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Biographer A. N. WILSON writes that for first time in generations, the Queen lacks a wise

A. N. WILSON: Some of the Royal Family’s calamities in 2019 can be put down to bad luck; others to poor judgment. But at least one, however, is of such seriousness that, if it continues, I believe it could threaten the monarchy itself. I mean, of course, the Duke of York’s association with the sex criminal and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in a New York jail in the summer. The damage done to ‘the Firm’ by the Duke’s disastrous interview on the BBC with Emily Maitlis cannot be underestimated. Pictured clockwise from top left: Prince Philip's car crash, Harry and Meghan in an unwise ITV documentary, The Duke Of York with BBC interviewer Emily Maitlis and Zara and Mike Tindal with millionaire Johnny Hon. 

Grace Millane was a member of BDSM dating sites, jury hears

Grace Millane belonged to BDSM dating sites and asked a former partner to choke her in bed, a jury heard today. A statement from Grace's ex-boyfriend given to police revealed he and the 22-year-old university graduate from Essex used a system of safe words and signals to make sure she was never in danger during the BDSM sessions. The statement was read to the jury on Monday at the trial of a 27-year-old New Zealand man accused of strangling Grace to death at the end of a Tinder date. The defendant, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, claims Grace died accidentally during consensual sex at his apartment in Auckland last December, and insists she asked him to put his hands on her neck during intercourse. The trial also heard statements today from police that they had traced messages sent from Grace on two BDSM dating sites, called Whiplr and FetLife (inset). 

Statins will not cause memory loss, according to a new study by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, which examined 1,037 people who had a statin prescription for nine years.

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As the weather turns, it's time to swap summer salads for something more warming, and the High Street has a range of new seasonal lunch options. But which is the healthiest?

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: She led an extraordinary life, marrying two earls and a count - and, along the way, became stepmother to Diana, Princess of Wales.

NEW Sir David Attenborough, 93, explained that while he is not a strict vegetarian because he still eats fish, he 'cannot remember the last time he had a piece of red meat.'

Kate Middleton and Prince William grin and share a joke at Royal Variety Performance

It's the third time Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 37, have attended the spectacular Royal Variety Performance, which takes place every year, either in London or in a theatre around the UK. Kate (top-left) looked stunning in a floor-length black lace overlay Alexander McQueen gown and wore her glossy locks in loose curls. The royal couple, (top-right, and leaving the show, bottom-left), greeted a number of performers (inset and bottom-centre) as well as celebrities including Robbie Williams (bottom-right). They spoke with executives from the Royal Variety Charity and ITV, both before and after the show, which was held at the London Palladium theatre. The event is in aid of the Royal Variety Charity, formally known as The Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund, of which The Queen is Patron. 

Sai Aletaha suffered a brain injury during the fight at Central Hall in Southampton on Saturday night and was left in a critical state which she did not recover from.

Prince Andrew out in cold: Businesses including KPMG and Aon distance themselves from the

A string of major companies are examining their links to the Duke of York amid the backlash over his answers to questions about his relationship with paedophile Epstein. KPMG did not renew its sponsorship of Prince Andrew's Pitch@Palace initiative and insurance giant Aon demanded its name be removed from the scheme's website (inset, the prince addressing a Pitch@Palace meeting). Meanwhile, Astrazeneca is considering its relationship with the prince after his Newsnight interview (right) on billionaire Epstein, who killed himself in jail. During the talk with Emily Maitlis, the Duke denied that he was a partying prince despite him being pictured with models and socialites over the years (left, Andrew in Phuket with supermodel Normandie White).

Virginia Roberts(pictured) says that Jeffrey Epstein brought her from the US to London when she was 17 years old and that she then had sex with Prince Andrew.

Two guards who were on duty when convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in a Manhattan prison cell are expected to face criminal charges for falsifying jail records.

RICHARD KAY asks if now is the time for Prince Charles' plan of streamlined monarchy?

RICHARD KAY: Prince Charles has made no secret that when he comes to the throne he foresees a slimmed down monarchy with fewer members. Charles started a six-day royal tour at the weekend . And It was not just that the debacle was drowning out the Prince's own royal duties but that Charles was in New Zealand (left), which has one of the most vocal republican movements in the Commonwealth. Prince Andrew and Prince Charles at Sandringham for the Christmas Day church service (right). Meanwhile the Queen cut a sombre figure during a morning horse ride at Windsor Castle (inset).

This was the most excruciating thing I have ever seen on TV, even eclipsing President Clinton telling the American people: 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.'

Friends of the duchess (pictured with Andrew at Ascot) said she was shocked to return to the UK from an overseas trip to find that the BBC interview went ahead.

Rohan Silva (pictured), who worked for David Cameron, has blasted the Duke of York and said he was left 'reeling at the prince's use of language' in meetings in 2011 and 2012.

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser who was 'assaulted by his female associate' says the financier used Prince Andrew as BAIT to get her to his private island when she was 15 - as she urges Duke to speak to the FBI

A woman who claims she was trafficked and abused by Jeffrey Epstein when she was 15 years old has launched legal proceedings against the wealthy paedophile’s estate. The women, who is named in court documents only as Jane Doe, alleges Epstein tried to lure her to his estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands by telling her Prince Andrew would be there. The victim says she was just 15 when a female associate of Epstein began grooming her for sex with Epstein by gifting her an iPod. The associate then sexually assaulted her before passing her off to the millionaire, it was reported. Though the duke has been accused of having sex with Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts at Epstein's island estate, there is no evidence that Prince Andrew would have been there when Jane Doe 15 was invited. The lawsuit is against Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, the executors of Epstein's estate for undisclosed monetary damages. 

The socialite (pictured), 70, made the comments on Good Morning Britain while discussing Prince Andrew and his friendship with the paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

The Lib Dem leader said the interview - which has since been described as a 'car crash' - failed to address the victims, who should have been the most important people in the conversation.

So much for family 'rule' cited by Prince Andrew that one parent was always at home

During his TV interview Prince Andrew said he and the duchess had a rule 'that when one is away the other is there' as part of his defence against the allegations that he danced with Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub. However, photographs and reports from the time, unearthed by the Daily Mail, show the duke and duchess broke this pact only four months earlier. Pictured: Sarah Ferguson in India on November 3, 2000. Inset: The duke in LA on November 4, 2000.

British Army major says he was stopped from probing 'cold blooded' shooting of three 'unarmed Afghans' by SAS men - as war crimes tribunal considers first-ever case against UK forces 

NEW Retired Major Chris Green, who was based near the Helmand Province village where three brothers were killed by British forces, says there was no evidence that they were Taliban members. He also said his attempts to investigate the incident were blocked and that he was barred from looking at footage of the raid and subsequent shooting. His claims are part of a BBC Panorama investigation which aired last night. The episode argued that killings of civilians during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have been covered up by the state. The mother of the three men says that they were killed while they had their hands in the air.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Sultan Mohammed and Sabbah said Fazel, 20, and Naik, 17, were killed in a raid on Loy Bagh in 2012, with two other boys, 14 and 12, also being slain.

The 29-year-old pop megastar has been given the green light by both Big Machine and Dick Clark productions to perform Shake It Off among other signature tracks according to a statement Monday.

Researchers claim to have finally found an accurate way to calculate your dog's age in human years - and it's not as simple as just timing it by seven. It involves DNA clocks and natural logarithms.

A pharmaceutical version of ketamine called esketamine (brand name Spravato), is set to be approved as a wonder cure for people with depression so severe it may drive them to suicide.

Caitlyn Jenner, 70, strips down to black bikini to try out the jungle shower... after bursting into tears and considering QUITTING less than 24 hours into the series

It's been an eventful 24 hours in the jungle for Caitlyn Jenner. The reality star, 70, spent the early hours of her first morning having a cry, while her campmates still slept - before eventually trying out the jungle shower.

Fans of the show, presented by Ant and Dec, wrote that they were 'raging' as the Tweeted their anger at having to move from a comfy bed to a television in another room.

I'm A Celebrity's James Haskell, 34, left the girls swooning as he showcased his rippling muscles while taking the first jungle shower of the series, as it's said he eats 4,000 calories a day.

Dozens of babies and toddlers of jailed ISIS terror suspects are flown to Moscow

Russian authorities said the 32 toddlers had been held in Iraqi jails where their  m others are either serving out sentences or awaiting trial for membership of the Islamic State group. The health ministry said the children, who arrived in Moscow late Monday, were taken straight to a hospital for medical tests.

A brainteaser, created by Holland's Pies, challenges the nation to spot the onion amongst the pies - but will you beat the average time of 23 seconds?


Lauren Robertson re-watched Disney favourites - accusing most of them of 'portraying racist and exaggerated stereotypes'. The student, who studies at Aberdeen University said they were 'dodgy'.

Fitness expert and personal trainer Rachael Attard has revealed how you can get rid of stubborn inner thigh fat by ditching carbs from your diet and avoiding squats at the gym.

Would we be better off working out indoors instead? Limiting time spent exercising on busy streets might be one way to reduce hair loss, according to research from South Korea.

Police identified infamous 'Beast of Wombwell' as 'likely suspect' in Elsie Frost's 1965

The inquest at Wakefield Coroner's Court heard that a file on Peter Pickering (right) - who was dubbed the 'Beast of Wombwell' - was sent to West Yorkshire from Scotland Yard but was returned after he couldn't be traced. Two months later, another man was charged with Elsie Frost's murder but was eventually cleared - leaving the case cold for nearly 50 years. Pickering was left free to go on to murder 14-year-old Shirley Boldy and kidnap and rape an 18-year-old woman in Barnsley in 1972. The new inquest into Elsie's death is being held after her brother and sister, Colin Frost (inset) and Anne Cleave, successfully campaigned for a fresh review.

John Tomlin ran up a bill of £12,000 at La Trelade Hotel in Guernsey, after he went there for two nights but ended up staying for four months. He lied to the owner about having £1m to help buy the hotel.

ASK THE GP: DR MARTIN SCURR: Oestrogen deficiency reduces collagen in the skin. These changes in menopause can cause excessive dryness and widespread itching.

HENRY DEEDES: Smiley Swinson gave the City fat cats the cheery nurse treatment

HENRY DEEDES: Liberal Democrats wow business community shocker. Not words you often read when the lentil-munching tendency goes-a-wooing the Savile Row-suited City fat cats. But that's what's happened when Jo Swinson (left) turned up in Docklands - along with Boris Johnson (right) and Jeremy Corbyn (centre) - to address the CBI, that occasionally whiney voice of British enterprise.

Boris Johnson plans to extend 'whole life' prison sentences to child killers to ensure 'life means life'. The Justice Secretary says it will end 'sickening injustice' of parents seeing their child's killer walk free.

Earlier this year, Jeremy Corbyn suggested Britain should consider paying reparations to its former colonies. Labour's manifesto will promise a review of the 'legacies of British imperial rule'.

The Tories said those who pay into pension schemes are set to lose an average of around £11,167 from their pension pots potentially forcing them to delay retirement by almost three-and-a-half years.

Why Prime Minister Boris Johnson really IS on an upward trend: Philip Cowley analyses the

Poll expert Philip Cowley has revealed that despite a margin of error of at least three per cent, Boris Johnson is still on an upward trend and is several points ahead of Labour.

Boris Johnson said that the Conservatives will hold corporation tax at 19 per cent, instead of slashing it by two per cent next April, at the Confederation of British Industry conference in London.

Boris Johnson has ditched the Tory party's pledge, made in 2015 and 2017, to give MPs a free vote on bringing back fox hunting. Meanwhile Labour is said to double wildlife crime officers.

How the far-Left's vile hate drove me from working for a Labour MP to standing as a Tory

Conservative candidate for Ashfield, Lee Anderson, has revealed that he switched from being a Labour councillor to a Conservative candidate after he faced abuse from the opposition for being a Brexiteer. Attacks on Mr Anderson came from Momentum activists that pulled up outside his house and a member of staff in Labour MP for Ashfield Gloria De Piero's office (Gloria is pictured left with Lee). The former miner worked in a Nottinghamshire coal pit in the 80s and 90s (inset) and said that many other miners also voted for Brexit. (Centre: Lee Anderson with Boris Johnson on the campaign trail).

The Labour leader was by the side of the stage at a London rally as Ishmail Patel spoke just feet away in newly discovered images from 2008.

Revealed: Dramatic moment girl scout Jodie Chesney's killers were arrested as judge unmasks baby-faced teenage murderer, 17, and jails the pair for life 

Jodie (inset) was listening to music with friends in a park in east London when she was knifed in the back amid a tit-for-tat battle between rival gangs. Dealer Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, 19, (top right) who delivered the fatal blow, was today jailed for life at the Old Bailey and ordered to serve at least 26 years behind bars. His 17-year-old 'runner' sidekick, who can today be named for the first time as Aaron Isaacs (bottom right), was handed an 18-year minimum prison term. Footage of the pair being arrested (left) and photos of two gruesome-looking knives found on the pair were released by police today.

At a recent private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London, the judge concluded that the unnamed boy's life would probably be at risk if he did not undergo transfusions.

The man was treated in Aberdeen, Scotland, where doctors noticed swelling in his lungs on scans and the man revealed he had recently switched from synthetic to feather bedding.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Doctors from the Wuxi People's Hospital in Jiangsu, China, were filmed extracting the tar-stained lungs. The clip was shared online and viewed 25million times.

FILE - In this Dec. 20, 2018, file photo a woman buys refills for her Juul at a smoke shop in New York. California is suing the nation's biggest e-cigarette maker, alleging Juul Labs deliberately targeted teenagers with its early marketing campaigns. The lawsuit filed Monday, Nov. 18, 2019, by California's attorney general is the latest legal action against Juul. The company faces multiple state and federal investigations into whether its early marketing efforts helped spark the current vaping craze among underage users.  (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a lawsuit against San Francisco-based Juul Labs on Monday over its marketing practices, making it the second state to make that claim.

Scientists hope the new technique, which limits this damage, will be available on the NHS within five years. Each year around 47,000 British men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In a recent study of 17 women, more than half experienced 'significant' hair regrowth within weeks of taking the drug, bicalutamide.

Photos of Seinfeld actor Charles Levin's car at death scene

DailyMailTV has obtained exclusive images of Charles Levin's Fiat showing scratches, dents and seen on its side near where he was found dead in July. Levin's orange Fiat car was found at the top of the ravine and contained the decomposed body of his pet pug, Boo Boo Bear. His smashed classes were seen on the on the forest floor near the wreck (top right). The Seinfeld actor is thought to have been attempting to make his way home via a backroad when he became lost and ended up on a dangerous mountain pass. Hunter Jes Smith, 36, told DailyMailTV, 'No local would go down there' as it's too dangerous to drive on. Julie Hatt, the last person to see Levin alive tells DailyMailTV, 'He was a really nice guy. He's always been nice to me and he didn't deserve this'.

Thomas Chesterton, 26, was on trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court where the jury took around two hours to find him guilty of the 'disturbing' attack which involved presenting a knife and hammer at the victim.

Unlike other mechanical self-driving algorithms, the system from MIT's Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, uses social psychology to classify drivers as selfish or selfless.

Messenger, Facebook's app for direct messaging, appears to be the most affected with more than 8,000 reports of users experiencing issues in the UK and US on Monday night.

Grandparents who gambled lives to defy Nazis: Stars describe bravery of their wartime

Actresses Helena Bonham Carter (inset middle), Kristin Scott Thomas (inset bottom right), and Carey Mulligan (inset top right) star in the new documentary on Channel 4: My Grandparents' War. The series explores the wartime past of the celebrities' ancestors. Violet Bonham Carter (left). Helena Bonham Carter's grandfather Eduardo Propper de Callejón (middle). Royal Navy veteran: Kristin's grandfather William took part in eight Arctic Convoys (bottom right). Carey grandfather Denzil Booth served in the Royal Navy as a Radar officer in the final years of World War Two (top right).

Russian society beauties arrive for Tatler's Debutantes' Ball in Moscow

The daughters of Russia's most influential people dressed up to the nines in showstopping ensembles as they flaunted their wealth at the highly-anticipated annual event. Stepping out of their private cars, the glamorous debutantes joined their dashing dates as they made an incredible entrance into the grand hall of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel. Pictured, Blogger Katya Adushkina (left) and an impressive group shot on their arrival at Moscow's Ritz Carlton hotel (right).

Regions where voters have neurotic personality traits were more likely to vote for Trump in the US or for the Brexit in the UK, as these campaigns used fear and worry as the main focus.

Researchers from the University of Leeds used the results of surveys completed by 1,496 people to find younger people tend to have larger but less satisfying social networks.

Yousef Makki killer, 18, asks for day release from jail

Joshua Molnar (bottom left; left, with his mother Stephanie; and right, outside court), 18, was cleared of the murder and manslaughter of Yousef Makki (bottom centre) after arguing that he stabbed his friend in self-defence in Hale Barns, Cheshire. But Molnar was sentenced to a 16-month detention training order for perverting the course of justice and possession of a knife following the stabbing on March 2. The family of Yousef - a scholarship pupil at the £13,000-a-year Manchester Grammar School - were told last week of fellow public schoolboy Molnar's application for day release from prison in time for Christmas.

The Conservative government has told the NHS to pick up the bill for doctors earning more than £110,000 in order to avoid them being stung by high taxes if they work extra shifts this winter.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave cautious backing to the government's plan to raise fuel prices in Iran by 50 per cent, a move which sparked mass protests at the weekend, while branding activists 'thugs'.

The chill blowing from the North Pole into the UK means areas of Britain are now colder than Helsinki in Finland, with Tulloch Bridge in Scotland recording an overnight temperature of -8.6C.

A 24-page leaked document from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) revealed NHS England was short of lifesaving drugs for cancer, epilepsy and heart issues.

Glamorous hunter Rachel Carrie fights back at animal rights militants

Rachel Carrie (pictured), 35, has been censored for 'sensitive' snaps of the game she shoots, on Instagram. She says people are 'more extreme' for accusing her of 'bloodlust' and society is 'wrapping people in cotton wool' from the truth about where we source our food. So Rachel has taken it upon herself to educate and 'reconnect' us all to nature, the countryside and the animals that feed us, whatever the backlash may be. Which is why, from early next week, she will be erecting vast, billboard-sized images of a very pink-looking muntjac open sandwich all around the UK, to promote her cookbook.

Archaeologists unearthed 11 burials in South America, two of which were infants with 'helmets' made from the skulls of other children that may have been used to protect them from wild souls.

Carlos Abarca, who was until recently chief information officer at TSB, will be singled out for criticism in the investigation by law firm Slaughter & May.

UK shoppers will each spend £299 on presents, £143 on food and drink, £63 on socialising and £62 on travel. The total is 39 per cent more than the European average of £409.



Office manager, 24, reveals joy at kickstarting her career after shedding more than five

Olivia Gibbs, (before left and after right) 24, is an office manager and lives in Macclesfield, Cheshire. She is 5ft 6in and weighs 10st 5lb, having lost 5st 1lb. And when her friend suggested going to Cape Verde she said yes. 'My friends were so used to me saying no to everything that I'd almost surprised myself by saying yes for once.'

The lawsuit was filed by Phillip Williams on Monday claiming the chain advertises their Impossible Burgers as vegan alternative to its meat products - but they're made on the same grill.

Mr Becker's 'L'île Flottante' - or 'Floating Island' - resort bobs about the surface of the lagoon in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast, on a platform made of around 700,000 plastic bottles and debris.

Camilla's headgear makes Maori warrior wince as she attempts a nose-rubbing

Members of the country's armed forces gave them a traditional Maori welcome, where a dart was placed on the ground by a warrior for Charles to pick up in the wero, or challenge.A call of welcome and haka followed, while Charles took the royal salute and inspected the guard. Charles and Camilla also rubbed noses during the official welcome, a traditional Maori greeting. It seemed the Duchess had picked the wrong hat for the occasion, with a Maori warrior wincing as it pressed against his forehead during the greeting.

SIR CLIVE WOODWARD: It will hurt horribly but Nigel Wray and Saracens have done the right thing by taking their medicine and accepting the 35-point deduction and £5.36m fine.

Annual budget for tree planting in England has been cut by £20.4million in the last four years. In 2017-18 it equalled just £13.5million, or around 20p for every person in the country.

The reports have persisted despite increased efforts from Facebook to quickly identify and remove the images - nude pictures that have been uploaded without a person's consent.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum signed the first big deal of the Dubai air show Monday with Airbus in what will be seen as a vote of confidence in the European plane-maker over rival Boeing.

The vulnerability could have allowed a hacker to send a video file to a WhatsApp phone number and use malicious code hidden in the file to access the user's personal information.

Three-year-old Staffie 'Faith' - dubbed Britain's loneliest dog - finds new home

Faith the three-year-old Staffie (pictured) has found a home with Taylor Elliot and her husband Matt, of Norfolk, after spending more than 1,000 days at the Bath Cats & Dogs Home, Somerset. They say her 'personality is already coming through' and she just 'needed a chance'. She was rescued and taken to the RSCPA by actor Anthony Head and his wife Sarah Fisher in 2017. And it was only after the Bath kennels used the RSPCA's 'Adoptober' campaign to try and find Faith a forever home, that the Norfolk couple paid her two visits before deciding on welcoming her into their home.

Police have seized 101 sausage dogs from homes in Rochdale, Heywood, Oldham and Little Hulton in Greater Manchester, on November 12. People are suspected of selling the dogs without a license.

The Border Collie-Koolie cross is the only dog in the world that can sniff out both koala faeces and fur. Wearing socks to protect his paws, he is sent into safe burnt-out areas in NSW and QLD.

The rapper-turned-preacher shelled out $14.5 million to secure a parcel of land near the town of Greybull, just months after purchasing a ranch roughly 80-miles away from Cody, Wyoming.

Russia could be set for a new ban from major international sporting events like next summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games over claimed inconsistencies in anti-doping data.

Breast cancer patients can now undergo a mastectomy and nipple-preserving breast reconstruction in one procedure. Sophie Williams, 42, (pictured) had it done.

The Bloodhound LSR, powered by a Rolls Royce EJ200, the same engine used in a Typhoon fighter jet, carried out the test run on a racetrack in the Hakskeenpan desert in South Africa this weekend.

FEMAIL fact-checks just how accurate The Crown is

The Crown returned to Netflix with an explosive third series yesterday - introducing fans to key royal events from the 1960s and 1970s. Viewers watched as Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) cavorted with US President Lyndon B. Johnson (Clancy Brown), pictured left, and the Queen uncovered a spy (centre) and 'faked' tears while speaking to the bereaved following the Aberfan tragedy of 1966 (left). But how much of the show is fact... and what is simply royal fiction?

'Social media in a nutshell': Viral video captures two hockey fans grinning for a selfie - before snapping back to their miserable expressions over the team's loss as soon as the phone drops

A funny five second video of a pair of fans at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game has been viewed nearly 20 million times on Twitter in just two days. The clip was recorded during a broadcast of the Maple Leafs' game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday, November 16 and shared on Twitter soon after, and it's quickly become one of the most buzzed-about moments of the match. While the Leafs were getting trounced by the Penguins, a young woman in the crowd moved to take a smiling selfie with a young man next to her - and the moment their plastered-on smiles quickly fell into frowns has delighted Twitter users.

A new awareness campaign to warn people of the dangers of meth has sparked criticism in South Dakota. It features the motto 'Meth. We're on it' , which critics say provokes mixed messages.

Captain Ian Drummond sat 'static' in his chair as the 305ft Red Funnel vessel smashed into the 32ft motor cruiser and forced it to tilt with four passengers inside just off the Isle of Wight.

The glamorous royal, 34, looked a picture of perfection in a V-neck, long-sleeved dress with an A-line pleated skirt cut at the knee at the Online Angel of the Year Gala in Stockholm.

Shoppers shared their disappointment at Jimmy Choo's latest design, comparing the £495 green slip-on shoes to a 'duster' while others slammed the price and joked they were being 'fleeced'.

Pampered pooch Simon made a lunge for the cake, that was meant to be shared between him and his five siblings, during a party to celebrate them turning one year old in Brooklyn, New York.

Time tur go! Dozens of turkeys escape from poultry farm weeks before they were due to end up on Christmas dinner tables

NEW The birds were seen near the village of Red Lodge in Suffolk just two miles from a farm run by Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) which breeds turkeys. The video was shared to Facebook and members of the public were so concerned about the birds welfare that one person even offered up their land for the turkeys to stay on.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva chanted 'the fight isn't over' to supporters at a music festival organized in his honor in Recife, the capital of his home state Pernambuco. He was jailed for corruption.

Brazen gang of thieves rampages through Currys PC World superstore ripping computers and electrical items off displays before fleeing with their loot as the security alarm blares

The gang of five are seen whooping in triumph as they rampage up and down the aisles scooping up items, including laptops, at the shop in Scunthorpe, north Lincolnshire. As alarms blare, one yob wearing a black tracksuit with a hoodie leaves the shop carrying stolen merchandise while two of his friends stand by the entrance. Meanwhile another - making no attempt to hide his face - holds two laptops and laughs as he yanks a selection of devices out of their sockets on a display stand marked 'Must Haves'.

The man, who lives in Inner Mongolia, comes from the same region as two other patients who were diagnosed and are now being treated in Beijing, but the cases are not officially linked.

Sainbury's confirms it will s roll out Lindt pick and mix stands in 72 stores by December 2, right in time for the festive season. Customers will be able to select from several flavours.

French-born model, 18, uploaded a photo to Instagram in a Dior shirt casually brandishing her Juul. Many of her 3.2 million Instagram followers called her out for posing with the e-cigarette.

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, based at their childhood home in Haworth, West Yorkshire, bought the manuscript today which features stories from the imagined world of Glass Town.

Eight members of the Pang family were set upon by the killer wasps as they departed their relative's burial site in the village of Tangdu, China, on Saturday. Three men aged 87, 70 and 60 all died.

Travel bloggers who built their dream home from money made off Instagram reveal how they

Travel bloggers who earn a six-figure salary from posting scenic photos on Instagram have revealed how they built their 'dream home' in Bali - and why it needed to 'photograph well'. Manchester-born Jack Morris, who has 2.7 million follower, and his Australian girlfriend of three years Lauren Bullen, (both inset) purchased the plot of land in 2018 and began conjuring up their idyllic home (left and right). 'It took about a year to build the house and it was a lot of work. We wanted it to be photogenic so that we could shoot content there,' Jack said,

Archie Linklater hit Kenneth Hainning after finding him wild camping on the family's Perthshire estate. The court heard Linklater was taking mood stabilising drugs for bipolar affective disorder.

Major supermarkets including Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda will follow Morrisons in their pledge. Black plastic contains a carbon pigment that cannot be detected by recycling machines.

Kerryann Mcildoon, from Hull, said the Christmas presents her son Dayrl, from Luton, sent to her arrived 'open' and 'not even in a proper box'. The gifts also arrived two days late.

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Bride is driven to her wedding by LA firefighters

Los Angeles County firefighters were at the scene of a car accident in March when they saw Julie Gorman and her bridesmaids walking on the side of the road. The bride explained that their limousine was stuck in traffic, and they were late for her wedding to her now-husband Geof Gorman. The firefighters loaded Julie and her bridesmaids into their fire truck and gave them a Code 3 escort the wedding venue. A few weeks after the ceremony, Julie sent the firefighters a photo of herself posing with them in front of their truck on her wedding day to thank them. After seeing the image hung up at the station this week, a representative for the Los Angeles County firefighters shared it on Instagram, and the sweet story went viral.

A task force intervened to take the two-year-old lion away from the Lagos property on Friday. The lion was today transported to Bogije Omu zoo, Lekki, after being tranquilised.

Customers accused the company of being 'tone deaf' with its latest marketing ploy which was branded 'insensitive' to people living in Venice, which is currently experiencing flooding.

PAUL THOMAS on... a raging Royal crisis

'It's your mother. She wants her OWN interview with you - and says bring a new shirt.'

American football player hones his accuracy by kicking balls at his TV, through car windows and even off his children's heads while BLINDFOLDED

Footage shows father-of-three Billy Perry, 46, practicing for the indoor sport using his children's heads, television and roof at home in Arrow, Oklahoma. In one clip he kicks an American football from underneath his son's head and the top of his daughter's while he is blindfolded. The father-of-three attempted the stunts as part of his training. Arena football is an indoor version of soccer that uses a smaller pitch to make the games faster.



'Kung fu bear' shows off his pole-spinning skills to the delight of young zoo visitors in Japan

A 'kung fu' bear has been filmed trying out some moves at the Asa zoological park in Hiroshima, Japan. The skilled mammal, believed to be a moon bear due to its white patch of fur, was caught spinning a stick repeatedly between its paws and while it sucked on its foot. This is at least the fourth time that the bear, named Claude, has been caught trying out his own variant of Aiko kung fu.

Argentine National Gendarmerie agents near the border with Chile arrested a woman last Tuesday who pretended to be pregnant and attached 15 bundles of marijuana to her belly.

A child, seven, wrote a heartbreaking letter to Santa asking for a home and food for Christmas. The child posted the letter at the 'Santa postbox' at the L6 Community Centre in Everton, Liverpool.

Suspect jumps out of police station window still handcuffed to a radiator and lands on car before running away carrying the heater

A man has been filmed jumping from the first-floor window of a police station while handcuffed to a radiator, before running away. The shocking footage, taken on a smartphone, shows the suspect making his escape from a police station in St Petersburg, Russia. It is unclear whether the man has been re-captured by the authorities or why he had been taken to the police station.