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Coronavirus UK: Death rate hits new high with 1,610 new fatalities

Today's grisly death toll marks a sharp 30 per cent rise on the 1,243 announced last Tuesday and nearly the double the number of victims a fortnight ago, when there were 860. It's the third time in a month that Britain has recorded a record number of daily fatalities, as the nation battles with the super-infectious Kent strain and hospitals juggle winter pressures. The darkest day in the pandemic prior to today was January 13, when the virus killed 1,564 people in a single 24-hour period. But, in another sign that the national shutdown is taking effect, there were 33,355 new infections announced in the past 24 hours, down 27 per cent on the 45,533 last Tuesday and 45 per cent lower than the 60,916 two weeks prior. Fatalities lag by a few weeks behind infections due to the time it takes between catching and falling seriously ill with Covid, which means the effects of the January 4 shutdown might not be felt in the death figures until next week.

Tony Blair's son Euan worth almost £73million after start-up Multiverse valued at

Tony Blair's son Euan (pictured top with wife Suzanne Ashman) could now be worth almost £73million after the education technology start-up he founded was valued at £147million. The London-based firm, which finds apprenticeship places and provides training for non-graduate students, has announced plans for a global expansion after securing a new £32million investment. The investment values the company, re-named Multiverse from WhiteHat (pictured: Mr Blair with co-founder of WhiteHat Sophie Adelman), at £147million. It means Mr Blair's son Euan, 37, who owns an almost 50 per cent stake in the firm, could now be worth up to £73million. It also means the investment banker-turned-entrepreneur could be richer than his former Labour Prime Minister father (pictured bottom image: Tony Blair with his family, including Euan, in 1997). 

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Brussels said using the passports to allow greater travel and tourism across the EU was currently 'premature' but hinted that plans could be picked up in the future.

Joseph Lathey, 27, a Brit who works in Gibraltar but lives in Spain, was surprised to find his bag searched and items containing processed vegetables removed by Spanish border guards.

Fears UK Covid vaccine rollout has stalled as daily figures drop

Latest figures show the number of people who received a dose of either the Oxford University/AstraZeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine at the weekend was about a third lower than the number during the week. Almost 280,000 vulnerable Britons received their first dose on Saturday, followed by approximately 225,000 on Sunday. For comparison, the figure for both Thursday and Friday stood at around 320,000. Health Secretary Matt Hancock brushed off questions about the blip in uptake at a a Downing Street press conference last night, where he urged people to look at the weekly averages rather than data from an individual day. But think-tanks told MailOnline today that the weekend blip was 'both worrying and unwarranted in the face of the pandemic', and called on ministers to 'put money into it' if it turned out that staffing issues was behind the dip in performance.

The United States hit a grim milestone and surpassed 400,000 coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. 

All residents and 20 staff members at The Old Hall at Halton Holegate, near Spilsby, Lincs became infected with the virus in November, and over six weeks they saw 18 residents die.

Covid England: Deaths in care homes DOUBLE in a fortnight to 1,260

Coronavirus deaths in care homes have doubled in a fortnight in England, figures revealed today amid a spike in cases across the sector. An Office for National Statistics (ONS) report found 1,260 residents died to the virus in the week ending January 15, almost twice the 661 fatalities two weeks ago. The virus now accounts for a startling 40 per cent of all deaths in care homes in England, up from just over a quarter at the end of December. Ministers have been slammed by furious families and charities for failing to vaccinate care home residents despite the immunisation programme launching six weeks ago and already being expanded to over-70s. So far only half of Britain's 420,000 care homes residents have been given a dose of either the Oxford University or Pfizer vaccines, even though they were supposed to be first in the queue.

The overflow mortuary is being set up in Winklebury, Basingstoke, Hampshire to provide extra capacity. It comes as Britain announced its deadliest day of the pandemic so far.

Dashing hopes of a loosening from the end of this month, Nicola Sturgeon said she was being 'cautious' and more evidence was needed that the outbreak was on a 'downward trajectory'.

Curry worker told he couldn't understand recipes because he is white

When Colin Sorby (left) complained about the 'stereotypical' comments at one of the UK's leading food manufacturers, his shifts dried up and he was effectively fired. The employment tribunal ruled the comments at Mumtaz Foods (factory pictured right) violated the production worker's dignity. His supervisor Azheem Akhtar thought only British Asians like himself should be allowed to work at the company that supplies meals to Indian restaurants and supermarkets, the hearing was told. Mr Akhtar claimed he apologised, but the tribunal did not accept this as no disciplinary action was taken against him. The tribunal said Mr Akhtar was an 'unreliable witness' who was vague and, at times, evasive.

Twin Ellen Raffell (pictured), 16, went into cardiac arrest due to anaphylaxis in front of her family at their home in Blyth, Northumberland, after eating food she was allergic to.

Bradley Souto  31, from Derby, said he awoke bed to find himself choking his girlfriend Rebecca Jackson with his left arm but says he was dreaming and did not intend to kill her.

Forensic psychology graduate Indy Mellink, 23, from the Netherlands, has developed a twist on the traditional pack of cards by removing Kings, Queens and Jacks from the deck.

The provocative desserts shared by a group of women at a Cairo sports club were described as an 'assault on the value system, and a crude abuse of society' by a top Islamic authority in Egypt.

Golden girl of British horse racing, 25, is accused of 'causing death of rival's HORSE' by drifting during race amid claims of 'bullying' and 'jealousy' as bitter spat with older male jockeys rocks the sport

The golden girl of British horse racing (left) is at the centre of a toxic row in the £3.3billion sport amid accusations over a rival horse's death and bullying by jealous jockeys. Bryony Frost (right), 25, has enjoyed extraordinary attention thanks to her historic win last month and passionate post-race interviews. But the spotlight shining on Frost - whose father is 1989 Grand National winner Jimmy - has caused friction among some other riders, who are envious of her plaudits. The simmering resentment has combined with an incident between her and jockey Robbie Dunne after his horse Cillian's Well fatally fell (left) in September. Dunne, who has racked up £844,757 in winnings during his career, confronted her in the weighing-room and accused her of causing the incident in a furious row. It appears to have soured the atmosphere at races, with it now so bad Frost herself (top inset) revealed last month 'I struggle and I've got to make sure I don't say anything too much'.

NEW Dinosaur bones are 'probably' on the moon, according to scientists who speculate the asteroid that hit the Earth 66 million years ago sent debris into space that carried along bits of dinosaurs.

NEW Police were called to a residential address in West Park, Greenwich, at midday on Tuesday to reports of an injured man. A 74-year-old was found with a knife wound and died at the scene.

Elderly victims in Hungary were allegedly tricked over the phone into transferring cash after being told their relatives had been in car accidents and needed money to cover the damages.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell hangs Trump out to dry in dramatic Senate denunciation that claims president 'PROVOKED' MAGA riot and the 'fed the mob lies' 

Mitch McConnell in a major denunciation of Donald Trump said Tuesday that the president was responsible for 'provoking' those involved in the deadly Capitol storming. 'The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people,' the majority leader said in remarks from the Senate floor. 'They tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government, which they did not like,' McConnell continued. 'But we pressed on. We stood together and said an angry mob would not get veto power over the rule of law in our nation.'

President Donald Trump will brag in his farewell address that he began no new wars, vow to stay in American public life and made no mention of his successor Joe Biden.

Leaders of Congress will attend Mass with Joe Biden in show of bipartisan unity

Vice President Mike Pence will skip President Donald Trump's farewell ceremony on Wednesday, as will top Republican congressional leaders, in order for them to spend inauguration day with incoming President Joe Biden.  Pence is attending Biden's swearing-in ceremony later on Wednesday and aides told The Washington Post that it would be logistically challenging for the vice president to do both events.  Republicans Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, along with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, will attend the Catholic service with Biden at St. Matthew's church in downtown Washington D.C., about 10 blocks from the White House, Punchbowl News reported.

The legal team for Joe Exotic, right, expect a pardon from President Donald Trump 'very soon' and are ready whisk him away in a Dodge limo, left, to a secure location to get his hair done.

PIERS MORGAN: How can the Capitol rioters be prosecuted if the man who inspired them goes

In just 12 months, Donald Trump's gone from a man heading for comfortable re-election to the worst president in US history with the lowest outgoing approval rating ever recorded. Tomorrow morning, in an act of spectacular gracelessness even by his very low standards, humiliated Trump will slink out of office and flee Washington without bothering to attend Joe Biden's inauguration or greet him for the traditional handover on the steps of the White House. I doubt the Bidens give a monkey's cuss if he's there or not. And nor should they, because Trump's presidency is ending in a blaze of shame and ignominy that threatens to contaminate anyone who comes within a hundred metres of him. As he leaves though, there remains the very important question of what should now happen to him. It's been a febrile debate that's raged intensely since the US Capitol riots on January 6 and been fuelled by the House of Representatives launching another impeachment charge at him, the first time any president has ever been impeached twice. His trial in the Senate won't take place until after he's gone, so it won't be an instrument to remove him from office. But what it can be is an instrument to hold him properly to account for what happened at the Capitol and to potentially bar him from ever running for president again. In my opinion, Trump should be convicted.

Kevin Dalton, 75, once a New York businessman, is hoping to start out on his new career as an impersonator of President-elect Joe Biden, three years his senior.

In a conversation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her podcast, Clinton said she would be interested in obtaining Trump's phone records to see whether he was on the phone to Putin during riots.

No more fogged glasses! Chef shares clever mask hack that finally stops lenses steaming up - and all it takes is two knots and a quick fold 

Maria Louise Agbaegbu, 42, from Sheffield, revealed her hack on TikTok, explaining how to tie knots in the elastic straps and fold in the corners to stop breath escaping and fogging up your glasses. She started by folding the mask in half (left) and tying knots in the straps (centre) before folding in the corners. She then breathed heavily to show how her glasses stayed fog-free.

Professor Ravi Gupta, a microbiologist at Cambridge University, told MailOnline 'the time has come' for vaccines to be updated so they are fully effective against new variants of coronavirus.

Sir Philip Green's retail empire fell into administration at the start of December. It is understood the latest cuts will result in the closure of all 21 of the group's Outfit stores.

Stanley Johnson defends Matt Hancock's playing rugby with sons

Strolling in the same park Mr Hancock was pictured in, Boris Johnson's father insisted he was right to defy the Prime Minister's pleas for everyone to stay home because 'we live in a free country' (pictured: Stanley Johnson today, left; Mr Hancock with his sons at the weekend, right; and the Health Secretary announcing he is self-isolating, inset). Asked if the MP had made the right decision, Mr Johnson, 80, said: 'Of course he did. We live in a free country and should be able to do that. And look at the wide open spaces here. After all, you and I are easily social distancing. It is not a problem at all.'

Research from US-based scientists found that in the summer of 2020 when a mandate to wear masks in public areas was enforced, there was a ten per cent rise in the amount of people using coverings.

The French government has warned that homemade cloth face masks may not adequately protect people from the new coronavirus variants from the UK and South Africa.

Recipients of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine developed up to 20 times more antibodies within a week of having the second dose of the jab in the study at the Sheba Medical Centre in Israel.

Medical professionals in Wuhan say they knew about virus deaths as early as December 2019, but it was mid-January before China first informed the WHO of a fatality.

Covid UK: DOUBLE checks to enter Britain as airlines and Border Force check for virus

More than 30 air passengers have been fined £500 each by Border Force officials upon arrival in Britain for not having a valid negative coronavirus test - before being let into the country and told to quarantine like all UK arrivals, after new rules were brought in yesterday. The fines at London Heathrow Airport on the first day of the new policy came as travellers continued to face delays after landing in the UK this morning as officials checked each passenger arriving had a negative test - even though they will have all already been checked by their airline when boarding a flight in a foreign country. Passengers can be fined a minimum of £500 for not complying with the rules, but the Home Office confirmed today that they are then let on their way - meaning dozens of people with Covid-19 could have been let into the UK since the rules were brought in. However they must still follow the rules on quarantining for ten days like all arrivals into the UK - and those who breach those regulations can be fined up to £10,000. The fines for not having a proper test are issued as fixed penalty notices and do not stay on a criminal record. While official figures for arrivals at Heathrow are not yet available, tens of thousands of people are estimated to be coming in to the airport every day at the moment - after about 35,000 a day arrived last month. Some passengers also expressed surprise at the length of the queues, after they had already been checked by their airlines when boarding flights abroad.

A probe into the the WHO's pandemic response found that its failings could be attributed to the weak position of the UN agency, and said more funding and reforms were desperately needed.

Hampshire Police were called to a house in Basingstoke at around 8.30pm on Saurday where a total of six people were gathered - four of whom did not live there.

Yob, 18, who held illegal lockdown street party in Brixton that turned into a riot injuring 22 police when revellers flung bottles and attacked officers with planks of wood is SPARED jail 

Ronaldo Scott, 18, (pictured inset) and his pals threw a party which spilled out in Brixton which spilled out onto the streets on June 25 last year. When police tried to break up the rave they were pelted with bottles and attacked with planks of wood, a court heard. A total of 22 officers were injured, with two being taken to hospital, in scenes described as 'utterly vile' by Home Secretary Priti Patel at the time. Pictured: The scene on June 25 last year.

Dame Cressida Dick has said police are putting themselves at risk and are unable to wear full PPE as she revealed people are using Covid as a threat when spitting or coughing at officers.

A study of 2,000 adults by the Oral Health Foundation in partnership with Colgate found that 24 per cent of adults have resorted to fixing their teeth problems by themselves during the coronavirus lockdown.

London-based Multicultural Marketing Consultancy (MMC) has been tasked with clamping down on vaccine misinformation and improving jab hesitancy among minorities.

The most hilarious live TV blunders of all time are revealed - including Judy Finnigan flashing her bra at the NTAs and Madonna falling off stage during her BRITs performance (so, which one's YOUR favourite?)

A survey of 2,000 Britons uncovered the nation's 15 favourite bloopers (pictured) that have left us all crying with laughter. According to the research, from insights agency, Perspectus Global, people in the UK love to see segments go ever so slightly wrong, with 80 percent of those polled saying it brings a smile to their faces when TV disaster strikes. The most memorable moment, ranking in first place in the poll, was when TV presenter Judy Finnigan suffered a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally flashed her bra while collecting an award with her husband Richard Madeley at the National Television Awards in 2000. American pop sensation Madonna also made the shortlist after falling off stage during a performance at the BRITS in 2015.

Teacher, 35, 'straddled 15-year-old pupil in her 4x4 then had sex with him'

The 35-year-old, (seen outside court yesterday, left; in an earlier social media photo, inset; and with her husband, Daniel, right) appeared in court today as the complainant gave evidence at Aylesbury Crown Court via a video link. Nadia Chbat, defending Barber, cross-examined the complainant, now aged 18, over his claims that he met Barber for sexual activity on three occasions. Ms Chbat suggested their height difference would have made the sexual acts he described difficult.

A car-themed quiz, created by UK-based Holts Auto, features 10 stripped back logos of well-known car brands. Players are challenged to see if they can identify the companies.

Donna Steed, 50, cuts down her food costs and saves time in the evenings by cooking her family's favourite dishes to freeze and put in the microwave to eat at a later date.

The 24-year-old socialite, who is the son of model Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant, suffered an accidental drug overdose, following a years-long battle with addiction.

Shut In: Britain's Fattest People viewers left 'disgusted' by mother overfeeding son

Viewers of Channel 4's Shut In: Britain's Fattest People last night accused Sharon, 44, from Airdrie, of 'abuse' after her child AJ, 24, ballooned to 41st in weight (main). After bariatric surgeon Professor Kerrigan said Sharon's 'controlling' behaviour meant a weight loss operation could be 'a waste of time' for AJ, the mother-of-two rushed from the room in floods of tears (inset). Many of those watching at home said Sharon's behaviour had left them feeling concerned, with one writing: 'I honestly hope this ends well. This mother is clearly very unwell. Someone should have stepped in years ago to stop the mother's abuse.'

Researchers from Ohio State University in the US found teens with a mood disorder and a cannabis habit are 3.28 times more likely to self-harm and 59 per cent more at risk of dying from all causes.

Rival Navalny claims theatre, casino and strip club inside Putin's £1billion palace

Navalny claims to be in possession of leaked floor plans of 'Putin's palace' on Russia's southern Black Sea coast, which allegedly features a strip club fitted with a lap dancers' pole (top left), casino (bottom right), and an underground ice rink. Astonishing 3D images of the estate's interior allege the property features a theatre (bottom right), reading room (top right) and a spa inside the mansion, along with an underground ice rink and even vineyards in the grounds. Navalny claims the estate (top inset), which also includes a church and strip club fitted with a lap dancers' pole, is 39 times the size of Monaco and is owned by Putin (bottom inset).

The 68-year-old Russian president Vladimir Putin looked fit and healthy in tight blue swimming trunks as he dunked in a pool, repeatedly crossing himself, in footage released today.

Moment TV journalist faces sexual harassment from a driver during a live broadcast and says 'abuse of female reporters needs to stop' (but some claim she's being too sensitive) 

Canadian journalist Krista Sharpe was reporting from Kitchener, Ontario when a man appeared to shout f*** her in the p**** from a passing vehicle. CTV reporter Sharpe shared the footage saying:'As much as I'd love to say it doesn't bother me, it does. It makes me feel like s**t' (Pictured: Krista Sharpe receiving abuse during a live broadcast)

Danielle Jones, 18, who didn't know she was pregnant, was rushed to hospital at midday on Sunday after giving birth to baby Danny at her home in Bristol.

Chalermchai Mahapan, 20, came across the seven-kilogram lump shortly after docking his boat at Samila Beach in the southern Songkhla province on January 6 and hopes to sell it.

Manager who saved boy from 'abusive' parents says he's the hero

Flaviane Carvalho passed a note to an 11-year-old boy who was out to eat with his family in Orlando, Florida on New Year's Day. When the youngster silently signaled that he was in danger she calmly called 911. She pleaded with the operator, saying: 'I'm super concerned and I don't know what to do. They are about to leave in 10 to 15 minutes.' His mother Kristen Swann and stepdad Timothy Wilson II were arrested, with Wilson facing charges of aggravated child abuse and Swann charges of neglect. Mom-of-two Flaviane, 45, has been widely praised for stepping in but she told DailyMailTV that she was doing what any caring mother would do. She said: 'The little boy was so brave. He not only saved himself, he saved his little sister by standing up to this man. I am so proud of him. He is the hero.' Both the boy and his four-year-old sister, Wilson's biological daughter, have been taken into care. There was no evidence of abuse on the younger sister, leading police to suspect that Wilson specifically picked on the boy because he wasn't his biological child. Detective Erin Lawler said: 'He was tortured, abuse doesn't begin to scratch the surface.'

Man, 41, who quit his high flying HR job to live in his grandmother's 500-year-old cottage on a remote Northern Irish island tells Ben Fogle how he forages for food and went for 5 years without electricity 

Rory Morgan, 41, used to work in Dublin but now lives on Rathlin island, where he welcomes Ben Fogle on today's New Lives in the Wild, airing on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm. ory, who admitted he doesn't like water, fishing or the cold, welcomed Ben Fogle on to the island where he's refurbished his grandmother's 500-year-old cottage (bottom right) and gets by on a small amount of money earned from working at the local pub.

In tonight's episode of Quest Red's The Bad Skin Clinic, Jenny, who travels 6,000 miles from the Caribbean island of St. Martin to London, has a 'kidney-shaped' keloid behind her ear removed.

Clive Irving, author of the new biography The Last Queen, believes Her Majesty, who is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, is 'likely to be the last queen of England', 9Honey reports.

Woman who lived through Spanish flu pandemic gets Covid jab on 108th birthday

Marion Dawson, believed to be the third oldest person in Scotland, was vaccinated at the church she attends in Houston, Renfrewshire. After receiving her Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination (pictured main) she said: 'I'm glad it's passed. I never felt a thing.' Mrs Dawson (pictured inset at her 107th birthday celebration at the same church last year) was wife to the late Robert, mother to Jean and Allan, as well as a grandmother of two and great-grandmother of two.

Roger Bulley, 93, and his wife Sadie, 91, didn't see each other for three months because Mr Bulley was in hospital after breaking his hip and his wife was put into a care home in Cornwall.

Footage widely circulated online shows the Chinese man in Hebei weeping while being comforted by his bride, seemingly apologetic for failing to give his partner the wedding of her dreams.

Natasha, 38, and Sam Dearn, 40, from Seasalter, near Whitstable, Kent, were handed an eviction notice by Canterbury City Council two days after their mother passed away from coronavirus last year.

Father-of-two Nicholas Synnott, 59, punched the air after being discharged and heading home to Betchworth, Surrey, shortly before Christmas. He says he hopes Derek Draper will also recover shortly.

A time-lapse video has emerged showing the construction crew working around the clock to erect the emergency facility designed to hold thousands of suspected coronavirus carriers.