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'It's up to YOU now': Boris Johnson makes final plea to voters HOURS before election

Boris Johnson made his final plea for voters to help him 'get Brexit done' tonight hours before the ballot boxes open - and with polls showing the result is still on a knife edge. The PM told a crowd at a glitzy rally in east London that it is 'up to you now' after another frenetic day of campaigning in which he warned the risk of a Jeremy Corbyn government is still 'very real'. The rallying cry came as a series of polls showed the Tories holding on to their lead over Labour - but the gap is not big enough to guarantee an overall majority when the outcome is finally revealed on Friday morning. A survey by Opinium, conducted yesterday and today, put the Conservatives on 45 per cent, down one point over the past week. Labour was up two points to 33 per cent, figures which should be enough to guarantee Mr Johnson the functional government he craves. However, one in ten voters are yet to make up their mind about how they will cast their vote. Separate Panelbase and BMG polls both gave the Tories a steady nine point lead. But Conservative nerves have been set on edge after a huge YouGov analysis overnight suggested a hung parliament is still a very real possibility. 

MAUREEN LIPMAN says if only - as Jeremy Corbyn once helpfully pointed out - Britain's Jews had a sense of irony, we might smile wryly at the claim he remains an 'honourable man'.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Boris Johnson will end years of paralysis, bring the country back together and provide future prosperity and security. He is the only intelligent choice for Prime Minister.

Man, 27, arrested over 'murder' of young mother Levi Davis is RELEASED without charge

A 27-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder following the death of young mother Levi Davis has been released without charge in light of fresh CCTV evidence. Ms Davis, 25, was believed to have been stabbed following a road rage fight in Rushden between the former suspect and Jake Swords, also 27. Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector Pete Long, said: 'This has been an exceptionally fast-paced investigation involving the collection of numerous pieces of evidence, crucially one of which is high-quality CCTV footage which shows the entire incident from start to finish.'

Eliza Peereboom, 23, had visited Newbury racecourse on August 18, 2018, with her friends and was returning home when a fight broke out.

UK Daily Mail News Tips

Simon Mills who tasked himself with mastering modern-day flirting after his divorce six years ago, shares tips for sparking chemistry throughout the festive season.

UK expert party planners who've arranged events for celebrities and large companies, revealed their top tips for throwing a successful festive celebration of any size.

Lotteries would be the 'fairest way' of choosing between equally-qualified candidates, the Higher Education Policy Institute said, highlighting use of lotteries in medical schools in the Netherlands.

Kate Middleton wears Diana's tiara at Diplomatic Reception

Kate (pictured), 37, joined husband Prince William (pictured left) as the drove to the annual white-tie affair, which is one of the highlights of the royal calendar. They will join the Queen, 93 and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall for the Diplomatic Reception, and greet some of the 1,000 guests in attendance for the lavish event.The duchess paired sparkling silver drop earrings and a lavish necklace with the stunning Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara - a piece that she has worn on a number of previous occasions.

Jack Sands, from Goole, East Yorkshire, was due to be discharged following surgery on his skull when his condition deteriorated and he died days before his second birthday.

George Murray Levick made the findings on a voyage in Antarctica in 1910 but his manuscript was too shocking to publish in Edwardian Britain (file photo).

Parents in Australia, have said that they're swearing by the 'four present rule' when they buy presents for their children. Rule starts getting them something they want, need, wear and read.

Antoinette Dale Henderson, who has trained thousands of women in the corporate world, advises on how to respond to a Queen Bee. She recommends responding unemotionally.

Bride who was punched by groom's best-man brother

A bride whose wedding day was ruined after she was punched and pulled down a flight of stairs by her drunk husband's brother left her partner just hours after their alcohol-fuelled reception. Erin Mason-George (left and right with Steffan Wilson), 25, and her former partner Steffan Wilson have hardly seen each other since their wedding day four months ago after Steffan's brother Tomos Wilson (bottom inset), 29, from Swansea, went on a drunken rampage at Steffan's reception at the Lampeter's Falcondale Hotel in Ceredigion, Wales. He punched the bride, her two sisters and her mother, and hurled abuse at the family. It has since emerged that Steffan is on trial for attempting to murder a father-of-two earlier this month.

Steffan Wilson's wedding was ruined when his best man Tomos Wilson, went on a rampage at the reception. It has since emerged Steffan is on trial for attempting to murder a man earlier this month.

Shocking new photos reveal bullet holes in the front and back windows of a bus close to where Usman Khan was shot dead by police on London Bridge after killing two people.

Vote Tory not Brexit Party in these seats... to save Brexit

The final YouGov constituency-by-constituency poll published on Tuesday showed a dramatic fall in the projected Conservative majority, from 68 to 28 seats. It suggests the election is much closer than was thought. Part of the reason is tactical voting, with Lib Dems switching to Labour. But tactical voting is a game we can all play. These are the 40 seats which the Conservatives are best-placed to take from Labour - and where Brexit Party voters should switch their allegiance to the Tories, or face a Marxist UK prime minister and the death of the Brexit dream.

A new YouGov survey showed there are 85 constituencies where the leading party is ahead by five per cent or less and in many of those seats the Brexit Party is standing a candidate.

Broadcaster Iain Dale was called a 'self-serving egotistical git' and 'parasite' during his Big Sleep Out in Trafalgar Square by crowds as he did not fit the Left's notion of social activist.

The Shadow Chancellor explained while he does not believe all pre-election polling to be accurate, he thinks voters are swinging towards Labour and could deprive the Conservatives a majority to deliver Brexit.

STEPHEN GLOVER: We stand on the brink of insanity. How can we British even consider

STEPHEN GLOVER: The British are respected for their good sense and moderation, or used to be. But they may be about to choose an extremist government that would crash the economy and appal our traditional allies. And even if they don't - even if Boris Johnson wins a clear majority - the question remains as to how the not- very-bright, but definitely sinister, Labour leader could have been indulged by so many for so long. Because, although Mr Corbyn (pictured left and right) has striven to conceal a lot about himself, much is known about him. Only someone who had spent the past five years at the South Pole without any communication could reasonably claim ignorance. (John McDonnell is pictured inset).

Kate Hollern, Labour's parliamentary candidate for Blackburn, gave a thumbs-up to the offensive Facebook post by local Labour councillor Andy Kay.

Rhian Cheyne, 33, appeared in a Welsh Labour TV advert where she pleaded with viewers to vote for the party and warned the Conservatives want to 'sell off the NHS to Donald Trump'.

Very cool, Prime Minister! Boris Johnson hides in a FRIDGE to avoid GMB interview after Piers Morgan ambushes him during milk round stunt - as media minder says 'for f**** sake' LIVE on air 

Piers Morgan was visibly shocked and Susanna Reid had her head in her hands (top right) as Mr Johnson's press secretary Robert Oxley declared 'for f***s sake' and blocked the path of GMB's roving reporter Jonathan Swain (main picture). The Tory leader, who was delivering milk in the marginal seat of Pudsey, West Yorkshire, this morning (bottom right), has repeatedly refused to appear on the ITV1 show. Mr Swain confronted Boris as he put milk crates in a van and said: 'Morning Prime Minister will you come on Good Morning Britain? Will you deliver on your promise to speak to Piers and Susanna?'. A tired-looking Mr Oxley loudly muttered: 'For f***s sake' as his boss ignored the calls and wandered into a large walk-in chiller as Mr Morgan exclaimed: 'He's gone into the fridge'. Piers later said that Mr Johnson had 'bottled it on the bottle run', adding: 'Cowardice is never a good look'. 

New enquiries from prospective buyers slipped in November for the third month in a row as 9 per cent more respondents saw a decline in enquiries than a rise, according to a report published today.

While both major political parties have committed to public spending, Labour's promised spending bonanza could hit the pockets of millions of hard-working Britons, says Lloyd Harris.

Harvey Weinstein does $25m deal with sexual assault accusers

Following a two year legal fight, the proposed civil settlement has obtained preliminary approval from all the major parties involved, the New York Times reported. The claimants - which include more than 30 actresses and former Weinstein employees that have accused him of numerous sexual offenses including rape - would share the payout, along with any other accusers that should come forward in the months ahead. As a result, the settlement would essentially bring an end to every civil suit filed against him and his former company, pending a court approval and final sign off by all parties. But Weinstein himself won't be footing the bill. Instead, the $25million in reparations would be paid by various insurance companies representing the now-bankrupt Weinstein Company, the producer's former studio.

Naturalist and broadcaster David Bellamy dies aged 86

David Bellamy (pictured left at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2013) died on Wednesday morning, according to the Conservation Foundation which he founded. David Shreeve, the director of the foundation, paid tribute today to a 'larger-than-life character who became a very special friend and teacher', saying Bellamy had 'inspired a whole generation'. The former broadcaster (also pictured right in 1976, and inset with his wife Rosemary and grandson Theo) was a household name as a TV personality and conservationist, appearing in programmes such as Don't Ask Me and Bellamy on Botany. His distinctive voice was a frequent target of impersonators, and Sir Lenny Henry's catchphrase 'grapple me grapenuts' was inspired by Bellamy. Later in life, he attracted criticism after labelling climate change as 'poppycock' and complained that he had been 'shunned' as a result.

Jozef Janczura, 34, was convicted at Southampton Crown Court of the rape and assault of the 18-year-old university student, in the December 2, 2018 attack.

'I am a shell of the person I was': Fired The Apprentice star Lottie Lion hits back at the BBC as she insists she's been 'left high and dry' by show bosses who banned her from post-show interviews amid accusations of racism 

Star of The Apprentice Lottie Lion has criticised the BBC for portraying her in a 'horrific' way and leaving her 'high and dry'. The librarian, 20, has said she is a 'shell of the person she was' before she went into the 'intense process'. In last night's episode she was fired after a dramatic stint on the programme, which sees candidates vie for a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

Saudi Arabia´s state-owned oil company Aramco CEO Amin Al-Nasser (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

Trading on the Saudi stock exchange came after a £19.5 billion initial public offering that set the record as the biggest in history, overtaking the £18.9 billion raised by China's Alibaba in 2014.

The victim was stabbed after an 'altercation' broke out between a group of men near the Fishermead estate in Milton Keynes, police were told (the woodland area by the side of a road is pictured).

More than 7,200 mumps cases have been reported in the UK since July, according to Public Health England figures. A mass health scare was started by disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield in 1998.

Hannah Betts and Libby Purves shared their views on hotel room etiquette. A recent survey revealed some guests are stealing even mattresses, televisions and coffee-makers from hotels.

Emirati ruler's fashion designer son died after bingeing on cocaine and GHB, inquest hears

Sheikh Khalid Al Qasimi, 39, (left, and right) was found dead at his luxury £8million apartment in upmarket Knightsbridge, west London. The hearing at Westminster Coroner's Court heard that he had spent his final hours with a man called Yohan Escobar, but the man's connection with the the designer is unclear. The United Arab Emirates Prince, owner of British-based fashion label Qasimi and son of the ruler of city of Sharjah, was found dead on the morning of Monday July 1 by his cleaner Maria Kisaohanyan, the inquest was told. The inquest heard his cause of death was 'drugs toxicity' and had taken high levels of GHB and 'recreational' amounts of cocaine. His family, including his twin sister, were said to be heartbroken by the death of the designer who was described as 'on top of his career and on top of the world' following his death. Pictured, inset: Tens of thousands of mourners turned out for the funeral of Mr Al Qasimi, the son of Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, which was held in the UAE.

Millionaire businesswoman Annie Hall, 69, and her husband Michael, 77, were driving home in the early hours of November 8 when their car became stuck in rising floodwaters.

Mohammed Tabraz was jailed for at least 20 years today, after fleeing to Pakistan and then to New Jersey following the murder of Soheil Mumtaz, 24, who was beaten to death in Luton, in 2001.

Wales ex-rugby star Gareth Cooper defrauded by wife and friend

The 40-year-old rugby star (inset in 2005, and right outside court) from Bridgend, south Wales was left 'devastated' after his then-wife Debra Leyshon, 41, (pictured together on their wedding day in 2005) and his friend and business partner Simon Thomas fleeced him out of the huge sum. He had entrusted them with running a gym and freight business he set up to finance his life after rugby, but instead they fraudulently obtained mortgages and loans while pretending the businesses were successful. The case of Leyshon and Thomas, alongside associate Mark Lee was heard yesterday. Leyshon from Laleston, Bridgend, admitted 13 counts of fraud, amounting to just over £1 million. Thomas, 47, from Beaconsfield in Wick, Cowbridge, admitted two counts of fraud, with his involvement adding up to £380,000. While Lee, 43, from Exeter, admitted one count of fraud amounting to £50,000. Judge David Wynn Morgan, sitting at Cardiff Crown Court, remanded all three defendants in custody until Friday.

The victims from Romania and Hungary were rescued in raid on 17 properties in the Bedfordshire town. Four men and four women aged between 20 and 50 have been arrested overnight.

Niall McPaul, 27, was a volunteer for the charity Sexpression where he led sex education classes for children as young as 12 and impressed on them the importance of consent.

Greta Thunberg is youngest-ever Time Person of the Year 2019

The activist, 16, inspired the school strikes for the climate movement. She has become the face of the youth climate movement, drawing large crowds with her appearances at protests and conferences over the past year and a half, pictured right. Veteran campaigners and scientists have welcomed her activism, including her combative speeches challenging world leaders to do more to stop global warming. Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said she 'came from essentially nowhere to lead a worldwide movement', confirming she is their youngest ever choice, left. Malala Yousafzai was runner up in 2012, losing out to Barack Obama, aged 15. Thunberg's accusations that leaders are failing younger generations have made headlines, including her shouts of 'How dare you?' at the U.N. General Assembly.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo and Harvard University in Boston studied records of more than 120,000 people in Japan and found a daily drink raised the risk of cancer by five per cent.

Christopher Goble, 44, who once appeared on the BBC to give his 'thought for the day', was found with a staggering 1,700 indecent images of children. He was jailed for 20 months at court today.

Jaden Moodie killer's link to Anjem Choudary

Ayoub Majdouline (pictured bottom inset, and left in a CCTV image), who was found guilty at the Old Bailey yesterday, was targeted for radicalisation by Ricardo McFarlane, 32, a supporter of Choudary's Al-Muhajiroun group that was banned in 2006 (Choudary is pictured right). His mother Gillian - an Irish Muslim convert - married McFarlane after the breakdown of her marriage to Majdouline's father, a Moroccan chauffeur, when he was just seven. In 2017, the National Crime Agency deemed the youngster a victim of modern slavery after he was found with class-A drugs in Basingstoke during a county lines operation. Yesterday Majdouline was found guilty at the Old Bailey of murdering 14-year-old Jaden Moodie (top inset).

How not to be a Christmas pudding

With the average person putting on 5lb over the festive season, a new solution to the obesity crisis would be a timely gift. Food and drink labels that tell you how much exercise is needed to burn off the calories contained within is the suggestion in a report by the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. So how might those labels look for the food we scoff on Christmas Day? LORRAINE FISHER found out… 

A source told Vanity Fair's Katie Nichol that 'morale is at a bit of a low' behind palace walls, and that the Queen may struggle to write her annual Christmas speech after a year of family turmoil.

As with every holiday, Tamara has blinged up her breathtaking £70million home in ostentatious style, complete with a huge tree and baubles, while other stars have gone for lavish strings of dazzling lights

'Feckless' dad-of-seven who's raised £4k on GoFundMe hits back at mum-in-law's 'workshy

Ryan Rodgers, 26, and his fiancee Jenny Grimes, 25, set up the GoFundMe page because they were struggling to feed their seven children. After the rent on their three-bedroom home is paid, their benefits payments amount to £480 per month, say the couple, who have so far raised £4,000. Harriet Grattan, Jenny's mother, yesterday called Ryan a 'workshy liar' and said Mr Rogers would fritter the money on cigarettes and alcohol. Hitting back her son-in-law insisted the cash would be spent on the children and even said some leftover would be donated to charity.

New Zealand has ordered 19,000 sq inch (1.2 million sq cm) of skin from America to help victims of the White Island volcano eruption, after 29 victims were admitted to burns units.

Two injured victims died in hospital overnight, police in New Zealand confirmed on Thursday morning. The death toll is expected to rise further, with another nine people missing and presumed dead.

Josie Kemp and Lauren Soley (pictured) shared footage of the incident, with the caption 'All Aboard the Hate Train' after the confrontation on a train from Marylebone to Banbury.

Royals at memorial service of NCP owner Sir Donald Gosling

Senior members of the Royal Family including Charles, Camilla and William joined celebrities such as Shirley Bassey and Jimmy Tarbuck today to pay tribute to the late car park king Sir Donald Gosling (inset). Sir Donald, a multi-millionaire businessman who owned National Car Parks, was remembered at Westminster Abbey by a raft of famous faces today, three months after his death aged 90 on September 16. Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward also attended the service for Sir Donald, who left £50 million in his will to the Royal Family, which will be put towards a scheme to commission a new Royal Yacht. Pictured today (from left); Sophie, Countess of Wessex; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Charles, Prince of Wales; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; and Dame Shirley Bassey.

I'm A Celebrity's Jacqueline Jossa welcomed back to London

She was recently crowned Queen of the Jungle after winning this year's series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! And Jacqueline Jossa looked in high spirits as she touched down in Heathrow Airport, London on Wednesday where she was given a hero's welcome.  The EastEnders actress, 27, was accompanied by husband Dan Osborne, 28, and had a large grin on her face as she departed the plane and greeted her friends and family. 

At Christmas you might find yourself staying with relatives, but Tracey Coc has revealed there are sneaky ways to have sex so quietly, you're guaranteed not to wake up the in-laws.

A bride-to-be, from Italy, has revealed she 'cried a lot' when her fiancé proposed with 'the ugliest engagement ring,' which many have compared to looking like 'Iron Man.'

Inline skater's cruise along London street ends abruptly when car door opens and catapults him into a wall - narrowly missing a shocked woman

Inline skater Jack Tierney was skating at speed through St Paul's in central London when the car door abruptly opened. Moments beforehand he had filmed himself shooting past shoppers on a pavement and grabbing onto the back of a car while mouthing the words to a hip hop song for a social media video. He took the footage himself using a selfie stick and a 360-degree camera.

Former President Bill Clinton signaled support for President Trump's impeachment Tuesday telling reporters lawmakers are doing 'what they believe is right.'

Rather than wiping out the universe with a click of his fingers like in the Marvel Comics movie, Trump's campaign video shows him snapping his fingers to wipe out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.



State-of-the-art supersonic jet set to take off from £3.1bn aircraft carrier HMS Queen

The F35B Lightning jet has been spotted on the flight deck of the HMS Queen Elizabeth (pictured main) at Portsmouth Naval Base where it returned last week following deployment to the eastern United States. The aircraft was kept on board the carrier because 'repair and maintenance' work need to be carried out but the stealth jet is expected to be flown back to RAF Marham - the UK's F35 base in Norfolk - in the near future.

A 105.3-litre bottle of Tomintoul single malt whisky, dubbed the world's largest, is to fetch more than £15,000 in online auction. It holds 15 standard bottles and a 20cm cork.

At least three heart patients died on Wednesday after a group of lawyers attacked doctors at a cardiac hospital and set vehicles alight (main) in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore.

The spider has been found living in household furniture in central Mexico and has been given the proper name Loxosceles tenochtitlan.

Steve Thomson from Selsey in West Sussex said the win has proved very stressful and left him struggling to sleep so he's gone back to work as a builder to make him feel normal.

Nikki Jenkins, a bikini fitness athlete from Aintree, Merseyside, said she felt completely healthy but had a lump on her ankle which wouldn't go away - she is now having chemotherapy.

Kristen Dahlgren revealed to Today that if she hadn't reported a story on how one in six women with breast cancer have a first symptom besides a lump, she may have missed the signs of her own disease.

Very unhappy couple! Stroppy groom smashes champagne bottle to the floor in front of shocked wedding guests after fumbling the cake cutting

This is the moment a stroppy groom shatters a champagne bottle at a sparkling wedding reception as the newly married couple are showered with confetti. Footage shows him grab the bottle during the nuptials, believed to be in Azerbaijan, after a guest tried to spray the unhappy couple. Moments beforehand the new husband had offered his new wife a fork-full of cake, right, and eaten a piece himself before the reception collapsed into chaos.

Dharamjeet Digpal, 34, of Ilford, east London, and Richard Wellings, 42, of Romford, were part of the jury that convicted an 18-year-old man with the manslaughter of Osman Shidane last year.

Kevin Flanagan and his girlfriend Kathleen Salmond, from Brimingham have been convicted of murdering 39-year-old Lisa Bennett who they drowned in their bath.

The incredible collection of 155 images, sold at auction in Ashford, Kent, chart the military career of Polish aristocrat Antoni Lipkowski and his service with the RAF's 316 Polish Fighter squadron.

Mystery as hundreds of birds are found DEAD on country road

More than 300 starling carcasses were found on a country lane in Anglesey, North Wales. Hannah Stevens is thought to have been the first to spot the birds and believes that she saw them eating something from the road shortly before they died. The cause of death is not yet known but officers from the Animal and Plant Health Agency have since collected them for testing.

The University of California study involved researchers taking samples of hair from humans, bears, boars, horses, capybaras, javelinas, giraffes and elephants.

Children aren't looking to their parents for an answer for 'is Santa real', but are turning to Google. The search engine is shattering the illusion for 1.1M kids because of the first article displayed.

While only the Eastern United States - including Miami and New York - will have such a notable time and date for the lunar peak, the full moon will be 'bright and visible' around the world.

Irene Olocco, from Turin, Italy shared an image of her cat Jojo Grassojo next to a grandly-decorated Christmas tree encircled with tangerines, and explained her pet is afraid of the fruits.

Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre fronted a thousands-strong anti-racism demonstration in Milan on Tuesday evening, after it emerged she received over 200 social media attacks every day.

What was the most popular Christmas present the year YOU were born?

A fascinating look at how gifts have changed over the past five decades has shown how shoppers now spend up to eight times as much on Christmas presents. The list reveals the top 5 toys from each year and their total cost at the time, compared to how much they would cost now. Top left to right: The £2.25 Space Hopper in the 1970s; The 91p Rubiks Cube in the 1980s; The £9.99 Spice Girls Power Dolls in the 1990s. Bottom left to right: The £140 iPod Touch in the 2000s, The £126 Nintendo 3DS in the 2010s; The £1,400 iPhone 11 Pro.

The 22-year-old newbie from China had just begun his training course a month earlier before agreeing to go head to head with his 19-year-old rival in return of the financial reward.

The adorable festive film made on a shoestring by the independent Palace Cinema in Longridge, a tiny village in Lancashire, is a new contender in the running for this year's best Christmas advert.

The study, led by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, found the three-drug combination kept the disease at bay in patients whose tumours had spread to their brain, when it is incurable.

The number of tenants experiencing rent hikes reached 46 per cent in 2019, up from 26 per cent last year, according to research from trade body Arla Propertymark.

Duke and Duchess of Gloucester put royal collection of Kensington Palace items up for

The Queen's cousin and his wife(right) lived in a 21-room apartment at the royal residence in Kensington from 1972 until September, when they downsized and moved to the family's Grade I-listed country estate Barnwell Manor in Northamptonshire. They have now decided to put more than 200 items up for auction that offer a fascinating insight into the history of the British monarchy and range from £300 to £100,000 in value. The collection of 317 lots contributed by the Gloucesters and the Earls of Harewood includes a George V gold Royal presentation snuff box with his and Queen Mary's faces emblazoned on it from 1911 (top left), which is expected to fetch £50,000 when it goes under the hammer on Friday. There is also a set of 19 George III mahogany dining chairs from 1775 set to fetch £100,000 (bottom left), a large stuffed bird called a cassowary for £5,000 (top middle) and a pear wood carving of the royal coat of arms worth £5,000 (bottom middle).

Speaking on Woman's Hour artist Alison Lapper, 54, from Brighton, said she was finding it 'really hard' ahead of her first Christmas without her son Parys, who died aged 19 in the summer.

EXCLUSIVE: Suzanne Hill, of Manchester, suffered horrific injuries at the hands of David Jennison, 53, following a petty row over Britain's Got Talent in June 2017 - eight months after they married.

Speaking with MailOnline, the TV personality, 56, said he believed the teen hadn't 'destroyed car programmes', and claimed his The Grand Tour co-presenter might be 'feeling threatened' by her.

EXCLUSIVE: Tracy Glover, from Bradford, and Anita Gera, from Buckinghamshire, are separated from their children after ex-partners exploited international child abduction laws.

Embarrassing moment PGA golfer Tommy Gainey is caught on hidden camera attempting to pay $60 for a 'quick visit' with a prostitute who turns out to be an undercover cop

PGA golfer Tommy 'Two Gloves' Gainey (right, left, inset) was arrested as part of a massive prostitution sting in Florida dubbed 'Operation Santa's Naughty List' by local law enforcement. In total, the sting resulted in 120 people being charged, primarily for prostitution and drug-related offenses. The 44-year-old known as 'Two Gloves' attempted to solicit a prostitute on December 8. He was released on $500 bail and faces a first-degree solicitation charge. The exact details of the arrest have not been released, but Polk County (Florida) Sheriff Grady Judd did discuss Gainey briefly during a colorful press conference on Wednesday. 'Then there's 44-year-old Tommy Gainey,' Judd said after previously listing charges against other accused individuals. 'Tommy Gainey is a professional golfer. In fact he's got his PGA card. 'He's from Hartsville, South Carolina,' Judd continued. 'He's married. He told us that he was here for a charity golf event. And it was to be the next morning tee off. He didn't make it. He was a scratch. 'We googled around to see if he was telling the truth, and if you google and search out and just type out "two gloves" it comes up with his name. So he's been on the tour for quite a while. There's so many things I could say about that "two gloves," but I won't because my director of communications said it would go downhill fast if you do.' Gainey has one career PGA victory and made four starts in 2019. He had been scheduled to play in this week's Korn Ferry Tour Q-School, according to Golf.com.

Victoria Feather, 48, from London, who has modelled in TV adverts for Guinness and Sony TV, said that she feels healthier and more confident than she did in her 20s, thanks to turning to veganism 15 years ago.

Bertie Ahern, the Chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, announced today that 98 per cent of voters had backed the independence of Bougainville.

Homeowners told to take equity release could have been given the wrong advice it has emerged, as the City watchdog confirmed it is actively investigating mortgage lending to older borrowers.

Eurythmics reunite! Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart perform together for first time in FIVE

They last sung together at a LA Beatles tribute concert in 2014. Yet Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart reunited on Monday night as they performed together as the Eurythmics for the first time in five years at Sting's Rainforest Fund 30th annual benefit concert in New York City.  The two singers, aged 64 and 67, who have sold more than 75 million records worldwide, belted out a medley of their greatest hits including Sweet Dreams, Here Comes The Rain Again and Would I Lie To You? 

Brian Souter (right) and his sister Ann Gloag (left) founded Stagecoach in Perth in 1980, starting out with just two buses bought with their father's redundancy money.

A new online version of the game Othello has become a hit in Japan because the AI has been designed to always lose, and players love it. It's been played by more than 400,000 people in Japan.

The US military is testing special bullets that can travel underwater while still having enough of an impact to be used in anti-terror operations, according to reports.

NASA shared a festive image of a 'crimson ornament' shaped gas bubble in honor of the holiday season. The gas bubble was formed by the explosion of a supernova 160,000 light years away.

Adorable cockapoo puppy Archie pedals the air as he's taken on his first bicycle ride

Comical footage shows a dog pedal his paws through the air during his first bicycle ride through Olympic Park, London, on October 13. During the clip, the dog named Archie British flaps his paws in the air as he sits comfortably strapped to his owner Josie's chest.

The rodents also chewed off part of the girl's nose in the horrifying incident in China. Doctors have given her stitches and arranged her to receive the rabies vaccine.

Amid Tory fears ties to the US president could be an electoral liability, Boris Johnson also played down their warm relationship saying he gets on well with 'all sorts of leaders'.

Some 163,784 tickets were issued to motorists caught over the designated speed limit in 2018, which was almost twice as many fines handed out anywhere else in the UK.

Farmers were urged to remain alert for signs of bird flu following the confirmed case in Suffolk, but Christmas turkey supplies are unaffected, industry leaders said.

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Violent clashes in Paris mar Champions League tie as one PSG fan is beaten and stripped by Galatasaray supporters after allegedly burning the Turkish flag

Violent clashes in the centre of Paris marred the buildup to Wednesday night's Champions League clash between PSG and Galatasaray. Chairs were thrown and teargas was used to disperse the two sets of supporters at around 6pm in the evening. It is estimated by French media that 100 fans, dressed mostly in black jackets and balaclavas, were involved in the incidents.

Queen Letizia, 37, looked elegant as she teamed a smart black cape blazer with a grey checkered dress while attending talks at the COP 25 Climate Conference in Madrid earlier today.

Jessica Wilson, from the UK, took to Facebook group DIY On a Budget Official to share before and after pictures of her impressive bedroom transformation - and it cost just £30.

Jaw-dropping images by Anouk Krantz of cowboys and epic landscapes in America's Wild West

Hollywood has always portrayed America's Wild West as a lawless land. But an incredible new fine art photo book, West: The American Cowboy, by renowned photographer Anouk Krantz, reveals that there's more good and less of the bad and the ugly to be found in cowboy country. There are no gunfights or bar brawl images in this book. Instead, the 120-plus real-life photos showcase the camaraderie, community connections, family life, pioneering spirit, hard work, and beauty in cowboy life. The book also features a number of awe-inspiring landscape images of the plains and canyons where the cowboys live and roam.



Robotic 8-foot exoskeleton suit that mimics human movement turns the wearer into a terrifying Terminator-style CYBORG

A Tokyo-based robot design company has demonstrated its 8-foot tall 'exoskeleton suit' (main image) that enables 'smooth and flexible body movements'. The 'Skeletonics Arrive' body suit starts at 10 million Japanese Yen (around £70,000) and human operators have to go through special training before they can wear them - but, don't worry, they're also available to rent and try out at public events (left).

Former vicarage in shadow of historic church featured in Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn

Penhallow Manor (top left) in Altarnun, Cornwall, has emerged for sale on the market for £1.15million. The Grade II listed property is located next to the 15th century Church of St Nonna, which was featured in Daphne du Maurier's (middle inset) 1936 novel Jamaica Inn. The five-bedroom property was owned by a parish vicar for centuries but has been in private ownership for a number of years. The former vicarage features drawing, turning staircase (bottom right) dining and morning rooms as well as a stylish kitchen-breakfast room (bottom left) on the ground floor. Upstairs includes a galleried landing, a master with en-suite bedroom facilities, bathroom (top right) and four further bedrooms.