite auctioning off some of his daughter's memorabilia.

The antique cookbook was written in 1793 and contains a recipe for chicken curry. It was found in the archives of a Benedictine monastery in Somerset, and painstakingly transcribed.

Jason McLean, 27, from Bsaingstoke, is said to have posted the photograph on three groups - including one called 'Pure Banter' - but later claimed his account was hacked.

Researchers at Queen Mary University, London discovered children who viewed light entertainment programmes scored five per cent worse in mental ability tests as adults (stock image).

Leader Paul Nuttall said the party needed to modernise its image to prepare for the post-Brexit era as he rejected claims Ukip has lost its reason to exist.

Police were called to reports of a large scale disturbance in which 10 men were seen fighting and crashing cars in the street in Bury. Four of the men suffered stab wounds.

The new Bishop of Loughborough will be based in the Diocese of Leicester. As well as being the first new post created since 1987, it is the first ever role to have a focus on ethnic diversity.

Breathe in! Hilarious video shows driver struggling to squeeze her car through a TINY gap 

The video, filmed in a car park in Gravesend, shows the driver slowly trying to squeeze through the passage. The video uploader Dan1980 said: 'Always make sure the gap is big enough for your car.' Throughout the video, the person filming and his friends can be heard howling with laughter as the driver struggles with the car. Although the video was filmed in 2015, it has only recently emerged online.

Sandie Bowen, 54, from Newport in South Wales, was last seen alive in 1997. Her remains were discovered when passers-by saw her body still tied to the ceramic sink at the bottom of a reservoir.

An elephant is slowly starving to death in a zoo in Venezuela - and zoo keepers are refusing to accept donations that could save it. Experts fear that Ruperta (pictured) is on death's door.

A very easy kitchen trick means you won't have to do any scrubbing next time you go to clean your microwave. Just put a bowl of vinegar and water into your device and heat for 10 minutes.

Andrew Collins, 32, who is on the official Sex Offenders Register, appeared at the alcohol-free St Patrick's Eve party in County Tyrone and posed for pictures with kids as young as 14.

Former gangster Terry Adams has lost his Court of Appeal challenge over how much he has to pay back from his days of crime.

Families build BUNKERS in homes as Cyclone Debbie hits

Families have taken to building makeshift bunkers in their homes as they shelter from Cyclone Debbie. The 'destructive' Category 4 storm struck the north coast of Queensland on Tuesday afternoon, slamming into the coast with huge 275km/h winds. Those who chose not top evacuate were ordered to stay indoors, but even then some felt unsafe - with residents saying their homes shook and rattled as Debbie made rolled through coastal towns. Mother Kiara Buckby, from Airlie Beach, made a bunker in her bathroom for her and her family, filling it with pillows, duvets and cuddly toys. 'Our doors feel like they're going to blow off,' another woman from Airlie Beach told friends as she took refuge with her dog.

BBC TV Licensing bosses admitted making £16million a year by charging a £5 surcharge to families who pay the licence fee via quarterly direct debit - on top of the annual £145.50 fee.

Entrepreneur and investor James Altucher, 48, decided to get rid of everything he owned and leave his two apartments to live exclusively in Airbnbs.

EXCLUSIVE: Brits throw away the equivalent of 624 million bottles of wine a year, according to a new study. Common reasons for throwing away wine include not knowing the expiry date.

New images of Pennywise from Stephen King's IT released

Pennywise is back and he wants to give you a red balloon! A new image of the iconic killer clown from Stephen King's IT has been released as the drip drip feed of publicity continues for the movie version of the book due out in September. The painted red mouth of Pennywise is seen above the ruffles of his collar with the balloon obscuring the rest of his face.

Barrie Hill, 50, was told he would be sent to prison if he even speaks about sex after repeated 'crude and inappropriate behaviour'.

It's estimated that up to 20 per cent of adults refuse to get vaccinations because they are scared of needles. Scientists at the University of California have come up with a solution: the MucoJet.

'When I received the invitation to join the Prevaricators' Association, I couldn't decide whether or not to accept.' says Craig Brown discussing how he ended up sitting on the fence.

Melitta Meinberger has been told by authorities in Municht that she is legally responsible for paying 200,000 euros to remove the stockpile of Nazi ammunition found beneath her home in Kiefergarten.

'Fungus is a hugely under-recognised area,' says Professor Christopher Thornton of the University of Exeter. New studies have revealed fungi could help treat conditions such as dermatitis and asthma.

NY architect unveils skyscraper hanging from an asteroid

A New York firm has has designed a masive skyscraper that is out of this world. The Analemma Tower is shown suspended from an orbiting asteroid (top inset) - and the only way to leave is by parachute. Deemed the 'world's tallest building ever', the building will travel in a figure-eight pattern between the northern and southern hemispheres, taking residents on a tour through different parts of the work - all in just 24 hours.

Whether served with bacon and eggs for breakfast or with creamy mash for dinner, sausages are a staple of British mealtimes - but the way you cook them could be ruining the taste.

Met Office forecasters say parts of the UK will continue to enjoy a fine spell of weather thanks to high pressure - with temperatures set to soar as high as 20C this week.

It is understood people from outside policing could take the top roles in England and Wales following Home Office proposals in an attempt to attract a more diverse range of candidates.

'A blissful massage for your internal organs!' Yogis wave their stomachs from left to right in a series of mesmerising videos that have taken Instagram by storm

Nauli, an abdominal yoga exercise that involves revolving the stomach left and right in a circular motion, is rarely taught because of how challenging it is for people to master the difficult move. However, videos of yogis who have perfected the toning and cleansing exercise have gained popularity and prompted many people to wonder how people can roll their stomachs in that way.

Its creator, Airobotics, recently became the first in the world to be granted permission to fly an automated drone. The drone is pictured on a test flight near Petah Tikva in Israel.

A new species of millipede, dubbed the 'Maerdy Monster' has been found down an old coal mine in south Wales. Scientists have hailed the discovery as 'hugely significant'.

Due to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), tens of thousands have to take drugs for life to escape the pain. Katalin Portik-Szabo, a nanny from London, became one of the first to try the new surgery.

The ultimate display of sportsmanship: Heartwarming moment three half-marathon runners stop their race and carry an exhausted woman to the finish line so she can finish by herself 

Sportsmanship took great strides Sunday when three men paused their Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon to help a stricken woman to the finish line. The woman was spotted nearly falling over with exhaustion by runner Bryan Crnkovic and another - as yet unidentified - man (both pictured left) just a few hundred yards from the finish line. The pair caught her before she fell and - with the help of Joseph McGinty - carried her (right) to the finish line and into Philly run history, Fox 4 reported. Crnkovic and McGinty (both pictured center inset) said they didn't think their actions were anything special.

Speaking in London, Qatari PM Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani announced his country would continue ploughing cash into Britain.

Terry Pareja, 65, had both his legs amputated after a spider bite became infected with a flesh-eating bug in the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

British families owe a record £66.7billion on credit cards - fuelling fears of an unsustainable spending spree which could lead to mass defaults and even a fresh banking crisis.


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Sacre bleu. And green. And red: French towns and landmarks are captured in pioneering colorised images from the 1890s 

These incredible images of France from 120 years ago capture a country in the midst of La Belle Epoch, a period of cultural, artistic and scientific advancement before two world wars. The impressive railway bridge at Gourdon (top) was captured just a few years after it was built, before being destroyed by retreating Nazi soldiers in 1944. Nice (bottom left) and Brittany are pictured as they transformed into tourist hot spots. Other images show off the beauty of the 1900 world's fair in Paris (bottom right), which was attended by an estimated 50million people and brought inventions such as escalators and diesel engines to the world's attention.

Leicestershire Police has introduced 'Safe Pass' patrols to catch dangerous drivers, with rules stipulating that cyclists must be given the same space - around 1.5m - as vehicles when overtaken.

Lauren McGuinness, 25, from Dagenham in London, almost broke her back in the incident at the all-inclusive Thomson holiday resort. Pictured is the extent of the bruising and the huge lump.



The astonishing moment lightning hits a car and sends it flying along the road at high speed before a terrified passenger escapes

The shocking incident was caught on camera and shared online. The video shows the bolt strike the car, seemingly causing it to zoom at twice the speed. It isn't clear where it was filmed.

Stop hitting your sister! Mother bear intervenes to stop water fight between two adorable cubs 

Adorable footage has emerged of two grizzly bear cubs play-fighting in a river in British Columbia, Canada. But the mother grizzly bear soon intervenes to separate the pair from hurting each other too much. The footage was captured by photographer William Drumm during a bear spotting trip.



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